It is time, and it is time for ALL beings. The ripple effect of what you are doing in this unfoldment is beyond the scope of your imagination.

HEART CALL – May 2024

Universal Mother Mary ~ Let Us Celebrate And Create Together This Time Of Fulfilment!

Greetings, I AM Mary, I am Maré, I am One. I am One above, below, within, without, and everywhere in between. And although I do not need to declare this, because you know this, in every fibre of your being, that you live within me as I live within thee, that we are united in heart, and yes, fuelled by love, that we are in a unified field, and none of you, sweet angels of light, are absenting yourself, as you are completely allowed to, from this sacred union that we all share.

I come to you in this Month of Maré, in this month of rebirth, of growth, of roots going deep into the heart of Gaia, and putting your faces towards the sun, and feeling the softness of the spring rain. And feel all of this, beloved ones, because you are in the human form. You are in the form that we have created for our angels to play – not to suffer, not to be sick, or ill, or angry, or despondent, or despairing, but simply to play.

There is much discussion, always, for eons, about the simplicity of this creation, and it is extraordinarily complex. Every element that we – in conjunction with you, with Gaia, with each other – have brought forth is to be an accent, un accent, to embrace the glory of joy, of play, of fun. I did not say unto one of you, “Go to this planet and toil. Go to this planet and work your fingers, your brain, your body, your soul to the bone until there is nothing left to give.” That is not divine creation.

Now have you, each of you, through the extraordinary presence of your being, come to this planet during this time of, yes, significant change, upliftment, interdimensional shift, universal shift and said, “I will go and I will help people, remind them to play, but first we will tidy up a bit?” And it has been tedious and arduous at times, but you have never forgotten that the purpose of your existence is to bring this form of human joy on planet to experience.

It is not to work and work and work. Yes, there is a lot to clean up, and you are the creators of this, but as I have said, you have done your creation and you are bringing this to fruition now. But creation is not intended to be extraordinary toil and burden.

So I come, once again, because you are ready, and because you have opened the door and actually requested that the volume on the Radiance be elevated, expanded. And I do use this word “volume” – volume of light, yes, but also volume of sound.

When I have used the word in any language of play, of joy, it has included the sound of laughter, of glee, even of giggles. It has included the quiet smile of the Mona Lisa and the huge smile of excitement. It includes everything, and it includes each of you, and it is including each and every being upon this planet, whether they know it or not.

The invitation to go forward, to back up, to step sideways into the joy and away from the fear, the destruction, the decimation is wide open, and you are the delivery agents. We support you. Of course we do. We always have, even when you have forgotten that.

But this, in my month that you honour me with – the Month of Maré – I come to amplify, individually and collectively, not only what is possible but what is desirable, in your framework, and mine.

Beloveds, each of you – each of you, my blessed children – have extraordinary, extraordinary talents, diverse and individual, and certainly collective, and you are bringing these to the forefront. Not in ways of aggression, and certainly not of ego, but yes, absolutely in the anchoring and the knowing, the Divine Knowing, the Divine Authority, the Divine Inheritance of who you are, and who you have always been, and who you are becoming 12,000 years hence.

Let us celebrate this day, and this time, not of just new beginnings. Let us celebrate and create together this time of fulfilment!

If you see a child bleeding and crying on the edge of the road, you will stop, and you will attend to them, and you will do whatever is necessary to help. Well, that is exactly what you are doing, and it does not matter whether the child is 300lbs and violent, or a mere shadow of the former self. All are included. Think of this.

All are loved… ALL are loved! What is the difference? You know that you are loved in every area of your being, every field, every body, every cell, every atom. You know! And that is why you welcome me this day into your field. The only difference is their knowing is incomplete, sometimes skewed, or they have simply forgotten.

So in this gentle great awakening, let us proceed skipping, laughing, blowing bubbles of love. It can be in pink or violet, green or gold. The point is to do it. When you have been hurt, and you have exercised forgiveness, it has always been with the unspoken, or spoken, proviso of ‘Please don’t do that again.’ And if it has happened again, you haven’t run away, but you have stepped back.

Step back and send the love. Beam directly into the heart of individuals and collective. It is time, and it is time for ALL beings. The ripple effect of what you are doing in this unfoldment is beyond the scope of your imagination. But you know that, and you are doing that.

And this day and always, as your Mother, I am doing it with you in the absolute power, joy and gentleness of Love.

Channelled by Linda Dillon, 4 May 2024

Transcribed by Ellen Nairn