The Sunday Evening Peace Meditation circle now meets on Wednesday Evenings! Nothing Else has changed!

Every Sunday night people from all over the world gather to mediate, pray and anchor peace. The Sunday night peace meditation was implemented at the suggestion of the Council of Love several years ago following 9/11 and the Council request to pray for the women and children of Iraq and Iran.

Since that time, and with the announcement of Archangel Michael’s Strategic Peace Initiative in February 2007, the Council has requested that we enter into this place of meditation and unity every day. Their pleas have become more urgent as the issues of war, control and chaos are being brought to the surface for clearing all over the globe. The Council of Love is consistently reassuring us that what may appear as increased violence, mayhem and war-like behavior is actually good news – because the old paradigm is not only being revealed but broken. But this also means that we, as lightholders, have to be in that place of peace, calm and clarity. We are helping in the cleansing and claiming of those energies.

Since the start of our Sunday night meditations, the Council’s guidance and focus has grown. Our adventures have included seeing all the armed forces through the portal into the Light and back again; embracing George Bush and the current US administration; embracing, loving and anchoring all governments regardless of political leanings; raining the blue diamond of the Mother down upon the entire planet and into the hearts of each person. Regardless of the guidance or current political issue, the theme has remains the same. We enter our heart with a quiet prayer and affirmation and send Love and Light and Peace to each and every person on the planet – and most importantly to Terra Gaia. Send bubbles of pink and blue and rainbow all over the Earth. Laser beam every vibration, ray and color directly through the heart of Terra Gaia. Whisper your prayer for peace; stand with Michael.

The meditation is still set for 9 p.m. every Sunday, regardless of where you live. Simply tune in when and as you are able. If you can, please please do this on a daily basis regardless of time. You are acting as a huge catalyst for peace. Bi or multi-locate to the “hot spots” and anchor stillness and that beautiful blue diamond deep into Gaia. You are assisting Archangel Michael in bringing permanent peace to Earth.

You can join us for 10 minutes or hours – the choice is yours. Often the visions and the experience take over… All are joyously welcomed and supported. Join the circle, take the hand of the person next to you, and simply see, feel and anchor peace, tranquility and Love on the planet. Now and forever. I hope you’ll join us.