The following are the last questions and answers presented in the Summer Solstice 2022 Webinar. All of them have been thought-provoking and greatly appreciated by the Council of Love and us, the boots on the ground…

We had questions from Hariol Breton on the 12 dimensions & integrating aspects and Fari Ansari on the Doorway to Heaven & our human potential.

Q. From Hariol Breton: (1) Since all of us have access to the 12 dimensional realities through bilocation and these dimensional realities are not hierarchical, I wanted to know what aspects or qualities of the love does the dimensions 5 through 12 have so we can explore with the knowledge of what we are bilocating to? (2) Are we integrating our star-seed aspects simultaneously with our earthly aspects? (3) Can you explain how this process of integration occurs with all of our aspects on earth and far beyond?

A. Universal Mother Mary: You have need to explore.

A. I am Einstein. Welcome my friends. So, when I finished my life, I realized that when I got back here that I had missed a big piece. And so, through the good Offices of the Mother, they have allowed me to continue to talk to you and to explain truth about this dimensional reality. And what you are learning now, actually, is that it is seen and unseen as well. It is not scientific, and it is the truth of science. So, Hariol, I suggest that you work and you study to know the qualities and the presents and the gifts that are within each of these dimensions which are very fluid and are free, open… there’s no admission fee to come and to study, and to come to understand the magnitude. For I could sit here for three years, and I still would not be complete in terms of describing what is available in each dimension.

But I want you to be like a fish or a jet ski, and you can travel and visit and expand. It is what you love to do. So, simply read what I have written and continue to read what is presented because this is an important aspect of your interdimensional self.

Now, I step aside but not away.

A. Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. Why cannot I talk about the integration? Let us expand this, my friends, let us expand this that you are integrating not this human aspect, or this star-seed aspect. Let us integrate all of your magnificence… your star-seed, your star-being, your human self, your alchemist, your angelic self, your wing-maker self, your ancestors. It is not, and it never has been, intended that you conceive of yourself in a tiny, small way. This has all been about expansion into.

Now, there are some of you who we will modulate the integration of all of your star-being selves simply because you need to live on Earth, you need to be here. That has been your promise to the Mother. We have worked hard together to reach this point. But do not restrict… yes, be discerning because you aren’t welcoming in Attila the Hun until he wipes his feet and goes through rehab… and then you are welcoming him for the strength, and the vision, and the steadiness. You bring in, you are constantly integrating, it is not something you can turn off and on. You are bringing in what serves you and serves the Mother, what expands you and expands your knowing and love of All. It is continual. It does not need to be conscious, although that is interesting and entertaining.

What you are doing is saying to us and to yourself, to your higher self, to your universal self, and saying, “Bring home everything, everybody that is going to help me truly be me, as Nova Gaian, and anchor, creator, and leader of Nova Earth.”

You are doing enormously well… all of you. We have heard when you have said, “I can’t take one more thing, I can’t take one more aspect!” But you are, and you are doing stellar work.

Go in peace, my friends, as I step aside and give you back, Miss Antara.

And finally, from Fari Ansari – perhaps the most profound or seminal questions of all:

Q. From Fari Ansari: (1) What is the door to the kingdom of heaven? (2) What is the most or biggest potential we have as human forms?

A. I am Yahweh. My beloveds, children of my heart, of my loins, the Doorway to Heaven has been thrust wide open long ago and there is a welcome committee of such magnificence. The Doorway to Heaven is the doorway to your heart. And the doorway to your heart is the doorway to our heart. It is your entry and your exit point, and it is how you come. For far too long the humans believed to enter or to exit meant to be born and to die. That is not necessarily the case at all. And yes, you will be living much longer now that you are ceasing these foolish wars, and the dissonance, the scenic detours.

So, think of it in this way, my beloved… you enter into the doorway of your heart, walk through, and as you do you will see, yet again… maybe it is a trap door, maybe it is a golden arch, but that is the doorway to us. And that is where we come through to visit you, in all of your dimensions, and all of your realities, all of your life.

The human potential that the Mother has birthed is beyond measure. The human design that you are now morphing, growing into is the apex for this time and space continuum. It is where the humans become the conscious creators using the codes and the formulas that we have given you, and where you consciously create… might I say, heart consciously create… that which is desirable, or exciting, or playful, enjoyable.

So, by exclusion it leaves behind, far behind, what some of the more outrageous creations have been that have been simply of human ego. You are entering into creation, conscious creation with the Divine because you are acknowledging, accepting, embracing your divinity so that we are in a mirror effect and the sun is shining brightly, and it is bouncing back and forth. And this is what you waited for, and I tell you, it is what we have waited for.

It requires truth and it requires honesty and a depth of honesty with yourself… that you are divine, and that you are capable, far more than you have even suspected. And you say, “Well Father, how do I know?” I teach you in the ‘Warehouse of Heaven’, but I also teach you every day. We enter the doorway into your heart, and we feed at the inspiration. Uriel is your go-to guy for this inspiration, and he fills you, and we fill you with dreams, and hopes, and passions.

The ascended self is passionate, balance driven, and unique. So, with this next phase of existence, the fulfilled human is the creator. And if you are wondering, ‘Well, what should I do’? Simply turn to me, come to that doorway, and come home, and let us fill you, for we are one. We always have been, and we always will be.

So, go with my love and go in peace. Farewell.

Linda: I want to finish on this note…I’m going to steal a question submitted by Simone Werner for the Spring Equinox webinar because it is so spot on…

Q. From Simone Werner: What should we focus on for the next 3 months?

A. From Linda: Create, create, create. The time of detours is over. And so, we’re going to be creating… think of it, think of alternate pathways. You know, especially here in the States, we have this tendency to get on the freeway and go. But so many of the divisiveness, the separation has been people are on a freeway and going, and they don’t know there’s exit points where we can get off and get a breath of fresh air. And go and really discover the beauty, the gift of what it means that we’re all here together and that we’re creating this world, this new world that actually makes sense, and is fun and caring and loving.

Focus on the love. Let everything else go. There’s no room for drama. And focus on the love of your sweet self. Is this kind and loving? Is this going to lift me up or is it going to tear me down?

Listen to Yahweh, he so seldom talks. Listen to the entire Council, and your team, your guides. And then go for it!

If you have enjoyed the wisdom shared by the Council and would like to continue learning, from their higher perspective, how to navigate our Nova Earth, be sure to register now for Linda’s COL Fall Equinox Webinar to be presented on September 18, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. EDT

And… We will be joined by our Star Family… what a treat!