One person can change a planetary path, a galactic path, influence and shift an entire universe! That’s what one person can do! So when you join as a mighty force as we do…


Archangel Uriel ~ Let Us Restore Gaia!

Greetings, I AM Uriel, also Bringer of the Future, Anchor of the Now – and yes, I bring my Silver Flame of Illumination, I bring my Essence – and with you, I also invoke the full presence of our Star Family and their Silver.

It is the silver of raindrops, it is the Silver Flame that shows the way into the darkness, that illuminates not only what is around you but what is within you. And it lights the way for others to find their way out of the darkness, out of the cave into the sunlight, into the silvery sunlight of a new day. I bring you silver mists, not fog or smog. I bring you the dampness of the dewdrops. I bring you the promise of a new tomorrow.

The Mother has lifted our beloved sister Gi’Anna and you to a new realm of existence. It is not merely just a timewave, it is a realm of existence. But that does not mean that all the healing that is necessary for this planetary form that she has assumed is complete. It is the beginning – yes, an early, good beginning – but it is the beginning.

And for life – human life and hybrid life and ET life and kingdom life – to continue to thrive, there has need to be not only a heart commitment but a heart embrace, a decision to harmonise with every single thing upon this planet and, of course, Gi’Anna herself. It is to harmonise with icicles and glaciers and streams and rivers and air. It is to harmonise with the prairie dogs and the Rocky Mountains. It is to harmonise in ways that you have been gifted directly by the Mother as the executors, as the delivery persons of Nova Earth.

So with my Silver, yes, of course, let us quench the destructive fires, but let us also bring rain to places of drought. Let us turn back the waters that are flooding so much of other continents. This feels, and is, on your planet, a time of extremes because extreme action and recovery is the order of the day.

Yes, we, my brothers Mi-ka-el, Raphael, Jophiel, who is already spreading his dampening dust, and our beloved sister Gabrielle, we are in full attendance and partnership with you, as are so many. That is becoming so obvious that even those who wish to deny it can’t! [Chuckling] It is about time, in your time and ours! It is a brand new crystal day, but it engages the totality of who you are.

And you say to me: “Well, Uriel, what can one person do?” One person can change a planetary path, a galactic path, influence, and shift an entire universe! That’s what one person can do! So when you join as a mighty force as we do, and you commit the totality of your being, of your brilliance – yes, I’d like to claim you this day as Silver, regardless of what ray you travel upon… Let us restore Gaia!

Let us temper and cool fiery, emotional, non-productive actions. Let us bring the Silver Flame of Illumination forth, again and again and again, that you, in your Divine Authority, in your Divine Knowing – not in an egoic aggressive way that has been the pattern of this human race for far too long – gently show them: “Look what I have, look what I see,” and then give it to them. Give it to the faeries, give it to the birds, give it to the mountain ranges, give it to the depths of the ocean. Share it!

You will never run out. I will give you an infinite supply because, my beloved brothers and sisters, you are infinite and it is time for you to know to the bedrock of your being this truth of who you are. You are amazing! And yes, you are stellar! You are Star stuff and you are Earth stuff, and you are beautiful!

Now, in this work that we do this day for Gaia – and, by the way, the entire galaxy – let us also send and give respite and recovery to all those who are suffering illness of one kind or another. Let us instil within them at the bottom of their heart the gentle Silver Flame that will keep their life force steady and growing. Let us do this together as one circle with ALL.

Call me! Call ALL of us! Yes, you can call Florian*! You can call anyone! We are not hanging out in some distant galaxy or on a cloud. We are on the streets, we are walking the streams, we are quenching the fires, especially emotional fires, and we are tending to our beloved Gi’Anna.

Fulfil the promise that you have made unto her – and do so every day, as she has done for you for eons!

Go with my love and go in peace. Farewell.

*     *     *


*The other person joining us this morning is a being I’ve never talked about or even knew about until half an hour ago, and that is SAINT FLORIAN, the patron saint of firefighters and of fire, destructive fire, etc.

So let’s hold this picture of gentle but powerful rains in the North, across Canada – and today is Canada Day – and let’s see the Silver just filling the fog, the smog, the smoke and dispersing it so that whatever someone is breathing in is the Silver of Illumination. Let us see the flood waters in India and Pakistan as if there are silver bulwarks protecting the people and their homes.

And just for fun, GALEA of the Neptune is suggesting that we put a silver dome over/around the entire planet together, right now, the reason being so that our Cities of Light… all that light is going to bounce out, reaching the people who need to relocate and begin to work with the Cities.

And keep the Faeries very close – they are on this! It’s time for the Halion Engineers and the Healers of Tralana to truly help us with this reconstruction. You know what your promises are.

So as an aside, if you have been suffering… blood is a big issue right now and I must be talking or dealing with at least 10 people who have low iron, no iron… so let’s infuse them… or yourself, mental, head dizziness, displacement, “I really don’t know what realm I’m in, my head’s exploding,” that’s part of the rewiring… so put on a silver helmet. They’re dressing you up in an entirely silver outfit as if you’re wearing some kind of silver hazmat suit!

And GABRIELLE is very clear. She also wants to remind you – and it’s a good reminder! – of her golden filters. She says, “Yes, there’s room for Gold!” So what we do is we put on our golden filters… yes, of course, for air pollution and things… but when we put on our golden filters, it’s a form of early harmonisation. So we put them in our nose, in our mouth, in our eyes, in our ears, so that whatever is coming at us, her golden filters are filtering out the garbage, the dross, and the debris.

And what you hear/see/taste/smell is the joy – and heaven knows, we could all use a little joy!

So we’ve been given a big task today!