Unity Prayer

Divine Mother, Father, God, all Angels and Archangels of Love and Light, Ascended Masters, Beloved Saints, Wise Prophets, Enlightened Beings, Beings of Sheer Energy, Star Brothers and Sisters, and Council of Love ~

We are your loving companions, brothers, sisters and co-creators of Nova Earth, bringers of the future, anchored in the Now. We come here this day and every day as one heart, one circle, united in purpose and vision to bring forth the fullness of our divinity and form, to express and be the fullness of our soul design, to be the infinite expression of the Mother’s Heart of Love, to be in the Unity of One, of All.

We pray and joyfully accept our Divine Design as a wondrous expression of the Mother’s Infinite and Eternal Love. We embrace our role as the Divine Activators of humanity, brothers and sisters, family, to Gaia and to all the Kingdoms of the Divine Creation throughout the Omniverse. We dedicate the totality of our being to the fulfilment of the Mother’s Plan, in the Unity of Love upon this glorious planet, within this glorious solar system.

We enter the stillness of our hearts to wholly embrace the excitement of awakening, action and manifestation. We pray for Sacred Union and perfect balance of self with self, above and below, within and without, in perfect alignment and harmony with Divine Mind, Heart, and Will. We pray to be the full embodiment of our biggest hopes and dreams, as well as our mission and purpose in all things, all realms, all dimensions and all bodies throughout all timelines.

We give thanks, we give the deepest heartfelt thanks, for the divine magnificence and perfection of the gifts we do receive each and every day, even when we don’t remember it. We give thanks for the Mother’s guidance, her nurturing, and her teaching at this time and at all times.

We give thanks to the Mighty Archangels, to Yeshua, to the Magdalena, to St. Germaine, to Sanat Kumara, to our beloved mighty, Mighty Archangels, to the Legions of Light and the Company of Heaven. We give thanks, and we give thanks to each other in this circle, as we open our hearts and manifest our united, unified purpose.

Amen, Amen, and Amen

*     *     *

Divine Mother’s Summer Solstice 2024 Message ~ Unity Is Our Desire

Greetings, I am Mother. I come to you this day as Mother/Father/One, in the Unity of One, which is in the Unity, beloved ones, of you, of All, of everything and nothing, because it is all One.

We have been guiding you upon this sacred journey obviously for a very, very long time, but what I wish to do, and what I do do, and what we do do is welcome you into the Now, the Infinite Now, and my Never Ending Ocean of Wonder.

The stratified, solidified illusion of separation has been just that. It has been an illusion that has served and not served. And in that illusion, it has allowed for amazing departures from One, from Truth, from Love, from Light because in that illusion you forgot, and then remembered, then forgot, then remembered that you are One with us.

Of course, you, we, have birthed your spectacular, beautiful, unique self, your unique expression of you and of us. There is a great deal of interest, shall we say, these days upon your planet about DNA, about genetics, about what you have taken from your ancestors because it is part of you. It is a curiosity and it is fun until, of course, it solidifies your belief that you are X, and they are Y, and someone else is Z. No! Because you are everything!

I will repeat that. You are everything! And we know this is hard for you to even begin to comprehend or delve into because there has been, and there needed to be, such emphasis on the particularities of your being, of your beauty. So you say, “No, I am healer, I am of the Blue Ray, I am of the Pink, I am of the roses,” which is spectacular, sweet one! [Chuckling] But you are everything. You carry the genetic divine codes of everything.

Long ago, several years, when we were teaching you about healing and how to activate your various DNA markers, this was the beginning of demonstrating, of showing you that everything is within thee and within your expanded field, which has grown enormously. So yes, this little peapod that you call ‘your body’ is the most vulnerable, tiniest speck of who you are.

But I love that speck! We love that speck! And that speck – you, in form, on planet, ascended self, sovereign and divine – that is why you are here!

It is not just the resurrection, recreation, re-anchoring, re-emergence of the Creator Race. It is the Creator Race recalibrated, redesigned, and in form participating in and filled with my Divine Radiance. We have done this with you, working to this point, playing with you. Yes, sometimes you forget this is supposed to be joy-filled! You know, there is nothing joy-filled about war and mayhem, but that does not eradicate the purpose.

When we have come forth, when I have come forth with Gabrielle, who is our Spokesbeing, and gifted you the 13th Octave – the gift of being, participating consciously, unconsciously, subconsciously in the Heart of One, yes, beginning with coming home so that would be sparking your memories and activating your talents – this has not been to blow you up or out of the water. It was to introduce you to the Unified Field, starting with your parents who love you, adore you, and cherish you.

And this progression of gifts, of activations, has never stopped. I have given you the Tsunami of Love. I have given you the Pause for you in your human, spiritual, emotional, mental self to decide, “What do I want?” because you did not come to Gaia or to any other system to simply follow orders. You have witnessed far too much… the danger, to the destruction, to the devastation of simply following orders… and it cannot be.

