Commander Playd’or brings us this fascinating update and follow-on from our recent Star Family Gathering* [link below]… especially for those who feel they are simply hanging on for dear life!

Such places as the Pleiadian sector, Xeres, X-Xeres, and CeeCeeCee will become the most popular destinations and vacation spots ever!

A fabulous Channelled Gem lovingly shared by Ellen from her reading with Linda Dillon.

Commander Playd’or of UFOG ~ We Are Coming!

Greetings, I AM Playd’or. … So yes, has it been very busy, phenomenally busy? Yes! But in a very good way because the closeness, the proximity of the general population has grown incrementally, exponentially. So this time as you are putting it – “this year” – is certainly our Plan, but not only our Plan; the Plan of many, including the Mother we both bow to.

Now, of course, none of us above, below, or in between will ever do anything that could be construed of, thought of, or experienced as violent or coercive. We have suffered and learned far too much to ever use these patterns of old human behaviour. And the thing is, beloved, the people of Earth, this wonderful collection of hybrids of all kinds that we call “humans”, there has been refusal, shall we say, in the collective human heart – which is massive! – a refusal to create a paradigm with us that in any way reflects or speaks to anything less than equal and full partnership.

This is the collective consciousness – but the consciousness is heart consciousness, not just the mental body. That has been balanced out. That is the level of work that has been done, not just through the Delegations, but by the little boy staring up at the sky. Everybody!

Now, are there still those, yes, in positions of what humans call ‘power’, in their thirst for greed or ascendency – no, not ascension, ascendency! – who would like to harm us and others rather than welcome us? There are still a few! But that is why we asked for, and generously received, the welcome invitation from Nova Gaians so recently because we needed not only to go public, more public, but also to have the public invitation to us – that open-hearted invitation – for us to come and at least visit!

Now you know, and we most certainly know, that the Plan is for cohabitation. You have witnessed the curiosity of prejudice – and it is something to just witness because it is one of the things, one of the traits, shall we say, that is at the forefront. Yes, humans don’t tend to always think of it in these terms, but we most certainly do. You have noticed that there is prejudice in most countries – ‘nation-states’ which are a bit of a joke [chuckling] – but, nevertheless, there are prejudices about immigration, about who is welcomed and who is not, who is overlooked and who is simply refused. And there are all kinds of arguments or theses put forward culturally, socially, economically, but the truth remains that some are welcome and some are denied. Now that cannot be our way.

And there is this other argument that there are already too many people on-planet, which is a joke. There are times when there is a sense of too many people on planet simply because the organisation – and the priorities – have gone awry. That is why we are so keenly engaged especially with the Delegations and the bringing-on – full bringing-on – of the Cities of Light.

Now you and I, we will visit and be emissaries, let us put it that way, to the Cities of Light – and to many places even in development because, let me be very clear, darling, I am not saying all this has to be done and organised prior to you and I being together. I am just sharing with you some of the things we are working on. And – well, yes, of course, I will still have my “Command” responsibilities; that isn’t going to go away with our presence on planet. What do they, the collective, think … that we are going to blow up our own ships? … because they are vehicles!

While the focus has been so much on landings and populating the planet, our ships will also be used as vehicles to assist many in travelling to the various places they yearn to visit. Once they understand and know – oh, my goodness! Such places as the Pleiadian sector, Xeres, X-Xeres, and CeeCeeCee will become the most popular destinations and vacation spots ever! …

You have been stalwart, I know – and I am sick of everyone saying, “You have been stalwart.” I know I’ve been stalwart, you know you’ve been stalwart, I know we’ve been stalwart, and I’m fed up with it! I’m not saying that to complain. I’m just saying that I and we – our family – are as anxious for this ‘normalisation’. That is what I’m calling it! We need to ‘normalise’… of course, first our physical, earthly [presence] on-planet… and on ship… and on Electra and far beyond. Let’s go to Xeres for a few days! And this has been promised to us.

