You are building and reclaiming your right, your birthright, and your instinct to live in community, and I wish you to know I support you in this.

Heavenly Blessings Radio Show with Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love, and Suzanne Maresca, Host, InLight Universal

Chief Geronimo ~ Living in Community, the Meaning of Surrender, and How to Shapeshift!

Ho! Greetings, I AM Geronimo.

Suzanne Maresca: Welcome.

G: Welcome to you, sweet sister of the wheel, for we have traveled together many times. It is my honor to be invited to this sacred ceremony and to this arrival of InLight Universal, and this day, because this is the theme that I so wish to speak to all of you about.

We share but one planet, one universe, one multiverse, many galaxies, many races, many peoples, but we are but One. We all serve the one Mother, above and below. We all serve and cherish Great Spirit. I come to you this day most certainly not as chief but as warrior who has come to the place of understanding and knowing of what it means to be a peaceful warrior.

In my life as Geronimo – what the white eyes have called me – I have had many distinct chapters. The reason I say this is because I want you to realise that each of you, each of us, has many chapters to our lives, to our existence, and while some chapters are perhaps more difficult, and then some more joyous and peaceful, each chapter, each adventure, each experience, each season is vitally important. It is important to each of you and to your development, your Ascension, your process, and it is important to the fabric of the people, to the whole.

You would not wish to move from fall to summer, you would not wish no matter what the climate to move and forget winter or spring, for there is a role for each chapter, each time, each season and it is as important as any other season.

I have invited you to come to the place of the west, to the place of the void, to the place of reflection where dreams take form and shape, that they may come out of the cave, out of the lonely places of isolation, and take form and thrive upon Gaia and thrive in your life.

When you think of, or when you are simply placed in a season, perhaps it is retreat; perhaps it is the planting of new seeds, which is what you do this day with InLight Universal. You are planting the new seeds and you must allow them to take root and sprout new life.

For me, spring was always my favorite time because it always promised new beginnings. No matter what had transpired – whether it was the death of family, the death of a dream, or the passing of a way of life – the spring would show us, in great glory, the power of Gaia to be reborn, to regenerate. And I, like you, would feel this power of rebirth within me – that no matter what had happened, we could continue on and begin again.

Our way, our desire, was not of war or violence. It was to live in community, to live with our people, our families, our cousins, our friends. Yes, there are many tribes and many people upon this Earth Mother at this time, but this is fundamental.

It is not simply the way of our people; it is the way of people. It is that desire to live in harmony, to feel the love and the support, the laughter, the songs of children, to witness as one the miracle of spring, the miracle of a new child being born, and to harvest, to hunt, to eat, to laugh, to play, to sleep not merely in safety but in joy. This is what I speak to you of this day.

In many ways, Gaians are moving back around the medicine wheel, through the circle of the seasons, through the circle of many lives, where so many of you have been every colour, every race, every gender, and you are saying, “I want to be with my people; I want to be with my family and soul family; I want to live in community.”

Yes, community in your age has taken on many different meanings and your electronics, your ethers, allow you to be in community all over this magnificent globe. But there is also the desire to do this in physical form – to be able to walk out of your house and to see your people, to be able to gather whether it is for sacred ceremony or a meal. You are building and reclaiming your right, your birthright, and your instinct to live in community, and I wish you to know I support you in this.

As I grew older, many thought that I had lost my freedom, my liberty, my joy, and that I was captive of and restricted by, shall we say, the white man’s power structure. Many thought of me as controlled, or even defeated. But I wish to speak to this for I did not feel that way.

Yes, when I surrendered, I surrendered. Now, let me first speak of this because many of you, my beloved friends, have this question – spiritual, physical, certainly mental, and emotional – about the meaning of “surrender”. Surrender is allowing your core to thrive; it is the acknowledgement that your heart, your being, your very soul and spirit can never not only not be captured but not controlled.

When you surrender, you do not surrender to another human being – well, unless, of course, you are in the intimacy of love-making, and that is a joy! But when you surrender, what you are saying is, “I claim my freedom, my liberty, in another way because my spirit is free.” What you surrender is an old form. It might be a habit or an addiction or a behaviour, a paradigm, or a belief. Yes, I know you have many fancy names for this, but it is truly letting go and saying, “I am going to redirect my energies in a different direction.”

When I surrendered, it was so I could be back amongst my people, that I did not have to struggle day after day after day. Were the lessons of that season incredibly valuable? Yes, but it was but a chapter.

So I did not pass from this world in defeat because I had my community with me and it did not matter. Did I wish to go back and see my homeland? Yes! But what was more important to me was that my spirit was not contained and I was with those I cherished. I learned new ways, new pathways. Did I abandon the old commitment to Great Spirit? No! But I came to understand that there was a new form, and that as warrior I was able to shapeshift into many forms – and so are you!

