“The passing of Elizabeth is a marker, and it is a marker for the passing of Old Earth.”

Today we remember the extraordinary life and legacy of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This beautiful Channelled Gem is lovingly shared by Elle from a personal reading with Linda Dillon following Elizabeth’s passing on September 8th, 2022.

Divine Mother & Belle’Anna speak of Elizabeth: The Monarch and the Mother

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Maré, Universal Mother, Mother of Love, Mother of One, Mother of All. Welcome, bright angel, daughter of my heart, daughter of my soul, daughter of my being. …

I wish to speak to you of Elizabeth. In many ways, my sweet daughter, this has been akin to the death of the Mother and the loss not only of a dear friend but also of the symbolic mother figure – and note that I do not say “matriarch”. All beings, whether consciously or not, yearn for the presence of the Mother. It is embedded and it is as natural as breathing. And so the Mother of a country, of a collective, of a Commonwealth is valued – and it is known and valued.

Now, let us speak this very clearly! There has not been a cloning, a doubling, or anything else of Elizabeth, for she has passed gracefully through that portal of worlds and has returned home to me and to her beloveds, particularly her mother. It is the marking of a Passing of the Ages. It is the marking of a transition in time. And yes, you are correct, there is no room on Nova Earth for elitists, for classes, for separation, for haves and have-nots. All of that passes.

But also understand this fundamental desire for a mother, and a father for that matter, who are neutral. And when I say “neutral”, I mean divine neutrality. That is the role, whether it is in an African tribe or an Aboriginal grouping in the Outback. It is the neutrality of someone who symbolically holds that position – not above and not below, not monarch or servant, but simply one who holds that energy. That is part of the heart’s desires of all species.

And that is what Elizabeth has done. And that is what you have aided her in doing for many, many, many years – and in fact for many lifetimes as you have journeyed together as friends, as mother, as daughter, as sister, so you know this.

This one was not interfered with. Has there been cross-fertilisation among the many races? Of course! And that is what is happening and transpiring – and being encouraged, by the way – right now. Not so that the beauty of an African, or black, or white, or brown, or yellow is lost in terms of culture and values and experience, but that that sense of separation is eliminated because that is my Plan, and that is your plan, and that is Gi’Anna’s Plan.

Now, that does not mean that the wolf becomes the hippopotamus or that the elephant becomes the snake. Of course not! Each has their place in the magnificence of Creation.

So let me be clear with you: Yes, the passage of Elizabeth marks the changing of an Age.

But let me speak to your lucid dream [which occurred at precisely the time of Elizabeth’s passing] of the embodiment of duality – the being that has assumed form and come to your doorway seeking recognition. All beings will have some definition of Light and Dark. The Dark is illuminated by the Light and defined by the Light, and vice versa. Light and Dark have come to mean, in many ways, such divisive indicators – and as you well know, duality has been the creation and the anathema of this human collective of my sweet angels.

This being whom we will call ‘Horace’ has been banging at your door, asking not just for entry but for recognition. And you, sweet one, you are tired… beloved, shall I say “soul exhausted”… with such division, with such delineation that leads to nothing but separation. And so you have said quite clearly to ‘Horace’: “Go away! You are not welcome. Do not seek entry to my sacred space.”

And you have called and beckoned not only to [Archangel] Michael but to many. You have called upon the entire Legion of Light to come to your defence and to come to your assistance in this time of perceived need – and dearest heart, they have flown to your side!

And yes, ‘Horace’ has gained entry, to be immediately transformed into the fullness of his lightbeing. That is the activation. And no, that activation did not come from any of us. It came from you – from you demanding, yes, with the Legions of Light by your side, but that for him to come into full entry and be allowed into your sacred space, that he embrace the full light of who he is.

And you have done this on behalf not only of this collective energy, which became the figment called Horace, but on behalf of the collective because, dear heart, you are fed up! And rightfully so! So you have done great service, you who believe that you are doing nothing! You have done stellar work.

Is it frightening, particularly in this human realm, in this realm of chaos in many, many ways, to actually allow this transformation to take place? Yes, it is! And yet, you are courageous and filled with valour. Is it exhausting when you have done something like this? Yes, sweet angel, it is. So we don’t encourage you to be, shall we say “on duty” day after day after day, week after week, year after year! There is always need for time out, but there is also need, sweet one, for play, for joy! …

Yes, I am part of the Infinite Creator, but having a very large family of independent thinking and sometimes raucous children, it is a great task – and one where I do not, and I will not ever, interfere with the free will that I have given you as your birthright. But I am not an absentee Mother. I am with you every step of the way! …

Elle: Thank you, Mother. This is so reassuring and confirming of, amongst other truths, Elizabeth’s passing on September 8th, 2022, and not “some time/years ago” as some would have had us believe. It’s strange but having interacted with ‘Horace’ in transforming duality at the exact time of Elizabeth’s passing, my understanding is that she took much of the Old Earth energies with her.

