As we continue with Part 2 of the questions and answers from the Summer Solstice 2022 webinar, there are a group of questions that relate broadly to working with the Council of Love and the 13th Octave

Q. From Antara: (1) I know we are Beyond the Horizon and actually living there on another dimension as we go through our lives in our relative 3D existence. Can you give us some suggestions as to how we can enhance our Beyond the Horizon experience as we go through the current shifts on the planet? (2) Hope and living with an open heart seem to me to be the essential keys to joy and fulfillment at this time. What can we do and practice to ensure that we are living and enhancing these experiences?

Q. From Lee: (1) The COL is always telling us that we are getting upgrades. What does that mean exactly? How does it manifest in our daily lives? What can we do to anchor these upgrades? (2) We are asked to be the participant observers. Can you please explain this more deeply?

Q. From Madeline Chen: (1) Is there a Sacred Ritual with the 13th Octave, that could be done so I don’t encounter car accidents all the time? (2) And is there a ritual to take people who are in need or about to pass over to help them find peace and release? So many of them don’t even know who they were anymore, they are scared to come home.

I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune, President of the Intergalactic Council, and I am honored to come here, and to be with you, and to share with you just how far your planet and your people have come. Yes, there has been work, so I address this issue of hope, and when to do, and when not to do.

You know, quite literally, for thousands of years Earth was attended to; by placing her, we held her steady in a bubble of pink, the grid was protected so your axis did not flip. And that was a major long and sometimes tedious undertaking. And over time you all began to awaken, and you remembered the time when we have been fully present with you, thousands of years ago… and that opened a door. And then you have come and anchored… Gaia has anchored herself in the 7th dimension, and that has created such magnificent hope.

There is no life, there is no existence without hope. It is the fuel of existence of your heart, of your being, and your ability to continue being. The work that has been done with our Council, and with the earthly Gaian representatives has been enormous. The delegations have achieved far more, probably, than will ever be known because the seeds are planted and presented as human advances. We do not care about that… that is fine because it gives us hope that the humans are open to work with us, to play with us, to co-exist with us.

This move towards non-violence is the biggest hope we hold for this planet, and for all of you. Because in the deep infusion of peace, not just the cessation of these ridiculous wars but in the true anchoring of peace, is the blossoming, not only of your civilizations but of many, many planetary civilizations.

When St. Germaine and Yeshua speak to you and say ‘what you do you do for millions’, what you do not always realize because it becomes too esoteric and too overwhelming, is that what you are doing is also being, preparing, and taking place for other planetary systems and civilizations. The magnitude of what has been undertaken is far beyond your imagination. And is there more? Yes, of course, the Mother is infinitely creating. Of course, there is always going to be more.

But, let us say, take hope, drink hope, swallow hope, eat hope because what hope does… we know… is it infuses and catalyzes, ignites your potential. Let me explain… when you are igniting your potential and you are catalyzing into productive, truthful, loving action, the person right next to you, the person who is yearning for change, or the other person that is stuck to the old belief systems of hatred and violence, greed and abuse… your expansion affects them.

You have this thing you believe about body language… sweet angels, your communications ability is far bigger than just the smallest part of you, which is your body. So you are communicating and sharing, and giving to those who don’t even know that they have been looking for it… the hope, the wear-with-all, the creativity, and the Creation Codes to continue on. Hope is essential, and you have it! That is one of the reasons we are with you and will be very clearly, soon recognized by all of you.

Now, please repeat Lee’s question. Antara…

Q. From Lee: (1) The COL is always telling us we are getting upgrades. What does this mean exactly? How does it manifest in our daily lives? What can we do to anchor these upgrades? (2) We are asked to be the participant observers. Could you please explain this more deeply?

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, and Mother of Change, and Mother of Love. You are receiving upgrades, infusions, adjustments… some tiny, some massive… so that you can fully be you. And you say to me, “Well, Mother, how many upgrades have I had? How many more can I get? What do I need?” Child, there is always more. You’re infinitely capable and present. You want to, and as I certainly want you to, to bring the fullness of who you are, and that is why you are also participant observer.

