…you are the holder of hope…it has always been the hope that no matter how bleak it appears or how hard the pathway seems to be, there is hope and there is trust and that you are the fierce protector and that nothing gets past you…you are the gentle teacher, you are the strongest of …


So yes, dear friends, there is a great deal unfolding, and good news on every horizon. Even if it looks like chaos, there is great movement, so do not be deceived.


So on behalf of all, it is my honor this day to thank you, to give you the gift of grace, to anchor more deeply within you the gift and the knowing of peace, for it is of love, yes, but it is also of creation, for that is what you have been doing.


…the experience of the masculine stereotype, particularly as you have outlined it in the Western world, but it is true in the Eastern world as well, in the world of Judaism, in the world of Islam, in the world of Taoism, is culturally defined. Many of these beliefs and stereotypes have grown out of the …


…even as we talk about particular subjects, I wish you to keep your heart, your mind, your being open, that much of what I say applies not only to the topic at hand but to the entire planet. And in order to do this it is important that you do not cling to the old, …


The reason you go deeper is to heal this injury…it is part forgiveness, part trust but it is also surrender, literally lying down and allowing yourself to simply say “I am not in control. I am in partnership but in that sacred partnership there are times when I hurt and feel this injury, so I …


Our beloved Archangel Michael lovingly answers our continual questions regarding Ascension, Disclosure, NESARA, etc.


…each of you, yes in different ways have deep seeded injury that you have not, as yet, begun to heal. It is that deep sense within your heart of what you have buried because the wound is so raw, so painful, so hurtful that you cannot bear to look at it. But not looking at …


I have asked you to dream big, I have asked you to receive inspiration from your own divinity and from us, from your star brothers and sisters and Gaia, from all the kingdoms. But what I also ask of you, dream big for your sacred self.There is no Ascension without dreaming, without hope, without trust, …


It is time to trust yourself, to celebrate yourself, to have faith in your beloved self like never before. It is time to throw away the ‘what ifs,’ it is time to eliminate and completely destroy doubt and to fully embrace faith, trust, hope.