Sanat Kumara’s Summer Solstice 2023 Message ~ Changes in DNA & Cellular Structure


Christina: “Could you explain the reference to our DNA during the Mother’s channel?”

Ellen: “About a month ago, during the Embracing Sacred Love series, my lovely health practitioner and I were astonished – and very excited – to discover during a biofeedback session that my DNA markers were flagging up a brand new 24th chromosome – albeit ‘scientifically impossible’ – that had activated at off-the-chart levels. Moreover, all other 23 chromosome pairs were also showing unusually high activity, and even my blood cells showed unusual activity under the microscope.

“We laughed and excitedly shared our thoughts on becoming Nova Gaian, and the amazing energies and activations of Bliss and Divine Radiance recently experienced. I was also reminded of something I had read many years ago about our 12 strands of DNA one day merging as a new 13th strand.”

Linda: Now, one of the gifts that people haven’t fully twigged to is that when you were first initiated into the 13th Octave, your 12 strands of DNA were re-wired, re-gathered, into a 13th strand; they were all braided together, so that’s already in place. Now what’s happening is there is a further activation, but that’s an aside. I want to finish Ellen’s question.

Ellen [cont.]: “Then just a few weeks ago, as if to already respond to my question, beloved Archangel Michael included this wonderful gem in my dear soul cousin Andrew’s reading: “The changes in DNA and cellular structure are already well underway for Nova Gaians – and yes, the results are showing up! But the point is, what is activating it? It is not the choice to be downtrodden and overwhelmed. It is the yearning for love! It is the small steps…”

“Could the Council please speak further to these changes and apparent upgrades which are, as Michael says, ‘already well underway for Nova Gaians.’ Charmaine also asks, ‘If DNA is our blueprint, and if that changes, what are some of the physical manifestations we could anticipate seeing?’”

Linda: So Christina and Ellen’s questions are basically: “What’s going on and how is it showing up in our physicality?” It’s only recently that the Mother and any of the Council have really been talking about these changes in our physical structure. So with that, I’m going to step aside.

Greetings, I AM Sanat Kumara and I come in tandem, in sacred partnership, with St. Germaine and Archangel Raphael, so I have been the chosen spokesbeing.

I am Keeper, yes, of Universal Law, but understand, sweet ones, you tend to think of me as Ascended Master. It is a grand title, but I am also from Venus, the Planet of Love, and it was the Plan of Unfoldment for this planet of Gaia/Earth to also become a Planet of Love – an anchor not only for this Galaxy but for this Universe, with a domino effect throughout the Multiverse and Omniverse.

Part of claiming – yes, claiming, for this has been a free-will choice; we do not override, but we most certainly have given you and shared with you enough information that you understand the nature of intergalactic and interdimensionality. But for you to fully comprehend and physically participate in this level of interdimensional reality, there have been and there are ongoing physical adjustments that are being made and have started some time ago in your physical self.

Now many of these have been kept hidden, undercover, because the collective was not ready to fully understand or comprehend what a Nova Gaian looked like. But the expansion of Divine Radiance, the expansion of your being, also entails the expansion of your structure.

No, it is not that your visage or your being will all of a sudden become altered, although you know that we have spoken to you for a very long time… even in my meaning… we have spoken to you of the rejuvenation, of the restoration of your form, of your physicality that becomes in tandem in alignment with the truth of who you are.

You all know what it is like to meet somebody and you say, “They are radiant!” But it is the inner radiance that is simply shining through; it is the ageless, infinite awareness that is shining through.

Your planet, as you well know, has been ‘plagued’ – and I use that word – by many un-eases/dis-eases. There is no need for it. Oh, sometimes you will injure yourself or get a cold… you know viruses! Love is viral! You get them so that you can have some breathing room, some space to yourself, where you don’t have to engage with what you think are your responsibilities.

So all of this is changing. When you have first truly been initiated into the 13th Octave, into that Divine Union, your DNA has been rewoven into the 13th strand. Now what is occurring is that your DNA – and there are billions and billions and billions of markers – is truly being activated.

So do not be surprised when you find new interests, new abilities, new capacities, yes, that are unique to you. But also, you will find your community; you will find those who share the interest in truly working on various projects, particularly Cities of Light.

Your science will begin to notice these changes but understand it also infers, requires, that the scientific understanding of DNA… which has actually been quite modest [chuckling]… that field of understanding of what people think of as ‘scientific endeavour’ will also expand.

So your job as the activators, as the harmonisers, is to observe and allow and play! And do not be overly concerned. The basic form of human continues, but it is receiving a massive upgrade and we are working with you on this – as we have been working and harmonising with Gaia – and I step aside for her also to speak.