Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara, Keeper of Universal Law, Keeper, in many ways, my friends, of this planet of Earth, of our beloved Gaia, and of her place within the Universe. My dear friends, my beloved brothers and sisters of Earth, I come this day with [Archangel] Gabrielle to speak to you of the New Grid of Humanity, the New Grid of the Human Collective.

As the channel has indicated, many of you have been doing the final work with the removal of the old paradigms of Earth, the old paradigms of false beliefs and illusions, and you are doing tremendously well. My advice and my request to you, from this entire Council, is to keep going.

We need this cleaned up. We are helping you. We are energizing you. But you, my friends, are the plowmen; you are the workers; you are the ones that have offered your life in beloved service to the Mother and to Gaia. You are here to witness this miracle of unfoldment, the reinstitution of Love.

Many of you have asked me how this will happen, how is this shift, which we are in the middle of, how is the tide going to turn, the tables tip? Well, the answer, my beloved friends, is with the overlay and overlighting of each one of you and upon the collective of this beautiful New Grid of Humanity. It is platinum gold. It is as gentle and as strong as silk. It is as powerful as the essential element of Love, that is the fuel of the Universe.

In excitement, you say to me, “Well, SK, when and where and how?” And I say to you, my beloved ones: right here, right now! This is the time of Love. It is born out of the hope, the Blue Flame that the Mother has given you and that is instilled within each and every one of you.

The hope is allowing you to go forward and open your hearts to receive. When there is lack of self-worth and self-love, you are not truly open to receive all the gifts we give you. This, like all of the blessings we bestow, is done with you, not for you – those days are over – with you, with your consciousness, with your physicality, with your essence, with your being.

Now what does this mean to have a new grid? You have spent years anchoring and bringing forth the beauty of your unique soul design, all the talents and abilities that you have brought forward for this time. You have called home all aspects and you have anchored this within. You have acknowledged past and future lifetimes. But all of this, my beloved ones, hangs upon your grid.

Many of you are war-torn and weary, and feel that you have become depleted, that your endurance is at an end, that your strength is diminished, that your physical self is compromised – and it is. You have been magnificent, peaceful warriors. You are the bravest of the brave, and you are cherished to infinity. But you need a new grid. Humanity needs this golden, fresh start. And we are honored and we are blessed to bring it to you, to place it upon you that we may all go forward.

All grids are one – there is no separation, there is no isolation – you and we and all are connected. So we take this fragmented, frayed grid that you have carried, that you have held, and we replace it, we overlay it, we reinforce it with the gold platinum.

Take time as you hear me or over the next few days to simply lie upon your bed and marvel and receive. Notice how bright and shiny you are. I am proud of you. I am proud to walk with you, to serve with you. I am proud to be the one to bestow this gift.

Go with my Love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon