Our Universal Mother Mary returns to say thank you for stepping forward in this time of change.


Sanat Kumara gifts the activation of the DNA Strands of 13 and certain markers. “So with your sweet permission, we wish to activate these markers within you. And you have already given your assent for you have been eager and awaiting this moment for a long time. You have been waiting since Atlantis….One of these …


“Serapis Bey gives the gift of the Golden Diamond. “It is the diamond of wisdom. It is the diamond of clarity. And it is the diamond of power….the power of Love. Serapis Bey speaks of the use of the Law of Elimination as “there is need for elimination of many of the old ways within …


“I share with you this role of Keeper of the Violet Flame. I entrusted it to you millions of years ago in Atlantis, and I entrust it to you again today….Use it to activate and quietly heal.”