In this month’s Heart Call Universal Mother Mary said, “You are massive, and you are the single flame that burns in the darkness that illuminates hope, that brings succor, and a promise of joy.”


Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare’, Universal Mother, Mother of One, Mother of All, Mother of Change. Welcome, welcome my angels of change, and although you are legions of blue, and emerald, silver, and green, this day you shine brightly in the Golden Radiance of Our Love, of our deepest amazement, our deepest honoring of you, of your divine, human, angelic, sacred self.

I have asked, and we have asked, sometimes gently, sometimes silently, sometimes blaring that you step forth… that you step forth as Nova Gaians, that you step forth in the full embrace of your sacred self. Not of who you want to be or wish to be but in the sacred energy of who you are… strongest of the strong, gentlest of the gentle, most compassionate, most caring, most diligent, most determined. Otherwise, beloved ones, you would not have accepted this assignment to be the gentle shepherds of change.

There is no place, truly there never has been, for egoic rulers. Leadership is about shepherding; it is about caring; it is about heart caring more than control. I do not control you… that is not the way of love… I honor you. And do you understand within every fiber of your being how much I trust you, and how you have been entrusted with this transformative undertaking to bring humanity, in all its forms, back into the congruence and the alignment with love?

It is not that you coerce, ever, for that cannot be of love. The biggest gift I have bestowed upon you is free will… with my knowing of your capacity to choose love. And as I have always said, love is viral, love is contagious. Control, and ego, and brutality are not, regardless of what anyone says or believes. No one awakens in the morning and says I would like to be brutal today. Never.

Such old grids were born of feelings of insufficiency. That divine knowing anchored in your divine neutrality of your sufficiency, of your power, it is not only activated, it was given to you as birthright, yes, forgotten now and then, but it is front and center in what you do. And it is not just what you do in the name of the Mother, and Father, and All, it is in the name of your sacred self. It is the fulfillment of your choices, of your mission, of your design, of your expression of divinity… and nothing will interfere with that.

You are expanding at an enormous rate. It is exponential, never felt before… never felt before on planet, in form, not since the beginning. You are an explosion of the original Creator Race… you are not returning to the same template. You are massive, and you are the single flame that burns in the darkness that illuminates hope, that brings succor, and a promise of joy.

I simply come this day to remind you, not even to tell you, but to remind you how well you are doing; how extraordinary you truly are. Sons and daughters of my heart, I love you, now and forever, and I am with you. You never proceed alone, not because you are not capable but because we love, not just to watch or observe, but to participate with thee always and in all ways. Now, go and play. Prepare for the harvest of your biggest heartfelt dreams in every realm. Do not exclude the physical for that assists you in being that beacon of Nova Gaia.

Go with my love. Farewell.