There are times to step forth, participate, create. And there are times when you have need to stand back and be the observer. If you are constantly busy participating, then you are not in the anchoring of your divinity and observing what needs to be done. So, yes, it is not an either/or, it is both… knowing when to step forward, and when to step back, when to gather information, and then to bring it forward into productive action.

You do not cook a twelve-course meal in the middle of the day when no one is hungry. You modulate in this infinite flow, the infinity of give and take, give and take, knowing from the stillpoint of All when to be which, and when to be both because it is not as if you stepped forward as participant and you blindfold yourself. Quite the contrary, you are constantly scanning, you are constantly receiving, adjusting information and action. That is what it means, dearest heart.

Madeline Chen’s Question and Answer:

Linda: When I was reviewing my transcripts, my notes from the Summer Solstice, I noticed that there were a couple of questions from Madeline in the Philippines, in Manilla actually, that weren’t really answered. And I think they weren’t answered because I had meant to talk about them. So, I’m going to do that. I don’t know if Madeline is here or not, but I know… because of the time difference… but I do know she will be looking at it.

One of her questions was about a sacred ritual when you get in the car to avoid accidents. And I guess the traffic in Manilla is crazy, but she’s just been having a hard time always encountering accidents.

And the one thing that the Council has taught us, taught us all, regardless of the situation, but it’s something I do when I get in the car is we post the archangels, you know, the Mighty 5… Mi-ka-el, Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel, and Gabrielle. And what I tend to do is I put the archangels on the four corners of my car, although when I start Archangel Mi-ka-el has my driver’s side door. And then I put Archangel Gabrielle… or I invite Archangel Gabrielle… on the hood but usually what happens is soon as I put her on the hood, she’s in the passenger’s seat next to me.

So that’s a technique… I do the same thing if I’m getting on a plane. I do often the same thing, certainly around my house continually, but even around my bed at night when I’m feeling a little, you know, wonky. I want that extra feeling of solidity and protection, and being penetrated as I sleep, which goes for the same thing as you drive, as you fly, as you simply move about … walking the dog.

So, that’s a very important tool and a real easy and fun one that we’ve been given. However, and I’m hearing from Gabby, is that she’s also reassuring us or reminding us that very often when we come across a car accident, what we’re doing is we’re bringing our divine presence and our healing to that situation. So even as you’re just passing by, or stalled in traffic, or going 100 kilometers, you know that you’re sending the energy and blessing that entire situation. So, that’s one handy dandy tip.

Madeline’s other question… and these are related by the way… ‘Could I ask for a special place in the spiritual domain, where we, together with the Council of Love, the elementals, the powers of nature, and the forces of the elements, help to bring everybody home?’ It’s exactly the same, she went on to say, ‘so many don’t even know who they are anymore, or where they are, and they’re afraid, they’re scared to come home.’

Again, what we do in that situation is we bring everybody to the 13th Octave. And this is particularly true… I was going to say for those of us who are doing healing, but again I’m being reminded, who do anything. All the work we do… and I’m not talking about the hour you may have set aside for meditation, or for prayer, or for healing work… everything we do, and this is increasingly so, is done from the place of the 13th Octave, from the place of divine union in the heart of Mother/Father/One.

So, when you bring somebody, whether it is someone in a car accident or someone you are helping pass through the portal to the other side, you bring them to the 13th Octave. Now, if it’s their time you absolutely simply leave them there, and that… nine times out of ten… creates an environment and a situation where that passage, the letting go of this… whatever this is… it makes it easier, it makes it smooth, it makes it peaceful.

So, if you are the person who does a lot of soul work or is aware of people who are sort of stuck in-between, especially, you bring them to the 13th Octave, to the heart of One, and you leave them there. And, no, you’re not committing murder or euthanasia, if it’s not their time and there is something to be done, of course, they just come back, and they’re still in physicality.

So that’s another tip that we don’t generally publicly talk about… how we often work with people. But if you’re even just sending healing or prayer work, we do it from the place of the 13th Octave.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of the Summer Solstice 2022 webinar Questions and Answers… it will be posted on 9-14-2022