So you’ve been given pauses – and some of you have been given more pauses than others [chuckling] – but it is merely for you to be able to go into the cocoon and to sit with us, and with you, and to say, “What do you want?” And from there, to activate the creation codes.  Wanting it is information… yes, heart-speaking information… but it has need to be brought into creation – and SK [Sanat Kumara] has done a magnificent job in teaching you this – and this expansion has simply continued.

I have changed your day. Some of you are insistent on still living 7 to 11 hours out of 36! And all the brackets that we are beginning to work with you on inside time… that is one of the next things we will be addressing with you… we have prepared you. We have brought you into the field of our Divine Radiance, of Divine Knowing, Divine Wisdom. The Father has put you in charge of the Warehouse of Heaven. What else is there?

What else is there is Unity! Unity is our desire.

In our realm, if you wish to think of it that way, there is no separation between beings, energy fields. That does not mean… and this is why sometimes humans get frightened… it does not mean that you are not unique, that you are not special, because you are all special! And that is the heart’s desire for most human beings upon the planet: “How do I distinguish myself?” You distinguish yourself by being the unique beauty you are!

Think of it this way. When I dream, it is. When we dream, it is. If you dream, and you are participating in the dream and energy of love, it is.

You are not filled with false dreams. Think of this tapestry – and I will limit it just to the field of Gaia, this mighty, beautiful Archangel who is in planetary form. But if we say, “We need some more blue over here. We need angels who are so deeply compassionate, humble, patient, and impatient.” And you have said, “Yes, Mother, I will go, because I know I already carry that.” And off you go. But it was not an expulsion. It was not that you left. There is only one Omniverse and it is ours!

So where do you think you might go into the illusion that crumbles as we speak? So yes, each of you is a beautiful expression of you and of your brothers and sisters, of the kingdoms, and of us. Unity is the acceptance and the practice because tacit acceptance won’t do it. You know, a couple of years ago, Raj [Sanat Kumara] took on the mantle of Universal Logos, and you have advanced with him. So there is no point in hiding in the shadows.

Yes, there is a time when everybody needs a break, a rest, to come and let me hold you in my arms. You say to me, “Mother, it is fine for you, for the Father to speak of Unity and the Unity of your realm.” Our realm is your realm, and too often you have forgotten this. We did not, I did not say, “Okay, we have the Divine Realm, now let’s cut off a piece and give it to the humans.” No. There is only one realm.

So within this realm, really the only decision is, “Do you still want to feel separated, in conflict, in ascendancy, in abuse, in authoritarianism?” No. No! There have been times when humans have said, “Well, what I will do is we will go in the backyard or to the battlefield and we will fight it out. And then the winner will have jurisdiction over this country, that country, this world, that world, or just your brother.” That is ridiculous.

You cannot say to me, “Mother, I yearn, I want, I desire, I accept Unity, but first could you let me beat my brother up?” You cannot fight your way to peace and love. You simply have to do it. And yes, there will be times when you will feel like you’ve got a bloody nose, and you will say, “See, I told you it wasn’t gonna work.” You are far too powerful! You are far too strong! We have given you all the tools, and there are more to come, but we have given you everything.

It is not your job to be judge and jury, and certainly not executioner. Are there needs for adjustments? Yes, because the grievous behaviours, the egregious behaviours, opinions, actions must halt. But they halt through peace, through the embrace, because the only reason there is such misstep, egregious abomination, recalcitrance is a desire to be sovereign, a desire to be safe, and the ego says, “Let me be over that person.” No.

Because each of you brings to the planet not just a little gift. You bring the bounty, the abundance that you are so fond of talking about. You are bringing it all! So it is very practical. You can say, “Well, you can go in the backyard and have a fistfight, or you can come and enjoy this feast that is prepared for you.” It is very simple.

I know, beloved child, we are asking you to take the next leap, the quantum leap of faith that we have asked you to take many times. You have wings. You have a jetpack. You have your Nike shoes. You are guided. I am not sending you out onto a battlefield. That is ego. And I am tired of it, and Gaia is tired of it, and your brothers and sisters of the stars are tired of it. It does not serve. It does not serve you, it does not serve love, and it most certainly does not serve us.

So follow Michael’s dictum and lay down your arms, open your heart, open your throat, open your third, fourth and fifth eyes, and allow your strength, your purpose, which is our purpose, to shine through.

And know we are with you every step of the way… every step… and sometimes it is baby steps, and sometimes it is a leap over an ocean. I will carry you. That is my promise. We will carry you.

Go with my love. And go sweet angels, my children, my grown and wonderful family, with my love.

Channelled by Linda Dillon, 20 June 2024

Transcribed by Ellen Nairn