And I’m not just telling you what I want, but you already know my heart. I’m telling you this is what we on ship and you on Earth have been promised. You have this expression that we hear all the time, humans complaining, saying, “You promised!” I’m not talking about that, for the promise of our Mother, it is indelible. So it is a promise to both of us and to many of us.

Various families will be ‘normalised’ in ways that they have formulated, that they have planned. I am not suggesting by any stretch of the imagination that everybody on planet certainly will be accompanied by a Star Being from the many galaxies – but many will – and so it also becomes a different dynamic. There will be villages where nary a Star Being is, not because of refusal, but simply because that is not the unfoldment of the Plan or the choice of the various people and beings involved.

But humans will get used to having us as neighbours – as very helpful neighbours! Not because we are superior but we certainly are very technically handy! And is it not the role of a neighbour, truly, to help a neighbour? …

You know, I’m kind of looking forward to having neighbours and community. And you can laugh and say, “I’ll just tell them you’re at work,” because I will be! And the exchange – to fix/build communications systems for a community – and then have them tell us how to roast vegetables on an open fire! [Chuckling] Though I actually do know how to do that!

But these are the things, the moments, that I and all of us look forward to. Because although the fleets are enormous, just like on planet there are inner circles, and inner circles within those circles because there are heart friendships, and I yearn for us to sit around a table or a fire and simply just be.

So I guess what I’m begging you is, yes: “Hold on! Hang on!” But I’m also telling you: “It is already at hand!” And of course, in so many ways, you know… in those hours that disappear so often… that you are actually with me, or I with you, and we are actually off doing different things. Bilocation is one of the easiest things in the Universe! …

There are some humans who are quite Hussian [from CeeCeeCee in the Outer Galaxies] that will want to make what you can think of as pilgrimages home. You see, what’s happening is that the human understanding, thank goodness, of what is out there is growing. So both subtly and actually, the comprehension of what is really the Universe/Multiverse/Omniverse is expanding at a supersonic rate!

So two things are occurring. One is this longing or desire to go on a distant trip, whereas most humans are saying, “I would really like to get to know my neighbours.” And the “neighbours” as we construe it for this area – even though we are of the Outer Galaxies – would be the neighbouring planets, particularly those that have not passed on and are being reinhabited even as we speak.

So there will be much back and forthing. And in some ways, it will be like back in the best days, the best phases, of Atlantis – but not Atlantis where there was such division. Not in the beginning! In the beginning, it was glorious, like Zahara was glorious!

But this erasure – yes, I am using that word ‘erasure’ – of the qualities, the traits, the behaviours that led to the downfall, they are being eliminated – and they need to be – because the Plan, this Plan, our Mother’s Plan, is not for a repeat. Never! So it is not about eliminating recalcitrants, or those that are still mightily resistant, and it’s not about excluding them either. But it most certainly isn’t about putting them in positions of authority where they call the shots for the entire planet!

So that is what Grener and Ashira and many of us are engaged in. I tend to work mostly with our Fleets, but even the Delegations and those who have been chosen for the Delegations – yes, there have been, as you know, shall we say, some ‘iffy’ choices, but we take the chance and the humans take the chance because once they’re engaged in that collegial enterprise… and once they begin to understand that they are not being excluded but included, and that there is a benefit to having community, to having your Delegation – then they think: “Well, I don’t want to exclude myself.” So even the ‘iffies’ are being brought along! [Laughter] …

We are coming! …

E: My love, I felt while you were talking that you wanted me to post parts of this as a follow-on from our recent Star Family Gathering?

P: Yes. You can post as much as you want… though don’t post the hugs and the kisses! [Laughing] Absolutely not! That is our sacred union conversation. But yes, there is much that is of a general understanding and encouragement for those who, like you, feel they are simply hanging on for dear life!

E: It’s awkward at times for as you know I’m happy to share some personal bits ‘n pieces if it encourages someone else, but…

P: Your discernment in all of these matters is extraordinary!

E: Good!

* Star Family Gathering webinar link