I come to you today with a theme for this year, which is Harmony. Let us Harmonise!

The Mother’s New Year 2023 Message ~ I Welcome You to this New Beginning, to this New Time of Harmony!

Greetings, I am Mother, I am Mary, I am Maré, I am Maria, I am All and I am One. I welcome you, sweet sons and daughters of my heart, angels of my soul. I welcome thee. Of course, I welcome you collectively, but I wish to say, “I welcome you – and I welcome you to this new beginning, to this new time of harmony!”

You have said to me, “Mother, how many times do I have to begin again?” and I say to you, “How many times do you want to?”

I begin this conversation with you to eradicate any strands, whispers, remnants of disappointment, of chagrin, and yes, sweet ones, any shadow or feeling of failure, for this must be addressed front and centre – all of you! You have not only committed your hearts, your souls, your bodies, your lives to me, to Gaia, to one another; you have been diligent in what so curiously is called “service”. I have never said to you: “Go and serve!”

I have created this beautiful planet with Gi’Anna as a place for my angels to play, to experience a different form of physicality, where you would express and experience love in a myriad of ways. And you have worked, and you have slaved, and you have been consistent – not because it was required but because, sweet angels, you are the expression of love.

And within the fibre of your being, of your reworked DNA, you have known that this journey that you have called “life”, or life after life after life, was intended to be creative and joyful and filled with beauty, sweetness and kindness, and a sense of knowing of fulfilment.

And so, yes, beloveds, you have laboured, and this needs to be acknowledged. Does it shift? Yes, we will get to that. But all you have done needs to be acknowledged, praised, honoured. Gabrielle will give out the golden stars! Yes, and Uriel will give out the silver ones!

In this shift that I have activated and which is well underway, there is a leaving-behind of the old, of what you have experienced as Earth and time and light and sound. It is not just one element that is being affected!

And so, I come to you today with a theme for this year, which is Harmony. It is the harmonisation of all elements, and you within this environment of all elements.

But before we go there, this change is affected not because you have not been diligent, not because you have not been successful, and not because you have not done your work. It is an Act of Divine Intercession. It is an act, it is an energy, so that Gaia may continue in the realm that you operate within. Is anything more important?

You know this. You have toiled in the healing of Gaia, so nothing is more important than the health and wellbeing, the restoration, the reset of my beloved daughter.

But this is not merely an intervention for Gaia. You have been very clear collectively, consciously and unconsciously, that you wish to ascend as one. Well, how does that happen? It happens by shifting the framework within which you operate.

Now, let me be clear about this, sweet ones. It does not fundamentally shift your divine knowing, your divine authority, your personal liberation. It does not change your soul design. What it does is allows it to come forth in creation and harmony, in community, in the unity of one consciousness, to bring forth not only my Plan but what your heart – yes, individually and collectively – what your hearts have been yearning for.

It is the creation, it is the reset, it is the restoration, and it is my gift to you! It is my gift to this Galaxy. Why? Of course, because I love you, but why? Why now? Well, as I have said, if you have felt, sweet ones, that you have been on your last legs, think of her. But why is it occurring in this way?

Because Gaia, the Milky Way of the Mother, the Father and I, love and cherish you. You are so treasured, you are so loved, and it is time – and yes, my lightning bolt – to awaken that knowing in you, even magnifying it and harmonising it inside, outside, upside, downside. It is in accordance with Universal Law.

You cannot fully create in accordance with the Laws of Love when there is so much interference, when there is a sense of desperation and ego, hatred. There has never been any room for that. Never! That has been a human illusion. And you say to me: “Well, Mother, what shall we do? I am not sure. Are we simply buying into a new illusion, this shift in time?”

I do not tell you to accept what I say, you, bright, beautiful, independent, fierce Angels of Light! I invite you to experience this with us, with me.

Yes, initially it is a feeling of running down a clock, but it is neverending. Well, that is the truth of existence, is it not! It is about learning, remembering, choosing, wanting, claiming to breathe in harmony with every aspect, every fibre of your being, and then expanding that out to breathe and live and do and play in harmony with each other.

You say, “Mother, how do we do this?” And I want to make this very simple. You have always been the wayshowers, the pathfinders, the creators, and in that, you have ventured forth – and you do, and you will, and you continue to shine your light, your radiance, across the planet… and far beyond!

I want you to change, or expand, I guide you, suggest that you follow our examples and embrace, bring into your sphere, harmonise, as you bring into your sphere all that you seek. It is not a question of attempting to fill yourself. You are already radiant and full. So you bring in people, plants, animals, kittens [chuckling] into your sphere so that they begin to experience the harmony of being with you, and through you with us, with Gaia.

Think of it. You are inviting everybody in to dinner, to the picnic, to the front yard, to the beach, to the mountains, and you are saying, “Come join me. Come and feel the sense, the fragrance, of expansion. There is no hurry. There is no desperation. There is unity in what we choose to create. It is not either/or, it is ALL. Let us harmonise!”

And how you begin this, in this pivotal year, yes, of 2023, is by harmonising with yourself, within our arms, within our embrace, within my heart.

Breathe, ground, observe the subtleties, because you are the lens of perception of the collective. You are the one that says, “You know, something’s different.” You have received a gift, and it is the beginning of the gifts, so open your sweet hearts even wider, sweet ones. Allow yourself to receive.

You do not need to earn your Mother’s love. It is ever-present. Harmonise with me. Remember my litmus test: If it does not feel like love, then it is not. You are wise. You know this. Let us proceed together.

Go with my love, and sweet Angels of Light, beautiful Nova Gaians in form, go and play. Your Mother will call you when it’s dinnertime. Farewell.