On this glorious day, let’s give birth to your own Christ, for you are ready! … The stars are all aligned and the entire Universe is watching!

Another beautiful Christmas Message from Jesus Sananda, sublimely channelled by the amazing Genoveva for our delight!

Jesus Sananda ~ The Birth of Pure Love

Greetings, beloveds! I AM Jesus Sananda, I am your brother and family, I AM with you my friend, I AM.

As you know, I love to come to you any time you are calling upon me, but especially now with the occasion of Christmas – this celebration of my birth and the birth of Hope and Joy.

It was and is the birth of pure love in the midst of chaos and harsh human conditions of isolation and separation. It was the emergence of the New Life on Earth – and as you see, it has taken a long time to prepare this world so the seedlings of New Normal could sprout and come to life and grow these deep roots.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that it will take thousands of years to build and create the Cities of Light, the love communities of the New Golden Kingdom on Earth.

As you know, readiness is everything, and we are saying, Mother/Father/One are saying: This is the perfect time!

Dearest brave and bright hearts, you and I and the majority of the human collective are ready for this New chapter in the journey of humanity, of the Earth, and of the entire Multiverse.

Now, we might briefly glance at the past but there is no need – but for those that feel the need to do so, let’s make sure you get into your observer self so we can finally change your perception, and by so doing the entire human collective can awaken to the true reason of my arrival and of the purpose of that lifetime 2000 years ago.

I was given birth as a bright spark of Divine Essence, just as many were, in the midst of the deep, deep density and mayhem, and I had to keep IT pure and strong and be bold with those opposing the truth and change. Yes, I have gone through a lot of preparation, and I have gotten a lot of support from above and from below. I’ve traveled a lot through every dimension and to every corner of the Earth. I went through major initiations, and yes, there were times, brief as they were, when I felt weak and lost.

But the whispers of my heart, my sacred purpose, and the bright future were constantly calling upon me, giving me strength and purpose, pulling me forward, showing me everything… and what is to come: peace and harmony on Earth, love, abundance and unity at every single level… Pure Love in form!

Mother and Father and all the guardians and Masters, the mighty Archangels, my circle of human angels were always there with me, for we were and we are One – and of course you were and are a part of it. And yes, all of you have endured and passed harsh challenges and initiations; just remember to tune in and access the wisdom and strength of these past tests and lessons. You’ve kept them dormant and you’ve waited for All to be ready.

Bring them forth and let go of the need to work harder, sweat, and suffer more. Embrace the totality of who you are! Claim all that you are! I am here to assist thee in bringing these energies of hope and victory.

Allow me to take you by your hand and walk with me! Even more, beloveds, I wish to merge with thee, to totally embrace you, so let’s proceed as One to unlock the knowing and the wisdom of the past and the future of this New Now!

On this glorious day, let’s give birth to your own Christ, for you are ready!

Yes, I will assist thee in this birthing, in the anchoring, and in the expansion of the Christ within. The stars are all aligned and the entire Universe is watching! It is glorious, and it is a monumental shifting for you and for All.

I will be with you, dearest friends, along with your guardians and Universal Self, and I will guide your every step if needed, including your walking on water (smile), healing others and everyone, bringing forth small and great miracles, and being the joyful, playful, humble creators that you are. There is so much excitement building as I speak to you!

Come with me and trust, beloveds; believe in the love that you are and let’s walk this Earth – this Never Ending Wonderful – in joy, laughter, and peace, now and forever!

I AM with you, for I have never left any of you!

Stay with my eternal and infinite love and peace.

Your brother Yeshua, your Jesus Sananda!

Channelled by Genoveva Coyle, 24th December 2023