We come in peace. We come in prosperity. We come in abundance. We come in love because that is the only thing there is.

I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune, welcome! I welcome you on behalf of the entire  Intergalactic Council, on behalf of the many councils that serve, and to welcome you to the fullness of yourself, to welcome you to the fullness of your interdimensional self, your interdimensional reality, which you are not only claiming and absorbing but literally inhabiting at this time.

It is time for you to consciously know your brethren, your brothers, and sisters of the stars, for it is part and parcel of being integrated within the Intergalactic Federation that there be a conscious knowing and cooperation between races, species, cultures. The technology as you would think of it from afar, is already being implanted and shared on your earth. You may anticipate huge explosions within communication industries for access into the universal Internet. This has need to be, for you have need to be in communication with your brothers and sisters, not only country to country, individual to individual. Your e-mail will take a new meaning.

Yes, Gaia herself and many of you have been present at the Intergalactic Council now for decades, but it is time for the conscious awareness, for the fullness of your participation not only to be known to us because that is already very clear, but to be known to you because, beloved ones, you are part and parcel, full participants, in the many unfoldments and decisions that are being made not only with regards to the Ascension of humanity, but to the full participation in the unfoldment and the input not only of our presence upon your planet, but your participation in the unfoldment of Ascension throughout the galaxies.

This awareness, and the fact that you are fully supported by about 12 galaxies, needs to come to the forefront. You need to realize it is not simply an odd ship here or there, it is not simply an odd galactic ship or force here or there – that we are present in full force with many galaxies that you are not even aware of. But we wish during the course of this new beginning, of you becoming the full ascended self, that you realize how much we rely, involve, invite each of you to come and to present yourself and to make your creations, your dreams, your plans known. It is not that we approve or disapprove, but that we participate, that we promote, that we help in many ways with the fulfillment of these plans.

Our energy works in ways that you are not fully conversant of, and that does not matter, just as the Divine energies work in so many ways that you are not familiar of. It matters not. he fact that you are participating in the fullness of your consciousness – that is what is important.

So, on behalf of the entire Intergalactic Council to all Gaians everywhere, I say, “Welcome!” We come in peace. We come in prosperity. We come in abundance. We come in love because that is the only thing there is. There are so many manifestations of love. You have many words for them. You call them “Divine Qualities.” We call them “existence.” We call them “the formulation of our reality.” You call them “science.” So do we, in a much broader sense.

I/we want you to know that we are with you in the unified field of love, in the unified field of existence, in the new realm of existence – and we want our presence to be known. Thank you and farewell