This is your undertaking, this is your creation of Nova Earth as Nova Gaians…

HEART CALL – November 2023

Archangel Michael ~ Assuming Form as Pillars of Light

Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News and we come to join you in this action of Love, in this action of Peace, in this action of Wholeness, in this action of NOVA and NEW.

Yes, this is your undertaking, this is your creation of Nova Earth as Nova Gaians, but beloved ones, do not think that you proceed alone. But you have stepped forth in the recognition and embrace and totality of who you are: ascended beings, angels in form, agents of change, creators and bringers of Nova Earth, and yes, Nova Humanity!

There is not a single being that departed from the heart of our Mother and Father and said, “Let me see if I can go and create brutality, harm, injury on beloved Gi’Anna.” Not a one! Now, have there been forays into the darkness? And yes, that is what I say; I do not call it “scenic detours”, I call it “forays into the darkness”. Of course, there have; it would be absurd to pretend there have not been! But what does that mean?

It does not mean and it has never meant that you cast them into some hole of darkness hell like a lost child in a cave, in a hole, in a deep well, lost and desperate. You shine the light because you know how to do this. You are the creators of the New. You have been tasked with millions of people to work with long ago, and you have done an excellent job. So this is simply the next step.

And you are assuming this form as a Pillar of Light – as many, many, many Pillars of Light. Because it is not about personality, it is about how you shine – gently, vibrantly, softly luminescent! And we stand there with you, in between you, forming this ring of love. Yes, Gaia is in a different reality. That does not mean we have abandoned ship! [Chuckling] And your Star Family has never been more busy.

So we join with you in the deepest heart connection. You know how long and how determined I am to bring peace to this planet, into this galaxy, to this universe and multiverse. And this is the catalyst. You are the bringers of the new, you are the bringers of peace, you are the bringers of harmony, you are the bringers of love. You have always been this. Now you look in the mirror and you expand and you accept on the deepest level what you are truly capable of.

So yes, beloveds, let us begin with Peace right now. And let us continue to dissolve the collective pain, this burden that humanity has carried for so long. Very creative and a burden! You do not need to carry it. That is why you have begun giving it away, and we are thrilled, glad, overjoyed, honoured to assist thee. Yes, to show you when you ask, to be your handmaidens.

We are with you!

Go in peace, beloveds, and go with our love.