You are obtaining a new understanding of harmony and balance, and what it means to be in that balance with All.

The Mother’s Spring Equinox 2023 Message ~ A New Understanding

Greetings! And yes, we will go gently for I am Maré, I am Mother, I am Constancy, I am Change, I am Harmony, I am Grace, I am Nurturer and Teacher, Comforter, and I am your Mother and I am the Mother of Gaia, I am the Mother of each droplet of water and each galaxy. I AM the Mother, and I AM the Birther, and I AM the Conjoiner, I AM the Harmoniser, and we come in this moment as One.

And yes, let us begin this day of change of seasons, this day of reset, of recalibration, of massive expansion… and yes, as you well know, we have begun in the depths of the Winter Solstice… to change the timewaves, to change the curvature, the essence of time as it is experienced upon your planet, with ramifications and ripple effects throughout your galaxies.

And of course, this has been done out of our love for Gaia, who is already in magnificent healing readjustment – but sweet angels of light, so are you! And yes, there have been some choppy days and some restless nights, but by and large, sweet ones, you are obtaining a new understanding of harmony and balance, and what it means to be in that balance with All.

Last year – in ancient times – I spoke to you of the theme of 2022 – yes, an eon ago! – and how you would move from confusion to coherence, to congruence, to creation because you extend along timelines and now the wave has expanded. That does not go away. No! You have, and you are, and you will be doing this for now in this new phase of harmonising.

What you are doing is bringing creations forth for your sacred self, and for this entire planet, and for this entire collective that are in harmony, in grace, in respect and honouring and admiration of yourself, of each other, and of All. And this, sweet one, is the greatest downfall that has befallen the human race: it is that they forgot not only how to create but how to create in harmony.

A lasting creation… and I know what I am speaking of… a lasting creation is not one that demeans or belittles or hurts or harms or destroys anything – and especially [not] your sacred self. You have come to the end, as I have been repeatedly saying, of a very long, long cycle of evolution – and sweet ones, you have done incredible work! And you have been stalwart and courageous and filled with valour. And you have never quit.

And that is why you are here on planet, in form, now, because you are powerful and you are trustworthy. Do you understand this? And I do not mean to ever overwhelm – but you are being entrusted with this new phase, with this recalibration, of what it means to be human, angel in form, experiencing and expressing love.

Now, in this New Time – the conjunction grows by the way; I will talk about that in a moment – but in this New Time you are being invited, you are being deputised, you are being recruited to bring forth the dream, the fulfilment of the Plan – not merely our Plan, the Divine Plan, but your plan as well.

The fulfilment of my Plan, sweet angels, does not happen only with your participation; it does not happen without the fulfilment of your plan, your dreams, your hope. The very way in which your soul and body have been designed is a fragment, a thread in my Plan, yes, but why? Why do you have a plan?

Of course, because you are sovereign being – that is beyond question – and yes, a sovereign being with divine authority and free will, which many of you sometimes wonder about! [Chuckling] You have a plan, the Divine Plan of You, because you are so loved – that is the beginning, the middle, and the end – and inside of that is everything!

You are doing phenomenally well in adjusting in this first quarter of your year. But sweet one, understand that the energies of my frequency, adjusting to Gaia and the surrounding galaxy and each one of you – including everybody! – could not be full force. [Laughing] You would extinguish! You would explode! And of course that has never been my Plan or yours.

So yes, you have been and you are in a period of massive, massive adjustment, and that will continue. But as you are already beginning to feel, the waves are longer, smoother, and the ride is more joyful. It is intended to be joyful! I am sick and tired – yes, a human expression – of seeing so many drenched in sorrow and pain!

You did not come here on my behalf, and on your behalf of my Plan and your plan, to be suffering and martyred. You did not come to cower in the dark, afraid of those who would abuse you. You did not come to do anything except shine and know the love and be the love.

That is why we have said, “Let us change the patterning that you embrace unto yourself rather than seek – that you allow and invite and discern – because these are the qualities, these are the sacred virtues, of an awakened Nova Being.”

That is not simply a catchy title! It is the essence and description of who you are – and sweet angels, you are beautiful and you are harmonising. And yes, I do have a lot to say about this, and we will continue, but let us move on.

Now, let me tell you what I mean by that. I don’t move on without you, ever. Can you move on and proceed without us? Yes! And where will you go? Nowhere! For see it in your heart. I ask you to harmonise with me, as I already harmonise with thee. Harmonise, sweet angels, with the flowers of spring. Let the breeze ruffle not only your hair but your very soul.

Come and dance in the clouds with us. We are waiting! Go in peace.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is speaking in this article?
    The speaker in this article is the Divine Mother, a spiritual figure who is also known as the Mother of Gaia and the Birther.
  2. What is the purpose of this article?
    The purpose of this article is to provide guidance and encouragement for people during a time of change and expansion, and to invite them to participate in the fulfillment of the Divine Plan.
  3. What is the theme for 2022 according to the Divine Mother?
    The theme for 2022, as mentioned in the article, is to move from confusion to coherence, congruence, and creation.
  4. What is the main message of the article?
    The main message of the article is that people are being entrusted with a new phase of human evolution, in which they are invited to create in harmony and fulfillment of the Divine Plan.
  5. What is the significance of the Winter Solstice in the article?
    The Winter Solstice is mentioned as the starting point for a period of changing the timewaves and curvature of time on the planet, with ripple effects throughout the galaxies.
  6. What is the Divine Mother’s view on lasting creation?
    The Divine Mother’s view on lasting creation is that it should not harm or destroy anything, especially not one’s sacred self, and that it should be in harmony and respect for all.
  7. What is the invitation being extended to people in the New Time?
    The invitation being extended to people in the New Time is to bring forth the fulfillment of the Divine Plan, as well as their own plans and dreams, in harmony and cooperation with each other and the Divine.
  8. What is the Divine Mother’s opinion on suffering and martyrdom?
    The Divine Mother believes that people did not come to the planet to suffer or be martyred, but to shine and be the love, and to change the patterning that they embrace unto themselves.
  9. What are the qualities of an awakened Nova Being according to the Divine Mother?
    The qualities of an awakened Nova Being, according to the Divine Mother, include allowing, inviting, and discerning, and embracing sacred virtues.
  10. What is the Divine Mother’s view on the adjustment period for people?
    The Divine Mother recognizes that people are in a period of massive adjustment, but assures them that the waves are becoming longer, smoother, and more joyful.
  11. What is the significance of the waves mentioned in the article?
    The waves mentioned in the article represent the energies of the Divine Mother’s frequency, which are adjusting to Gaia, the surrounding galaxy, and each individual, with the intention of being more joyful.
  12. What is the Divine Mother’s ultimate goal for people?
    The Divine Mother’s ultimate goal for people is for them to know the love and be the love, and to shine in harmony and beauty as awakened Nova Beings, fulfilling their plans and the Divine Plan.