S: So what you just said about shapeshifting, I’ve been most interested in that and really look forward to remembering how. Would you say that that is in our future, in this lifetime?

G: Oh yes! It is in what you think of as your sacred spiral; it is in what you think of as your DNA. Now, one of the things that has not been discussed very much… I am really pleased to bring new information…

S: Beautiful.

G: …is that shapeshifting and interdimensional travel, anchoring of your various aspects, are but one piece. There is a belief – and it is as solid as granite – where humans believe they have this form of solidity and that it is as solid as the granite I speak of. Yet often, when many troops could not find me, it was because I was shapeshifting!

S: Ooh yeah!

G: It was not simply that I knew the lonely canyons. It was that I would shift into a different form and I would go because they were blind and I unobserved… in many ways, it was quite humorous, although we did not always think so at the time! [Laughing]

So yes, think of your body as a cloud, as a pool of water, as a magnificent river. There are times when that river is very placid and calm, and then there are times when the river is filled with rapids and what we would call “speaking water, laughing water, angry water”. But what is this except the ability of the water to express different forms?

Now you say, “Well, Geronimo, in the human beings we see the calm and placid and we see the angry.” But what makes you think that your molecules, your energy, cannot be what you desire them to be? Great Spirit did not make you into simply one form or solidity. You have this enormous flexibility to shapeshift, particularly into animal form.

So what you do is you sit – I would suggest in the centre of the medicine wheel – and you allow surrender and transformation for these are but one and the same, and you call in the energy. This is not a lengthy process. You call in the energy, the qualities, the form that you wish to assume, and you allow it because the memory is in your cells.

You have been mountains and you have been mountain lions, you have been kangaroos and you have been oceans, so you allow that memory, that wisdom, that knowledge, and you ask – always – for the cooperation of the totem, the spirit, of that animal or being.

And if you wish to morph or shapeshift into Geronimo, I will help you!

S: [Laughter] Oh, I have a question about that, if I may?

G: Yes.

S: Okay, so many of us are here in our physical, human bodies, experiencing physical challenges, shall I say… aches and pains and disease and whatever else. So I’m going to go with the idea that when we shapeshift, of course, we would not bring that along with us, and in that light, if that’s true, then we could use shapeshifting to be able to heal our bodies, could we not?

G: Yes! The many times I was wounded, they would wonder how I could take so many bullets or arrows and still be alive, but of course I had friends who attended to me. But if you call upon the energy and you shapeshift into, say, an animal form, or even into the river, what you do is you do not carry that illness, that malady, that injury with you because what you are doing… for example, I would call upon the strength, the aliveness, the muscularity, the ability to jump of the mountain lion and the wound would be healed.

Now, the fear for some humans is that when they shapeshift, how do they get back? [Laughter] Well, you get back simply by doing the same process!

You see, you have many, many faces. Knowing and working with your totems, with those spirit animals and forms that you are, is very important. Yes, even in this day, and might I say especially so because the connections have been forgotten, but they also have been forgotten in terms of how they serve you. This is particularly true of those who live particularly in the busy places and cities. They are congested places, full of discord, and so the energy of being able to transmute and transform is a very important factor.

It is also very important because what is happening, you are in a time… Might I compare this? Yes, I know we weren’t in the Ascension process, but even as I walked the Earth we were in the process of Ascension! It has begun that long ago, but let us talk about this.

The world, the sweet planet that I knew when I walked as Geronimo, was a dying world, a way of life that was passing and a new reality being born. Now, this is very easy for me to say in hindsight, but at the time it brought much pain and so I do not wish to dwell on that. But you, my friends, my family, my Gaians, are passing from one world to the next – and when that old world, what the beloved ones have referred to as the “old 3rd dimension”, as it passes away it causes pain.

Let me explain. It causes emotional pain and it causes what you would think of as energetic pain because of the battle – not a skirmish but a battle – between the old and the new. There are those who do not wish the old 3rd to pass away and so they send their missiles and their warriors – their misguided warriors – and their bullets and their arrows. They are not always physical, but they are as real as any bullet I have ever had enter my body! And when those bullets enter, they hurt you and they cause discord. So yes, this is a time for shapeshifting, so that you might escape those bullets or those arrows.

S: Well, can I ask you if it’s more than just believing and remembering that we can do this? Is there another piece that’s missing? Because you say it doesn’t take much time but in my imagination… I can certainly go there in my imagination but to think of my physicality transforming into a wolf, for example, well, maybe it’s not really part of my belief system yet that I can actually do that.

G: Yes, but you have forgotten. When you are sitting in the centre of the wheel – I have called it “surrender” – it is the feeling that your existing physical body is dissolving, as if you are becoming strictly an energy field.

