“I cannot emphasize adequately how much, how important it is to birth this energy, to birth the love, to be the love, to experience love, to share the love, to observe the love, to discern the love, and to act from that infinite knowing of love.”  Mary Magdalene


“I want to be the inspiration of purity and gentleness. … To know, beloved ones, that you may walk this planet, not only in the deepest peace…yes, not disturbing even a dandelion in seed, not disturbing a blade of grass, a glowworm, a fairy, a cloud, a star…not disturbing but observing and conjoining.”  St. Teresa


” … the parable I told long ago about the lost lamb still holds true … it does not matter whether it is a child, an army private or a president; be clear on this.  Have compassion, take these feelings of … separation and throw them away.”  Jesus


“And it matters not, sweet one, whether you are creating a chocolate cake or a City of Light. The starting point is the embrace … the unleashing of your purity …  your divine authority … from that place you create. … It is the acceptance of the brilliance of your soul design … all the delights … surprises … victories that …


” … in my role as your Planetary Logos, I return to talk to you –  to be your teacher, your healer, your mentor … this is my desire. .. my role … my promise. … my heart belongs to each and every one of you. That is the nature of my being. And that is the nature of your …


“I claim you all as I invite, as we invite, for you to claim me and this entire Council of Love! Let us dance the dance of joy; let us sing the songs of joy; let us giggle the laughter of joy; let us quietly and boisterously embrace each other in joy.” Archangel Gabrielle


“You’ve asked, ‘How do you heal?’  I heal and I healed with love.  It is the fuel of everything.  It is the instantaneous recognition by both parties, by you and by the one you either glance at or touch, that they are completely loved.  Their every fiber,  atom and subatomic particle is moved and filled …


” … in all of this I invite you to go outside … the most magnificent creation to behold, to touch your heart … Go to the lonely places, the quiet places, and let your soul soar, let it soar to the sky …  witness the miracle of this beautiful planet Gaia … If you are tired and weary …


” … feel this mist, this sparkling white cloud settle on your tri-flame, adding the sparkling white light. And feel yourself expanding way past the sides of your chest. Keep going…and breathe. And breathe the sparkling white light of purity. And carry this with you wherever you go and thank the Mother for this beautiful gift.”  …


“So come with me, come with all of us. Let us assist you in our sacred partnership. Let us lift you up. Let us ease your minds and your hearts … I am the Archangel of Peace. That is my core, that is my service, that is my essence, and it is what I do in …