I come this day to invite you, sweet angels of light, sweet beings of love, to our, Our Star Family Gathering, and we are asking you to also invite us to visit your Spaceship Earth, to visit your planet…


Greetings, I am Ashira. I am Ashira of Neptune, Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, Commander of the Ship named after our long-ago planet, Neptune.

I welcome you my friends, my family, and I welcome you on behalf of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies. And what does this UFOG symbol that we wear so proudly on our uniforms mean? It means we come on behalf of twelve galaxies of the outer rim of what you think of as this universe, actually multiverse. We have come long, long ago, and we have positioned, and stay in attendance and observance, in caring and nurturing, in stabilizing this beautiful planet, and indeed this galaxy. We do so to assist with the ascension of this galaxy.

It has been necessary and beautiful, astounding… yes, even in our terms… astounding to behold, the ascension of each and every one of you, and the ascension of this human race, which is well, well, well underway. That is why we can now come and expand on this intergalactic conversation. We could not engage fully or completely in a conversation about galactic ascension while humans were discovering their own process and making their divine choice to proceed or not proceed. You are so honored, you who have come on behalf of our Mother and Father to be the stewards of this phenomenal shift. And so, yes, of course, we give you our energy (Porlana C), and in so doing, we give you our love.

Porlana C is akin to what you think of as life-force energy. No, it does not deplete us… quite the contrary, for the more we share, the more we have. And so it is with you… for the more love you have, the more you have to share, and the more you share, the more love you have to experience and express, in form, on planet, upon this magnificent planet. The privilege of being in form on an archangel Gi’Anna who has assumed, on behalf of the Mother, this incredible, wonderous, unique form, it is an honor, and it is a trust, it has been a trust that has been given to you.

But, enough of our background…

I come this day, to formally and informally invite you, sweet angels of light, sweet beings of love, to our, Our Star Family Gathering. Often many of us have invited you to come and visit with us on ship, whether it is a simple scout ship, a science ship, or a mother ship, it matters not, you have always been welcomed. And you have always been welcomed to utilize our healing chambers, our libraries, or simply to hang out because we know you are our family. Yes, we can talk genetics and humanoid form, but you are also the family of our heart, the family of our soul. And in various ways we have all incarnated, or migrated, throughout the universe to this pivotal time and to this pivotal moment, in your time and ours, to join and conjoin together.

One of the things that we are asking of you is to also invite us to visit your Spaceship Earth, to visit your planet… oh, there are many of us already present, and no, we do not come as invading forces… that will never happen. You have lived on a planet that has been enmeshed for so long in the false grids, and then have adopted, particularly, the language form of Badu, which is really manipulation and emotion mixed with a mixture of facts, etcetera, etcetera. We come, not only to share the language of Saedor but to share the language and the essence of our hearts; to share the gifts, things that we have developed that will assist Earth in becoming the brilliance that she is and you to become the brilliance of who you are.

We do not come as big brother or big sister… and this is what has need to truly be understood… we wish to be welcomed as equals, as family, as brothers and sisters of the heart. The Mother has repeatedly told you and certainly told us, that on your planet how love is known is through expression and experience. We would like to come and share that with you! And like any good guest, of course we bring gifts.

But do you know, sweet angels of light in human form, do you know how many gifts you bring us? Do you know how many times when you look up and you see us moving, flying, signaling to you, and you say, ‘hello, welcome, where are you, I love you’? That is a gift, and it is not just a gift to me, it is a gift to the Unified Forces of twelve galaxies, and all the other galactic forces.

We do not come to stampede, but rather to restore, uplift, help, assist, and simply to share. As you, and Gaia, and Earth, and humanity enter into a new realm of existence, we humbly ask to join you, to share this sacred space of Gaia. And, of course, then to invite you, through the wisdom and knowledge… technical and otherwise… to expand your understanding of this universe, this unique place within the universe that you occupy individually and collectively.

So, is there much to talk about? Yes. Are we recalibrating our tools that we have gifted to you and continue to gift you… and by the way, introduce new ones as well? Yes. They are not bribes intended to shift those who have denied our presence and existence. It is not a power play, it is a sharing play, because dear hearts, we want to play. We want to play, and dance, and frolic on this beautiful planet with you. We want to witness and assist in the complete completion of the Cities of Light. We want to be part of the next evolutionary step.

Yes, we continue to hold Gaia, stabilizing, so that there is not a destabilizing of the planetary axis and poles. We take care of that because we love you, and we love Gaia, and we love this galaxy. Please come and join me; come and join all of us in this celebration of union, and partnership, and love. We await your invitation.

Go with our love, and go beloveds, brothers and sisters, in peace. Farewell.

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