S: Without walls.

G: Without walls, without form. And then as you reconstruct, you are reconstructing, you are directing that energy field to assume a different form. It is important… it is not simply imagination… it is important that as you sit there – for example, you and this channel transmute into wolf quite often! – that you allow yourself to feel your snout, to feel the fur, to feel the ears, to allow it to take the form not simply in imagination but into form. And then, when you have done so, to run like the wolf, to howl like the wolf – not to simply sit still and say, “Oh, that was nice.” Be the wolf!

S: Be the wolf! Alright!

G: As I have been the mountain lion, as I have been the black panther, as I have been the jackrabbit. Not only is this for protection; this, my friends, is great fun! [Laughter]

When the Mother created this garden, this cactus garden for me, it was that we would know the pleasure of walking on this planet and know the joy. So it was not that we forgot our form; it was our homebase, as you would think of it, but that did not necessarily restrict us at all.

S: Well, you’ve spoken to there being many chapters to existence and that each is important, and I’ve been wondering, I mean we all have many different aspects… do you, beautiful Native American Indian Chiefs, have galactic aspects?

G: Oh yes! Oh yes! Now, you see, for those of you who have read or studied the ways of the people, you would also know that we accepted and knew always of our Star Brothers and Sisters because often, particularly in sacred ceremony, they would join us and they would guide us, and they would share with us, not merely us sharing with them, but because they would come to join what many would call “a simpler way of life”.

It was endearing to walk on the earth’s soil or sit on a rock by the fire. But as we have always known, just as we have had our totems, we have known which area of the stars we came from.

S: Oh!

G: Yes, of course! And what part of us still remained there to do the work of what was still the people. You see, this was what was, well, I would say “confusing” but really “shocking” to us. When many of the white people came to share the land, why we did not comprehend was because we already had this joyful connection, physical connection, with our Star Brothers. It was very common!

So to have what you would think of as another race was not so unexpected, but what was unexpected was the unwillingness to honour and share, on all sides, because you cannot say one side was right, one side was wrong. That would be ridiculous.

But it was the unwillingness to share, the unwillingness to be part of one community that astounded us because we had always assumed that there was much to learn from each other. Even when we had tiffs with neighboring tribes, we did not think we did not still have them as our brothers and sisters and that there were not things to learn from one another.

S: Right. Well, okay, so what I am wondering is… okay, so in the beginning of humanity on Earth, I would say we were all indigenous peoples that lived close to the earth and understood the power of community and connection with spirit and with All That Is. What I would like to know is, from your perception, what happened to make people want to take things from one another and fight for land, and you know, do everything that you are talking about, that the whites did to the Indians? It doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t really understand the whole thing.

G: Yes, but now I do, because it was fear. We could put many names on it like greed or control, but it was fear. It was fear of something that was different, that those who came did not have or choose to learn, have the same reference points, and that they would be losing their own sense of what they valued and their identity. They did not understand.

You see this even now with what we would call “religious wars”. It has not changed so much. It is one group believing and really living in complete fear that their way of life is not superior – and this is about as wrong as it gets because when one is in fear, you become reactive; your heart freezes, like that river, and it becomes hardened and you do not allow yourself the richness of expansion.

Because truly, had this gone a different way, all cultures would have experienced growth and expansion. The ability to create for the community would have taken a very large leap because it would have been harmonious, and the qualities and talents would have been shared by all. But fear is the most destructive element in any being’s heart.

S: Wow! Yes, and as you’ve mentioned, things haven’t changed all that much. So what I am wondering is, in the Ascension of the planet, what we who’ve been doing the work and been following and sensitive to everything that’s going on, I would really love to be able to let go of the ‘how’… but I’m just wondering ‘how’, how so many on the Earth could be shifted so quickly?

G: But you are seeing it, the abhorrence of the violence and the slaughter. That abhorrence is growing and that is what is shifting because the abhorrence of the use of violence – which has become more and more dramatic – has need to be because it is that abhorrence that will reach the people to say, “No more. We cannot live like this. We cannot call ourselves Gaians, or the people, and live with such mindless slaughter.”

And from that, it is the respect for many traditions, as I have begun by saying. It is also the recognition that there is only one Great Spirit, there is only one Mother, there is only one Father. They have many, many names but the name does not matter. And killing, murdering, in the name of the Mother or Father is not of truth and it is not of love.

S: Right. Well, thank you, Geronimo, for joining us today. It’s been a great honour and I really appreciate it. If you have anything to say in closing, I would welcome that.

G: Come and join me in the cave. I will show you how to claim your aspects. I will give you, and I have given you, and I will always give you the gift of creativity because you, we, they, us are One. Go in peace, my friend.

S: Thank you so much.

G: Ho!