Now why do I come and say this today? Because in the midst of this chaos, the people need to know how well they are doing. And it is not just that the tide will turn, it has turned!

Archangel Michael ~ The Meaning of Unity & Community

This wonderfully inspiring Channelled Gem is lovingly shared by Ellen from her reading with Linda Dillon.

Greetings, I am Michael, I am Mi-ka-el, Warrior of Peace, Archangel of Love, and yes, sometimes Bringer of News [laughing], and it is my joy to step forth and simply bring greetings, yes, from this Council, from this Legion of Blue, from this Legion of Warriors, from this Legion of Bravehearts, from these Transmuters of Change.

You know, beloved, that we are in Sacred Union, and we as this Council, we as the Archangels, are also in Sacred Union of One. Often we identify ourselves – and with great pleasure and gusto, I might say! – so, for example, I am Warrior of Peace, Anchor of Love; Gabrielle is Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth.

All of our sacred, eternal undertakings, missions, joys and purposes all overlap because it is the tapestry, the mosaic, the weaving of the Grid of One. There is never anything territorial about our undertakings, that somehow I’m edging into somebody else’s turf. [Chuckling] When we do that, when we overlap, we bring strength and unity and the joy of being together, of working together.

Just like you have said, you love to work in a team, and let me tell you, not only Unity but Peace, the creation of Nova Earth, the anchoring of Cities of Light, of these spectacular communities that we have spoken to you of so many times, that is a team effort.

It is not government-run in terms of your current structure. It is not about the absorption of false authority and false grids, that someone has power over another. No. If anything is transpiring upon this beautiful planet of Gi’Anna… and we will speak of that as well… but what you are knowing is that the current power structures in most of the constructs don’t work because they are not harmonised. They are not in harmony, not only with the collective good, the collective peace, but with the collective heart.

So often, they don’t take into account the spirit, the holy blessed undertaking of ‘Why?’ People are forgetting the ‘why’ – why they have come into this community in the first place! And sweet angel, as you well know, no one comes into community so that they can be controlled, sequestered, tortured, humbled in ways that are of humiliation. Not one being.

Yes, some have come into community because they think they can usurp power, they can usurp control, and it makes them feel more valuable, more important. But the truth of that old grid, which no longer exists anyway, is that it minimises; it in fact eats at the very soul of the individual that is attempting to do that control. And those behaviours, those actions, those structures, those governmental structures, societal structures, cultural structures, they eat at the very soul of the community.

So, of course, it has to change! And that does not come – well, in fact, it does! [chuckling] – but it cannot be implemented and built and participated in as if it is coming from a royal or even a Divine Decree. It comes from the grassroots. It comes from the wellspring of people’s hearts knowing that not only is there a better way, that they are capable, and that they choose to engage and build and continue on building and thriving in a better way.

Now when I say it does not come from Divine Decree, of course when the Mother has changed quite literally through the conjunction and the expansion of time and the gifts, the multiple gifts of Divine Radiance, of course, that is all part of what many think of as Divine Decree. But what we would suggest also – how it could be considered – is that it is divine empowerment of the Nova Gaians in the cooperative creation of Nova Earth, and it is beautiful!

Of course, we are participating. But when we look at what is taking place in the hearts and minds and actions and behaviours of the populace, hybrids all, with a few earthkeepers thrown in [chuckling], it is spectacular!

Now why do I come and say this today? Because in the midst of this chaos, the people need to know how well they are doing. And it is not just that the tide will turn, it has turned!

In the Mother’s Infinite Ocean of Time – and in a very practical sense of how love operates in form, on planet, as ascended Nova Gaians, as an ascended Nova Gaian community – our emphasis, the Mother’s Divine Decree, as it were… along with the Father’s, by the way [chuckling]… is that the humans, of course, are coming into Unity with their Sacred Self, with the truth of who they are, with each other, with community, with us, with Star Family.

But it is Unity, shall we say, of equals. And this is something that so many upon Gaia have forgotten because there has been such a ‘structure’. When we say “equals”, we do not mean ‘the same as’. There are no two beings that are the same, and that is the incredible beauty of Divine Creation.

So yes, my abilities/interests/role are different from yours. I do not have all your talents, your gifts, your abilities, and you do not have mine, but together… this is what is meant… together, not one better, higher, below… together, the creation takes place as true family, as the family of Mother/Father/One, because we are One. And that is what it is.

So that is the message that I have wished to bring to you.

Your time of playing, dear heart, behind the screen, or the curtain, or in the shadows [chuckling], you know full well it comes to an end. Not because it is demanded of you but simply because, in the unfoldment of your plan and your plan with your family – and I mean that in the bigger terms of human and Star and Angelic and Divine – it simply is unfolding.

And it is unfolding beautifully because you are in agreement. And this is also important because ‘agreement’, not only soul agreement but human agreement, conscious agreement, is not compliance. For far too long, humans have been compliant and controlled. This is not about compliance. This is about co-creation, creativity, cooperation, collegiality, community.

And so your unfoldment comes because you are ready and you agree, and you are excited, and we look forward to it because we are all family.

Yes, you have difficulty upon the planet even as humans, hybrids, thinking about a community of eight billion. How are you supposed to connect? Dearest heart, when you think of our Legions, when you think of our Star Family, when you think of the Outer Galaxies [laughing], the number is far, far beyond!

It is still the harmonisation with those you know, and those you will never meet but that you are aware of. The same way you are aware of your Wingmaker Self, you are aware of those that sit upon the distant galaxies because you know the Mother’s waves reach them, as their waves reach you. And it is connected and united and balanced and harmonious.

And when one sends out static, it is felt far and wide. Now, sometimes the static is just excitement, exuberation, jubilation that something spectacular is taking place, unfolding – and it is! And sometimes it is just static, hatred, greed, anger, fear. And that is simply discordant energy, disruptive, not to be judged but certainly to be sent along its way, surrendered/transformed/transmuted, and certainly not integrated into our beautiful tapestry that we, together, are creating.

So I welcome you! I welcome you, sweet angel, to this Council. And yes, of course, I will step aside, but I wanted, I was delighted to be able to address you after so long. And yes, I know I most certainly work with your beloved – we all do – as we work with you.

Go with my love and go, sweet angel, in peace.

E: Michael, before you go, please, I’m obviously going to post that but how would you like to entitle it?

AAM: “The Meaning of Unity & Community”

E: Perfect, love it!

AAM: Thank you, my beloved.

E: Thank you, Michael.

AAM: Farewell.

Channelled by Linda Dillon

Transcribed by Ellen Nairn