I wished to simply be able to give you a little update and to remind you of Saedor – and to practice it – because this is your new language in the Mother’s New Time.

Galea of UFOG’s Spring Equinox 2023 Message ~ How to Speak Saedor

Selecta Va‎’ ~ I AM Galea and I am honoured to speak to you, my brothers and sisters of this beautiful Galaxy. And yes, I come on behalf of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies – and yes, it is so that I am in Communications. But like each of you, what I choose to speak about… yes, it is related to my position… but I am so much more than my position, as are each of you.

I come because I miss you! And even though I speak with so many of you on a regular or irregular basis, I want you to know, on behalf of all of us, how dear, how clear, and how close we are. And you have said, “When? When?” And we say to the Intergalactic Council, to Grener, to Ashira, to so many – WE say, “When? The time is nigh!”

And there have been many, many occurrences of our presence upon your planet. We have had, oh, thousands upon thousands upon thousands of meetings, what we have termed with you “the Delegations” for this Nova Gaia. It is part of the formulation of what will happen in terms of creativity and manifestation of new patterns of technology, communication, science, family, health, wellbeing, etc.

One of the primary undertakings with the Delegations – with which I have been fully involved – was the anchoring and the understanding of how to speak Saedor; of how to speak not only in a way that is honouring and balanced and harmonised and congruent but that is also infused with a willingness and a preparedness to heart speak and to heart listen.

So often we have observed in the affairs of humanity that when we have meetings, so often it has been about putting forth one’s own personal agenda. It is not that those personal agendas are forgotten, but they most certainly cannot be reflective of any of the old patterns of Gaia, of humanity, that have led only to death and destruction and disease, lack and limitation and brutality. No!

So our first piece of business is with the Delegations – and sweet ones, with each and every one of you – because whether you remember it or not, most of you have been involved in the Delegation work vigorously. That is also one of the reasons why our beloved Mother has been so insistent that you also need rest and sleeptime, because many of you have been engaged in either rescue work, healing work, or Delegation work in your dreamtime. But the fundamental basis of all of our communication is love.

And yes, we’ve been here for a very, very long time. We travel through white holes and black holes, so what you think of as “time” is not our definition of time. Mind you, your definition of time is coming closer to ours!

But why I come is that this expansion… because is today not about how do we do this? How do we operate? How do we live and behave in this New Time of Harmony, which we would define as Grace?  How you do it is through Saedor – through adopting and adjusting and – yes, Linda – embracing the language of love.

Now, there are many expressions of love, and there are most certainly many languages upon your beautiful, beautiful planet, as there are in our 12 Galaxies. But after the wars, we came to understand that there had to be a universal language, and in that language can be the translation into many of what we would think of as dialects. But the fundamental, the nuts and bolts of communication – be it verbal, written, broadcast, or virtual, it matters not – has a need to be honouring, with an attitude, a belief, a practice of equality.

I have talents and capacities that you do not; you have talents and capacities, experiences, that I do not – and that is the joy of coming together in heart speaking. It is to heart share. It is to give and receive. It can never be one-way, ever.

We want, we ask, to speak with you more clearly – yes, through the use of your transmitter – but also your heart, your head. The level, the number of individuals that we have – Star Beings – from every Galaxy upon Gaia is phenomenal, and you see them all the time. Yes, they are not generally declared, primarily because there continues to be much aberration and violence in your various societies, but, nevertheless, we are very present.

And we have been doing, yes, work behind the scenes with the Delegations – almost up to a million meetings – so are we ready? Yes, we are! And are you ready? Yes! But the Mother has been very clear with us that this is no longer a time of crusades or martyrdom or sacrifice.

The human collective – not you, by the way, because this is not the attitude you come with – but in this transition, the human collective is basically in two camps: one that wishes us to come and save humanity, and one that would like to destroy us as invading, as aliens. [Chuckling] There is nothing “alien” about us!

Do we come in peace to assist in this beautiful reconstruction of Gaia, this place of such phenomenal beauty and tenderness, this Archangel in form? We do come in peace, and we come bearing gifts!

Are there many things that we give and have already planted, by the way, in your societies that assist in this expansion of heart and soul? Yes. But we cannot come as the ‘rescuers’ because what that does is diminish – and disregard – your Divine Authority, your sovereignty, your free will.

We know you understand this. But, sweet ones, the time is close! The number of sightings is undeniable, and as you shift collectively into this ability to embrace – not out of fear – then we make our presence clearly known… and yes, bring more presents!

So I wished to simply be able to give you a little update and to remind you of Saedor – and to practice it – because this is your new language in the Mother’s New Time.

You are cherished, you are loved, and you are invited to come and be with us as we are with you.

Go with my love and thank you. Farewell.

And we will help you with the Cities of Light! That is our favourite, favourite, favourite project! [Laughing]