May I walk with you not only this June but in the Mother’s New Time, in the Cities of Light, upon Nova Earth?

Yeshua ~ I Would Like To Walk Along With You

Greetings, I am Yeshua, I am Jesus Sananda, I am Yeshi, I am Love and so are you! Is that not the beginning, the middle and the end, in and out of time, in and out of everything, the infinite eternity of our parents?

So often, yes, even as I have walked your planet, my planet, people have said to me, “Well, Yeshua, Lord, friend, brother, what is it, what is it you are wanting us to know? What is it that you wish to incorporate and shift our lives into? For I have studied at the feet of the sages and I have attended the classes of the rabbis, so what do you have to add, Lord? What do you wish us to do? Is there a law that you wish us to adhere to? Is there a practice that we must follow?

And my answer to you now, to you then – because we have travelled together so many times – has never changed: I want you to love! Of course, I want you to know love, not as some theoretical construct; I want you to know how deeply you are loved; I want you to share the love.

Love is intended to be shared. When you keep it harnessed, captive in your being, in your heart, in your cells, in your head, you are limiting yourself; you are adhering to the old paradigms of the old third that no longer exist and saying you must keep yourselves small. And keeping yourselves small, my beloved brothers and sisters, is agonising! It hurts – and it hurts everything – and it hurts you.

You did not come to Gaia, to Gi’Anna at this time, at this time of rebirth in so many ways, in this time of expansion, infinite and eternal, this time of becoming and being – my friends, you most certainly didn’t come because you play small. But you do play, and I am inviting you to play!

There is a time for what you think of as work; there is a time of toiling, of planting the seeds and watering them, and ensuring that they are protected from the birds. But that is not the totality of your life, and it most certainly isn’t the totality of who you are.

It is very curious – and yes, I do continue to speak of passion and compassion – and it is very curious about passion, how the human tendency over many thousands of years has been to bracket, to limit passion.

When I walked the Earth with my beloved Magdalena, our passion was obvious for one another, for our families, for our friends, for the messages that we carried, for the healing, for the initiations. It is not just fire, it is joy! And one of the difficulties that has arisen upon this planet – and why you are here and not me – is that passion has been restricted; oh, it is personal; oh, I am passionate in politics where Badu is spoken and practiced. No!

Passion and compassion is the heart sharing of openness; it is the heart sharing of the infinite truth of who you are – yes, in exact measure, and in exact measure decided/determined by you. We have said to you repeatedly: “Vulnerability is one of the most important aspects, beautiful traits, qualities of a Nova Being,” and you are learning that; you are allowing that; you are embracing that; you are becoming that.

But I am not asking you to stand on the firing line. You know how to open your heart and allow this connection/conjoining (whatever you call it) with others, and with passion and compassion. If you are ho-hum about another, about a group of others, then what is the point? Why would you allocate your precious self, resources of time, to something you don’t care about? It would make no sense above or below.

But when you come open-hearted, that is what it is. When you come open-hearted and you say, “I want to just get to know you, I want to be with you,” and sometimes it is for 10 minutes and sometimes it is for 10,000 years, it is not one or the other and it is not right or wrong. It is your soul decision, and it is allowing your soul to reach out to what is calling to it. And be very clear: love calls to you, personally and collectively!

And there are those that you are fearful of still – and in some cases, rightfully so, temper your enthusiasm [chuckling] – but you are fearful of engaging with this group or that group. Think of those you are most fearful about and engage in the passionate exchange – and listen with your hearts to what is truly being spoken. Get rid of the artifice because it doesn’t serve anybody.

I have harmonised my heart with you this day. And because you have invited me and you have allowed this to happen, do you know, beloveds, what a gift that is to me? What an honour? How I treasure that? And I will never abuse it. But I fortify you, I ignite you, with passion and compassion. I ignite and fortify you so that you can ignite and fortify the entire planet!

I am in awe of you, and I am in love with you in every sense of that word. The number of expressions of love not only that there are, the number of expressions of love, the number of experiences and ways to express love, to experience love, are literally infinite even on planet – and you have just begun.

So I ask you: “I would like to walk along with you.” I have said this again and again. Often I have said: “Come walk with me.” Well, today I ask to walk with you as you explore and welcome love, as you show in your beautiful design-facetted way how many faces of love you have, how many ways you can extend your precious self to others, and in so doing expressing it and extending it to me, to the Mother, to All.

So may I walk with you not only this June but in the Mother’s New Time, in the Cities of Light, upon Nova Earth?

Thank you! Thank you for your gift. Thank you for harmonising with my heart, as I harmonise with yours.

Go with my love. Farewell.