DM: That is correct. For what she carried with her, both as Mother – particularly as Mother, and I mean that in the larger sense as we have been talking about – she brought many of the old and shall we say ‘outmoded attitudes and structures’ with her. Within her life, like you, sweet angel, there was often a push and pull, for she would much rather have been out with her dogs and her horses and her grandchildren.

But she also knew, not in the sense of monarchy – we are talking about the person, not that they can be fractioned off; we do not mean to intend that – but she had this understanding of the responsibility that had been put to her and that she had accepted as a very young woman. And there was push and pull because, in fact, was there elitist behaviour? Yes, in terms of the structure. But also, this one was a great egalitarian, and she sought to make that clear during her reign.

Were there missteps? You might as well be asking me if she was human! [Chuckling] So, of course! Did she grow in wisdom? The answer is yes. Did she grow in determination? The answer is yes. Did she grow in terms of her broader worldview? The answer is yes, but she carried that from a very young age.

So while she has taken a great deal – lifted shall we call it “a paradigm of control and superiority” off the planet in her departure – the answer is yes. That was her contribution to alleviating this duality that has been so prevalent upon Gi’Anna. So yes, you were by her bedside, and you were helping her as well.

E: Gosh, there is so much interconnection!

DM: There is no separation and there cannot be. This is the biggest fundamental understanding that humans need to learn and are arriving at. There can be no separation. It is an illusion. And that does not mean, ever, interfering with one’s sovereignty, but when one is truly in their divine sovereignty of knowing, then there is the deep realisation of that interconnectedness.

The denial of interconnectedness – which means a denial, truly, of your own power – is an egoic choice to think that you are simply without consequence in the chain of connection, and that is not only not so, it is impossible! It is not the way that I have created. And so it is. …

E: Mother, why has there been so little, if any, positive or kind comment about Elizabeth and her legacy from our lightworker & truther communities and all the wonderful channels out there? Even those I respect most had few or no words of appreciation, even spreading more untruths, which was shocking and saddening to me.

DM: It shows you the indicator of two things: fear and misconception, undue influence, and in many ways, the absence of kind and loving words – the power of words. There has been an infiltration… yes, of fear… not a conscious one, but a very subtle infiltration to not go against ‘the trend’ shall we say.

Belle’Anna: Greetings, I am Belle’Anna, and yes, I am with the Mother and we will continue.

So what has transpired is the fear of not being in alignment with the community with which many channels and inspired writers relate. And so there has been a subtle infiltration of misinformation at a fear of rejection, and of course, this is not acceptable.

The other thing is that the ‘watermark’, shall we say, that you have noted is the lack of human kindness – the unwillingness to even note when one has assumed a very difficult role. Because, yes, there has been elitism, there has been favouritism, but make no mistake about it, sweet angel, when there has been the assumption of a role such as monarch, many, many, many sacrifices of self, of family, of personal desires are made. And that is the travesty – that that has not been readily acknowledged.

Yes, in various realms, there are chieftains, there are presidents, there are prime ministers, and these do… yes, often it has been out of egoic for those elected offices… but many of them are traditional insofar as, whether as sage, shaman, healer, chief or chieftain, these are roles that are assumed at a cost of personal freedom and choices.

Of course, it is a personal choice to serve, but too often the sacrifices that are made in that regard are overlooked. And what has happened in that communication (channelling) that has been incorrect about the role of Elizabeth and the death of Elizabeth has been a denial of various forms of service – and it has been a judgement about the forms of various services that humans have adopted – and that is very sad.

Now, I cease to speak of sad, the Mother ceases to speak of sad, and we join you in our joy, in our reignition of joy, sweet one, for it is time and we are with you.

E: I’d like to share what’s been said about our beloved Elizabeth. I’m so happy to share something that speaks to the truth of her life and service.

B: And her stamina!

E: Indeed! I’m also aware of being a little ambivalent about certain aspects of her reign, but then none of us gets it all right, do we!

B: Elizabeth has taught about determination and stamina and she has taught about neutrality, and these are things that have need to be recognised and emulated.

E: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

B: The thing is that you have felt the excitement rather than the decrying of her life. It is very sad… yes, I choose “sad” rather than the word “unfortunate”… for when one chooses or, yes, volunteers for a public life, there is a knowing – particularly of a populous in evolution – that one will live somewhat under the magnifying glass and that there will be judgement – and let us say both ends of this ‘harsh judgement’ and ‘true love’ not only of what you do and accomplish but simply of your person, your life – and that is a very brave decision/position to assume.

Because, given the erratic divisiveness on this planet for a long time, you know that there will always be critics, and what is unfortunate in this Old Earth is that the critics have always had a louder voice, a more petulant voice, than the admirers. And that is one of the markers of Old Earth that rather than choosing or selecting… we’re not talking about being blind… but rather than choosing an action, a countenance, a stature that is admirable, there is a dissecting of what has been a misstep and a focus on that.

That is where the bravery comes in, because it is hard and it is challenging to continue standing when you know that so many are seeking to find fault rather than praise. And so it has been with Elizabeth.

But one thing we will say: The passing of Elizabeth is a marker, and it is a marker for the passing of Old Earth.

Go with our love and go, sweet angel, in peace. Farewell.