It is well known that Venus is a place – a planetary culture, really – of Beauty, of Love, and of a frequency that is in fact in alignment with the Universal Laws … But what we decided in this grand scheme of expansion of the Mother-Father Essence/One was that next in line was in fact Earth – Gaia!

A wonderful Channelled Gem lovingly shared by Thadiel from his reading with Linda Dillon.

SANAT KUMARA ~ The Migration Path & Purpose From Venus To Terra Gaia

Greetings, I AM Sanat Kumara.

Your partnership, and your partnership with all of us, is hearty and strong and robust and deep. And I come here this day, my beautiful brother of silver and gold and blue, of bronze and copper,  yes, of course, to greet and embrace you, but also to remind you, to inform you, to share with you how well you are doing.

You know now that I am Universal Logos and that I work with this Universe to bring about Love and Peace and all the Divine Qualities. But I also wish to remind you of our heritage and of the journey that we have taken so often together – for yes, you have many heritages and you have lived far and wide – but I wish to remind you of our time and our family upon Venus.

It is well known that Venus is a place – a planetary culture, really – of Beauty, of Love, and of a frequency that is in fact in alignment with the Universal Laws, and that was an evolutionary and at times revolutionary process that was very, very… eons ago!

But what we decided in this grand scheme of expansion of the Mother-Father Essence/One was that next in line was in fact Earth – Gaia! – for in our tradition we call the planets by their soul or sacred name; not that there is anything diminished about the word Earth, Nova Earth, or Terra Gaia, which is my favourite!

We decided that we would bring those elements particularly of Beauty and of Love to this planet, to this Galaxy, to this Universe of which we are part, and always have been, for our histories are not only intertwined, they are intertwined in sacred purpose of unfoldment. It is like what you think of as a domino effect, and it does ripple out far and wide, not only into this Universe but into many.

And of course, part of that sharing of Love was the structure because we had learned far and wide, and certainly through the many ancient wars, how necessary structure – rules of engagement – basically are. And that is what the Universal Laws are. They are not strictures to control anybody. They are simply the sharing of what works, and how things really do and can work.

So often, people are saying, “We don’t know what to do, how to fix this,” but they do not go back to the basics – the basics that Yeshua has shared – and actually say, “Well, this is how you do it,” because they get caught in the minutia, they get caught in the specifics. They become overwhelmed – and overwhelm is a wonderful excuse for inaction – and that is not part of the unfoldment of forward thrust at this moment.

There are times when stillness and inaction are absolutely necessary so you don’t explode and implode an entire planet. But there are also times of stepping forth. And what you are doing, my beloved, and what your circle is doing is stepping forward, yes, in authority but also in neutrality.

There is no element of coercion in this neutrality, but make sure you understand there is most certainly action! And it is the action of offering the embrace, and actually giving it when you are given the permission or the indication that it is welcomed.

But all of that is simply the structure of how we can create this beautiful Planet of Peace, of Love, and of extraordinary Beauty.

You have always not only been attracted to but participated in beauty, and beauty for its own sake. Yes, of course, it is shared. When there is a glorious sunset, that golden sun does not say, “I will only shine and give this view to one.” Of course not! When there is a glittering ocean with billions of sea creatures, it belongs equally to all above the waves and below the waves, and it belongs to the shores that the water caresses.

This sense of exclusive ownership… oh, it is practical in many ways; we are not suggesting it is not useful… but it is a practicality. It is not based on some standalone truth. It is simply, “Oh, okay, you can share in this, or use this for a while,” and then it will change and shift yet again, like the tides and the months and the cycles, because that is the way the Mother and Father have created this, that there is sharing.

Now, on Venus… and we have not spoken of this before, but I wish to encourage you, my brother, my dearest friend, about your Cities of Light. Venus – in a different way but in the same way – has Cities of Light. It is how the beauty is shared. And I do not just mean physical beauty, obviously – and I do not simply mean spiritual beauty, obviously – because they are interwoven, infused, into each other.

Where there is a deep, profound regard, love of beauty, there can be no conflict, there can be no war, there can be no civil unrest, there can be no hearty arguments – unless it is that you prefer this form of beauty over that form of beauty – and everyone is participating in the discussion because everyone knows what beauty means.

And in each, whether it is the City of London or Cape Town – and you know those parameters are very big for your city – it is everyone participating. And even those who do not consciously know or agree or even think about such things, they are still participating. There is no opting out. They are sitting, standing, walking, living in this area, and therefore they are part of it.

It is all right, my beloved brother, you do not need to go on a recruitment drive [chuckling] because they are already there. And what you are doing, my beloved, in the most casual and the most intense and profound manner, is you are showing them how the structure works. Yes, you still do ‘do it’ in what you think of as casual conversations because that is where much of the human collective is still, we will say anchored, not caught [chuckling], and that is alright.

However, it is the energy, it is truly the transmission that is within those conversations – and I do not just mean literal physical conversations, I mean the subtle conversations as well – and most certainly the conversations you are having during what you think of as your dream work, your night work, your day work because that is a necessary, not just desirable component because during what many humans think of as those off-hours, it is anything but!

Now many human beings cannot consciously at this juncture be aware of what is going on, not because it is subversive or secret, but simply because it would be too much for them. It would be exhausting.

But as your Pillar of Light, as the anchor for these Cities of Love, you are literally not only laying down the foundation, not only fortifying the foundation in conjunction, in sacred partnership, yes, with Gaia but also with all the kingdoms. Do not forget: the humans are the last to join, not the first, because the beauty of all of this is all there!

So when the humans revert to one of their tried and true excuses [chuckling] of: “Oh well, we don’t know how to create this or do this, it is so big, it is so much,” in fact they come to realise, not in the way of parent-child but in the way of full participation, that in fact most everything has already been taken care of, most everything has already been prepared, and so all they really need to do is say yes.

Because the energy of entrainment – the energy of the entrainment of the planet, of the galaxy, of the kingdoms, of a big portion of the humans – is already underway, so for the rest of humans to simply join in that entrainment will be quite simple. All it requires is a ‘yes’.

And I will tell you that sometimes – not collectively but individually, by the billions – a tacit ‘yes’ is still a ‘yes’. And that comes from what you think of as not just ‘undecideds’, it comes from those who would like it but are uncertain how. So in that tacit ‘yes’, they join and conjoin into the entrainment, and we proceed to the fullness of the Divine Plan.

So do not, beloved, underestimate how much is being done – and how much you, my dear friend, are doing – because it is sacred. And so I wanted you to know, yes, because you and I have spent a lot of time discussing the various histories, and this is yet another piece.

I could say to you, “Trust me,” but I don’t need to because that trust is solid and it is there. And so what I remind you of is not only of my love and trust for thee but how much we, your unseen friends – we are seen in various ways, you know! [chuckling] – are trusting you.

You are the vanguard, you are the Mother’s Agents and Angels of Change, and as always She has selected wisely – and you have been recruited and volunteered wisely – and we are with you.

Channelled by Linda Dillon

Transcribed by Ellen Nairn