Every year Yeshua blesses us with a Christmas Message on what we have accomplished and what lies ahead in the coming year. This year the focus is front and forward as our Beloved Jesus explains more about Gaia’s New Time line and what that means to us and our ascension process! “Reset applies to each and every one of you. I know. So, do not be surprised if you find yourself thinking, wanting, progressing differently because you are in a different place, you are on a different wave.”

There is also a little bonus message from Archangel Uriel – Keeper of Time….

Channeling:   Jesus Sananda

Greetings, I am Jesus, I am Jesus Sananda, I am Yeshua, and yes, sweet angels of light, of course, I am your Yeshi. I am so honored to be your Yeshi and to know your love as I have known your love through those billions of years.

And yes, it is my tradition to bring you a Christmas Message often reflecting on what has been accomplished, and what lies ahead, and now I may truly say in this infinite moment of now.

So often I have reached out to you, and I have invited you to come and sit, or walk, or fly, or swim with me. Long ago I took many of you out in a very rough sea. It is an incomplete story you know… and I said, “Now, let us walk on water.” … not only as a miracle but to show you, and to teach you that you are fully capable, competent, of walking across the waves, walking across the angry, choppy seas to find the smooth water, to reach the safe harbor, to find dry land.

For a very long time, many of you have felt these choppy waters, and you have wished, and you have prayed that you could simply get out of the boat and walk across the water. You’ve prayed for the miracles, you prayed for creation, you created new boats, but you did not understand that you were fully capable of the miracle because the miracle is simply an energetic adjustment. Yes, as Einstein has explained, miracles are simply science you do not know about yet.

Your individual timeline is expanded and extended, along with Gaia’s, along with mine. The ripple effect into the multiverse of the Mother’s addition changes everything. It does not depart from Her Plan for you, for each other, for I, or the planet. It is a reset, it is a restoration, and it is a restoration that has been long overdue. Do not think, beloveds, that because the Mother has taken the Arc of the Covenant, the Arc of Gaia, and placed it elsewhere that it is a denial of your capacity to create and co-create miracles. If that were the case, you would not be here in this joyous reunion, in this place of conjunction to realize what is possible.

Reset applies to each and every one of you. I know. So, do not be surprised if you find yourself thinking, wanting, progressing differently because you are in a different place, you are on a different wave. In this wave, let me explain, this time wave, of course changes some basic physics of your reality. Within this new and different timeline, sound, light, space, materiality also change. That is what is allowing the physical manifestation of your Cities of Light, the physical manifestation of various projects, abundance, material and otherwise, that you have been seeking. So, it is a massive change, and I ask you, I beg you, I invite you to be observant of that. It is indeed a gift of the Magi. It is indeed a gift to this archangel who has persevered and never wavered.

In this new timeline, in this new structure that you occupy, it allows the expansion fully into your interdimensional self. Yes, including being able to physically, visibly work with your star family. To be able to construct and reconstruct, tear down, and destroy remnants of old earth that do not work… it is not being punitive, it is being creative. It is the rebirth, it is the emergence, it is the laying down of the law, what would love do? I have been harping on this for thousands of years. Now it’s your turn!

And so, I say unto you, “Will you come and walk with me? Do you invite me into your home? Do you ask me to share the bounty of your food, the elixir of your wine?”

First, and yes, this question, “What do we do right now?” Anchor. Tether yourselves, not because you are adrift but because you wish to be observant. Because you don’t need or want to wander out into the desert unless it is your home. Pay attention, anchor in this expanded space, and then yes, after we have finished sitting and talking, catching up, come walk with me. Let us go and explore the Cities of Light, the renewed oasis, the virgin forests, the pristine oceans. This is what you have awaited. There is much to do… and no,  none of it is drudgery.

But in this expansion, beloveds, take time… this is all about time… take time for your sacred self. Take time for those you love. Take time to smell the flowers and feel the snowflakes on your face. Take time to express gratitude, and imagination, and dreams. The expansion is yours, and we accompany you, we walk with you… and I mean ‘we’… from Serapis Bey to St. Germaine to St. Teresa to my Magdalena, we walk with you, and you will know us as we have always known and loved you.

The reset has happened, and yes, there is a settling in. Make yourself comfortable, and go with my love, always and forever. Farewell.


Channeling: Archangel Uriel

I am Uriel, Archangel, Bringer of the Future, and the future is now. How many times have I said this to you? I have expanded you with my Silver Flame of Illumination to light your way. No, you do not travel into the darkness, not into the darkness of atmosphere, and not into the darkness of heart.

But who does not appreciate a little starlight? You all who have come from the stars. This is not a collapse of time. This is a different measurement, a different wave, a different place in the ocean. And I am there with you, always, for the future is now. Farewell.