Divine Mother’s Summer Solstice 2023 Transmission ~ Awakening Divine Radiance

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Maré, I am Mother. Welcome, sweet angels! Welcome, sweet humans, my beloved Nova Gaians!

You have kept your promise to me – and you have only a glimpse of what that means to me, to us, to All. A promise is a sacred undertaking, and it has not been something that you have tucked away. You have taken the actions, and yes, you have persevered and you have wondered, and then you have continued on like the bravehearts that you are because you have always known what the fulfilment of the promise is. You have always known that love would win!

And yes, it has meant that everything that is not of love had need to erupt and come to the surface to be washed away – no, not to eliminate what you think of as perpetrators or recalcitrants or abusers, but for the energy to be revealed so that it could be transformed, transmuted, eliminated. Even those who have been the perpetrators have performed the actions to allow these energies that are not of love, that are of the old whispers of another paradigm, to come to the surface.

All of you are loved and all of you are love. And you think, “Oh Mother, that is a Universal Love and it is beautiful, but it is not personal.” Dearest hearts, it is very personal! I do not treat each of you, my children born of my being, as some kind of collective. Yes, of course, I see your unified fields – and now so do you – but you, you are precious to me, and you are so much more than you know.

But it is time for that awakening, that expansion of your knowing. No, not to explode or blow your circuits, for I am a very cautious Mother and you know I have the infinite patience to wait for the unfoldment of things. [Chuckling] But it is time for you to know the spectrum, the fullness, not only of your soul design and your mission but of your capabilities.

You have and you are taking on a massive job co-creating in form, on planet, Nova Earth, in harmony with Gi’Anna, in harmony with all the kingdoms!

So I ignite your Divine Radiance – as I entwine it and partner it with mine – so open your heart, your stomach, your feet, your head, your precious self as I transmit this awakening of my Radiance directly into thee.

Open and receive!


I not only unlock your heart, I unlock your codes, I unlock your DNA codes, your creation codes.

I will continue to speak to you, but this energy will flow directly into you for the next 48 hours and then it will continue to anchor, to grow, so you become. And when I say “you become,” it is not in any way, shape or form, any life, any reality that you have in any way been incomplete. But note what I say in my Infinite, Eternal Omniverse: There is always more! And there is more of you!

And I love the tiniest, microscopic part of you. And I love the fullness and totality of who you are and who you will be – not ‘can’ – will! For it is Our Will, joined with your will, never overriding, but literally harmonising together as One.

The illusion of separation comes to an end. But one of the things that occurred in that paradigm, that structure of separation, as a protective measure – yes, you armoured up! – but you also created this fantasy that somehow your uniqueness, your beauty, was yours and yours to do with what you wished. And that is true, but it is so limited, because you are unique and separate and yourself, and you are connected to everything! And it is that connected heart-mind-body-will that you move into so that in unity, unity heart-consciousness, that you come together as one.

There are so many species of human upon this planet. I am not even speaking of the many hybrids and the plant-animal-mineral kingdoms. There are so many species of humans – and that is the beauty of it – and you are all in a soul agreement contract, a promise, that interwoven together you will build, certainly with us, this restoration of Gaia.

And as you are receiving this gift of Divine Radiance, this awakening of your Divine Radiance, what you are also doing is harmonising and assisting in the healing, the restoration, of this beautiful archangel in form. You are harmonising with Gi’Anna and you are reawakening the union of heart, of soul, of purpose within yourselves, within this circle, and upon this beautiful planet that is radiating beyond… far beyond your galaxy.

So yes, you are magnificent and you are dedicated, and you are mine! So allow this penetration, sweet ones. It is not merely the fulfilment of your dream, it is the fulfilment of mine, and so I thank you.

It is from this place that you will bring forth the Cities of Light that are already appearing – tangibly appearing. It is where you meet so many of your family from the various galaxies. It is where you come to play, to vacation, and to co-create what formerly was known as… what the artist called ‘work’, now called ‘co-creation’… and you do that in unity and in the expression of your unique self, which is glorious.

I step aside so this channel will continue… that is if she can talk!