“You, beloved ones – you, sweet angels of light – you are our boots on the ground, you are the catalysts, you are the change, you are the hope, you are the delivery agents…”

HEART CALL – February 2024

Grener of Ashira of Neptune ~ We Are In This Together!

Greetings, I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune. I am President… such a funny term, but certainly one you understand… I am President of Intergalactic Council and I have assumed this role, yes, now decades ago to squire in, to oversee, to assist in the anchoring of this planet in the new realm, in the reality of the unfoldment of the Mother, of this Intergalactic Council, and of your own sweet selves.

We are not some distant governmental body legislating useless rules. This Council has been in existence for an extremely long time, and it grew out of the intergalactic wars when we knew we had to… our existence, our collective existence relied upon finding ways – yes, what you would call Divine Neutrality – which maintained Divine Authority not just for a city or government or locale but for the sacred nature of the individual, angel incarnate, divine in form – and there are many humanoid forms and there are many forms.

And it was the depth of recognition: ‘You don’t have to agree on every little item, and you most certainly do not need to invoke language that is violent and cruel and unbecoming.’ That is why we speak Saedor that includes the love. And you say, “Well, we do not speak Saedor upon this Gi’Anna,” and I suggest to you that you do and it is time to expand this awareness.

It does not matter what tiny little dialect you are speaking, whether it is Mandarin, Vietnamese or English, French or Portuguese. Language infused with Saedor, infused with love, is heart-speaking – and more importantly heart-listening because if you are always talking, you are not paying attention truly to what is being said. It is listening to the silence; it is listening to the pauses; and it is listening to what is inside the words that are chosen.

Right now, there is far too much angry, warring energy upon this Planet of Love, and we have acted, and are acting, and will be acting as intermediaries to ensure that there is not incendiary blasts. This is at the surface – not that you may shake your head and bow your head in dismay and feel despair and disheartened – but because it has need to be eliminated once and for all.

It has need to be ancient, ancient, ancient history so that you’re not blowing up the planet and everything upon it! That will not be permitted.

But what is being blown up, devastated, disintegrated is hatred, cruelty, violence, death, disease, despair. It was out of despair, out of the knowing that there had to be a third alternative that this Intergalactic Council, which includes many… Earth was a straggler and one that was wanted so desperately because it is part of the evolution, the evolvement of this galaxy, and hence many galaxies.

You… yes, we talk a great deal, and certainly Ashira and Galea speak a great deal – they are my family – so they speak a great deal about the boots on the ground, but let me give it a different twist, a different perspective… You, beloved ones – you, sweet angels of light – you are our boots on the ground, you are the catalysts, you are the change, you are the hope, you are the delivery agents, and it is not done in the depth of despair.

I am not suggesting to you that you ignore what is going on. I am also not suggesting that you sink yourself into that quagmire of suffering. But you are our boots on the ground because you are our hearts on the ground. You are the ascended beings, whether you realise it or not.

You are not the problem, you are the solution. You are the promise that the Mother has made, not only to Gi’Anna and to everyone on this planet but to all of us, and we are all in attendance, we are all invested, we are all helping. Not to overcome, not to overwhelm, but to assist.

This opportunity cannot be missed. We do not take a parental role. We do not take, oh, a higher-realm role. We do this with you. This is Unity Consciousness. This is the Sacred Union of One. It is the recognition and it is the internal and the external expression of that promise.

There is not a one of you that does not wish for the birthing, the anchoring, the explosion of the Cities of Light. We are your handmaidens and we accompany you in every activity. It does not matter if you do not see us because we most certainly see you – and we see the inner machinations, the process that you go through, and we assist, we add our energy here/there/up/down because your success, your fulfilment, is our fulfilment.

We are in this together! All the galactics and the intergalactics have gathered in love, in peace, in celebration, in creation. Embrace the truth, my beautiful family. Embrace the truth of who you are. Do not shy away. Each of you – and I do mean all of you – have a role in this unfoldment, in this creation, and it is slightly different for each and every one of you – and it is slightly different in each City [of Light], each area, and each one is magnificent!

And it incorporates creation and healing, beauty and culture, community – and that is what has been so sorely lacking from so much of this planet. You had defined yourselves geographically or culturally or where your interests lay. Open up and go exploring because it is time.

It is time! Yes, you are on a new clock – and by the way, that has meshed with ours. And by the way, we have never stopped; my son Ashira has never given the command to stop the transmission of the Porlana C to ignite your very soul, and your intellect, and your body so that you will feel regenerated and strong and eager… not just able to go but eager to go!

You cannot think of one way in which we do not assist – energetically, with language, with healing, it matters not. So please, turn to us because we are with you, we are in union, we are in sacred partnership, and we are together as family. And many of us – many of us – are eager to come in form, not in some disguise, but to simply come and talk with you, to share a meal, to go for a walk, to breathe the air of Gaia which is the sweetest perfume!

We do this because we love you. And you say, “Well, Grener, how do you love us, you don’t even know us?” And what I suggest to you, beloveds, is that I have known you for eons and that is why we have come, and that is why you have come. We are One, and we are all integrated as One with THE ONE. You are a fragment of light and you have come from the stars, as have we.

Go with our love and come – and you know who you are! Assume your chair at the table with this Intergalactic Council and always with this Council of Love.

Go with our love, go with our infinite love – and when you need a hand, call us!


Channelled by Linda Dillon, 3 February 2024