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“When you embrace Me, you are activating purity. When I embrace you, I am activating purity. It is an infinite loop that we have been in since the beginning of My infinite, eternal ocean of time. … When you embrace the fullness of your soul design, your true soul design, you are embracing purity.”  Universal Mother …


“You have entered a dimensional reality where time is very different, my friends. I would suggest you adjust your watches. (You can toss them, unless you like the jewelry.) You are already walking in the Cities of Light. You carry this transformation within you, but you are also there. You are spanning not only a …


“My DNA is your DNA. Do not let science sidetrack you. Your DNA, both mental/physical/spiritual, carries so much more than what you are told. And it is bundled and re-bundled, and it is activated and reactivated, and you are ready to shed those limitations and fly!” Mother Mary


“I cannot emphasize adequately how much, how important it is to birth this energy, to birth the love, to be the love, to experience love, to share the love, to observe the love, to discern the love, and to act from that infinite knowing of love.”  Mary Magdalene


“You’re the anchors of the new. … This is the fulfillment of your dream woven with mine, of a coming together … you are holding … anchoring … beaming … transmitting, and in the golden grid that Gabrielle has bestowed upon you … anchoring the new beginning … the truth … the love. … So beloveds, let the old dissolve and let the new …


“This has been a year, and I would suggest several years, of extraordinary change. And the greatest change, my friends, has come from you, has come from the sweetness, the kindness, the comfort, the nourishment of you, of the expansion of your divine self…the acceptance, the surrender, the embrace of your divinity.”   Jesus


” … I welcome you into my Temple of Luxor; … into the Temple of Ascension, my friends. But more importantly, I welcome you … into my domain, where now you will be comfortable – yes, 11th dimension, hovering over the sands of Egypt … directly into my home … where you may learn and thrive… ”  Serapis Bey  


“This awakening happens in the instant that the individual decides and chooses and accepts that they are worthy and they are love. That is Wisdom, Wisdom and Love are inseparable. Many of you believe that as you have transcended and anchored in the higher realms, the 5th, 6th, 7th, dimension that the fullness of knowing …


” I do not take you and simply flip you through the ascension process. I will not do that. There is an awakening of your will, the elimination of ego, the opening of heart, the alignment with divine mind and heart and will. And all of these aspects are necessary for ascension.” Serapis Bey


“And if you don’t really know the particulars of what you think of as your soul design, your mission and purpose, what I would like to tell you is let it go, it doesn’t matter. Simply declare, “My intention is to be the love and to accept that I am the love and absolutely nothing …