Universal Mother Mary ~ Thank You!

WaveA sweet thank you from our Divine Mother as the Tsunami of Love continues to unfold… “I come to thank you, all of you for heeding my call – for responding to my beckoning to come and be my Love. Not merely to receive my Love but to become, claim and anchor the Love that you are, always have been and always will be.”

Greeting I am Mary, Mother of Love, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Tsunami of Love. Yes child, I am not the Mother of the Tsunami – I AM the Tsunami. This is my essence, this is my core. I have always flowed through you – into your heart, into your cells, into your soul. The difference is now I do so with a level of sweetness and gentle force that you cannot deny. There is no room for denial any longer.

First, I come to thank you, all of you for heeding my call – for responding to my beckoning to come and be my Love. Not merely to receive my Love but to become, claim and anchor the Love that you are, always have been and always will be. Do you think there is anything that could create more joy in this mother’s heart? You have created and co-created infinite joy throughout your planet and far beyond by saying yes. Thank you.

The expansiveness of your hearts is mirrored by the expansiveness of my joy and gratitude. You did not undertake the joining me in my blue wave of Love to please me or earn gratitude. You did not do this simply to please me – you did this dearest of my heart because it was a spiritual imperative. Your very essence knew and knows it is where you belong – in the wave, in the Love, with me, with All, with every being upon your planet and far beyond.

When you enter the water you do not say or even acknowledge every single molecule that makes up the ocean or a particular wave. You do not differentiate in my Tsunami – this is deep blue, this is turquoise, this is the sound of the Mother, this is the embrace. You receive and accept – you receive and enjoy, you receive and allow. You receive and float upon the buoyancy – and it is not merely the buoyancy of the wave, of my Love, It is the buoyancy of your being. And beloved ones, it is the buoyancy caused by the millions of souls you have brought with you to the Tsunami, and the further millions who have joined you. You are united with the kingdoms, with Gaia, with me – but even more critical at this juncture you are united with each other – heart to heart to heart. And this is My Plan.

Months ago I have requested for each of you upon my beloved Gaia to fall in love with each other. This is the path of the New You, this is the path of Sacred Union, this is the path of Ascension. But before you could do this ‘tumble’ – and it is a tumble upwards, you had need to fall in love with your sweet self. To remember that you are the creation of Love, the expression of wholeness from the very beginning. The restoration of Love upon Gaia, the fulfillment of my plan, the re-anchoring of truth is and has been dependent upon your recognition of your essence of Love – and then within, inside that recognition the willingness to commit to it, to declare it, to live it – to live your plan within the Divine Unfoldment. And you have, you are.

As you have and continue to say yes you change the vibration of your entire planet. I will speak more of this because dearhearts – this is the beginning not the conclusion. But this day my beloved angels, starseeds, and Earthkeepers I come to say thank you. In my thank you is my gratitude so turn to me beloveds and ask – ask for what you need. I am your Mother; I will and do provide. Go with my Love and loving embrace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon, Council of Love
5:05 am on June 10, 2014

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Linda Dillon

Linda Dillon is an internationally acclaimed channel, teacher, author and healer. She has channeled the higher realms and the Council of Love (COL) since 1984, after a near-death experience from a car accident opened her heart to her true purpose.

The Council of Love is God’s sacred alliance composed of angels, archangels, enlightened saints, the apostles, the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, and the ascended masters. The purpose of the Council is the transmission of the Divine Radiance and Love into the hearts of all beings who wish to align and receive. The Council are messengers of the One and the message is Love. The primary messenger for the Council is Archangel Gabrielle.