Grener of Ashira of Neptune, President of the Intergalactic Council:

I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune.  Welcome! Know that we have waited not simply for decades but for millennia for this time to come to pass. We come in peace, with gifts, yes, of technology, but of love. We are emissaries as you are, ambassadors, diplomats. Look for us, for we are already among you.

We come here this day to discuss with you the performance of Earth in the first year (2000!) and her new role within the Intergalactic Federation, for the function of Earth now comes to clarity. This will be the waystation of experimentation of different hybrids, new technology, and new lifestyles. It is part of being integrated within the Federation that there be a conscious knowing and cooperation between races, species, cultures.

The technology, as you would think of it from afar, is already being implanted and shared on your Earth. You may anticipate huge explosions within communication industries for access into the universal Internet. This has need to be, for you have need to be in communication with your brothers and sisters, not only country to country, individual to individual. Your e-mail will take on a new meaning.

Why are these gifts being shared, you ask not from fear but merely curiosity?   Where there is a planet of love, where there is an opening of heart, there is a concomitant and equal opening within the Universe, so there will be expansion of your ability to understand information and the transmission of information. It is a gift that is appropriate to your time, as you would think of it.

Many galaxies watch this unfolding and have come to participate in this time and event. You have need to prepare yourself for this visitation, the same way you would prepare yourself for a visit from friends. The opening of Earth has impact far beyond what you imagine, for this energy is transmitted throughout galaxies that you have never dreamed of.

That is why we are here — to observe and to assist, to be present when you wake up, to welcome you back. Go in peace.