Grener of Ashira of Neptune’s Summer Solstice 2023 Message ~ Awakening To The Full Capacity Of Who You Are

Greetings, I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune, President… what a curious title!… President of Intergalactic Council and I am pleased, I am overjoyed to meet with you, to conjoin heart-to-heart with you in the infinite readiness of Now.

Yes, you have been adjusting to new timewaves so that the beauty and colourful nature, the bounty of Gaia, can be restored – but sweet angels of light, brothers and sisters of my very soul, you are also being renewed and restored!

Several months ago, we bestowed upon you the Awakener Kit – yes, I think you will remember it – of your Regulator and Golden Eraser and Adjuster. These are not simply children’s playtoys, and part of what is happening as you have been becoming used to, familiar, with using these tools – and you have done spectacularly well! And by the way, these tools are used throughout the galaxies, particularly when there is intergalactic travel, so this is not merely a remedial tool for you because you are coming along – it is the infusion of the energy into your very DNA that is changing and being upgraded even as we speak.

Yes, those of you who are hybrids and have, shall we say, a greater quotient of Star DNA are feeling it more rapidly. But let us be very clear. Part of being human, part of being this collective, on this planet, at this time of intergalactic shift, of intergalactic ascension, of intergalactic awakening, is the awakening to the full capacity of who you are.

You come here this day to receive the infusion, the awakening, of the Divine Radiance – but you do so because you are Divinely Radiant. You are the fulfilment of a promise made to all of us long ago. And yes, has it been long in coming, in our time and yours, regardless of how that is measured or how the waves proceed? Yes, but it is now! It is not in some distant future. It is now, not because we decide but because you, in your infinite wisdom, in your heart-conscious knowing, have chosen and said “yes”.

And because of that, yes, the tools not only that we have given you in these webinars but the tools that are being planted through the Delegations – whose work, by the way, almost comes to an end, because the work and the processes of the Delegations are now being put into your broader societies; and I do not just mean science & technology, although that has been a big part of it, but it is different paradigms, renewed paradigms, of love and family in communities, in relationships.

And it is an openness of mind and heart and being to diversity – to the beauty of diversity. If there has been one lesson, subtle and very obvious, that Gaia has communicated throughout the ages, it has been diversity. Each of you is unique. Each of you brings talents and abilities that no one throughout the multiverse has. This is the beauty of the Mother and Father’s Creation, but it is also the beauty of you. It is the beauty of your soul essence that has said, “Yes, I will go, I will stay, and I will see this through.”

And you will not do so in drudgery as victims; there has been way too much of that upon this planet. You are doing it as your Ascended Selves. Do not keep looking over your shoulders or sitting and hoping ‘when’, because I tell you joyfully and on behalf of all and many that that is Now.

We – and I mean the many fleets not only of UFOG [Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies] but of many galactic presences as well – are making ourselves far more visible not only in the air… which is undeniable… but also upon planet. You know, for a long time, we have had multiple, multiple, multiple boots on the ground. Now, in subtle and very obvious ways, they are stepping forward and revealing themselves – and you know who you are!

So I welcome you to this season – and it does not matter whether it is Summer Solstice or Winter Solstice – I welcome you to this time of frolic and joy!

So let us begin!