Galea Of Neptune Returns With An Update On Living In Unity And Community And Cohabitation!

Podcast: Play in new window | Download “… within the space of this year we are very anxious to be Read More

The Fulfillment of Your Hearts Desire Is Right Now

On today’s conference call the beautiful Archangel Uriel came through to share the future with us: “There is no fulfillment Read More

Archangel Michael on the Source of Power and Authority

What I suggest and say to you is there is only one source of power…repeatedly and infinitely we will always Read More

The Magdalena speaks of loving your body, your self…

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We Come in Peace

On this week’s Saturday Conference Call, Grener of Ashira of Neptune stepped forward as President of the Intergalactic Council to Read More

The Magdalena Celebrates Love ~ You Are Ready For Your Grand Passion!

Podcast: Play in new window | Download “Your grand passion is important, and what we ask of you this day Read More

Divine Mother: Take up your Divine Authority

Divine authority, what does this mean? That you have stepped forward, you are authorized and empowered and you are and Read More

Archangel Michael speaks of Purity in all forms

On February 15th in a private channeling Linda brought forth Archangel Michael discussing  and reminding us about Purity…purity of water, purity Read More

I Am in Love with You

On this weeks Saturday call Archangel Gabrielle shares herself, her essence with us: “I would like this to be reciprocal Read More

Galea Of Neptune Returns To Speak Of Intergalactic Language & Porlana C

Podcast: Play in new window | Download “We speak of Saedor as a method of communication and a method of Read More