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Hour with an Angel

Interdimensionality is restored by your willingness to be and to stay in your heart consciousness, in your heart. It is an act of will; this is part of what is the activation. So it is heart, it is will, and willingness, acceptance, and acceptance of the change, and then bringing it into action. It is …


So many of you think of Ascension as a journey into the new. And it is. But it is also a return. It is a return to the original plan. When the Mother created — and Gaia volunteered! — to assume this form, this magnificent, diverse planet, orb of beauty, it was the place for …


Serenia shares with us the measures that our star brothers and sisters are doing to help clean and heal our water, air, soil and ourselves. Then Albert Einstein speaks to his Theory of Relativity and the infinite nature of creation and the universe.


On this week’s An Hour With An Angel, Archangel Michael gives us his perspective on current events taking place globally and how they effect humanity…


So there are stages still of clearing the collective, of bringing them gently — that is the role of the wayshowers, the healers — of bringing them gently through, into the energy of the 5th dimension.