The longing for ‘always more’ is infinite and eternal. You cannot say, “Oh, I have enough love and that is that.” Of course not!

Another delightful Channelled Gem lovingly shared by Thadiel from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.


Thadiel: [X] is very keen on going to a local church which she benefits greatly from. I just wondered if that’s the right thing… what we should be doing? I go along to support her, but we come from very different backgrounds in terms of all that. Is that something that can help her?

Archangel Michael: Absolutely! Yes, this one has a different, shall we say ‘paradigm’, a different construct. It does not matter [chuckling] because she gains a number of things: the feeling that she is quite literally being touched by the angels, that she is in connection with the Angelic Realm, which she is! But she uses this church as if it is her key or her activator. That is alright. She is learning, she is opening, and it is bringing a sense of community which she often feels she lacks in London.

And the fact that you are there to support, in love… It is not your construct. You have expanded your construct, let us put it that way; your lens has become larger. That does not diminish her lens; it is just a different lens that you are using. But what you are doing, beloved one… think about what we have said in the context of your mission and purpose… what you are doing is bringing your ‘beamer’ energy to this sacred church where people are gathered in faith and hope and love.

So it is another expression. Can it be rather intense? [Chuckling] Yes! That is alright. It feeds her.

T: That’s great. I’m happy to support her with it and find it quite incredible how people are so longing for something, so kind and supportive. It’s remarkable and it’s wonderful. I sometimes think I’d like to be like that myself!

AAM: What happens is it is a progression. When we have talked about organic growth, understand that the longing – and this is what the awakening is – is also the shift from longing to recognition. The longing for ‘always more’ is infinite and eternal. You cannot say, “Oh, I have enough love and that is that.” Of course not! But the longing, the reason why this gathering takes place, is for the longing to move into the recognition – into the activation and the recognition that the love is there.

Humans love miracles! And so do we, by the way! And so, what shall we call it? The ‘phenomena’? Humans love these, and that is alright. What has happened is that so often the humans look for… shall we call it ‘the spectacular’, and they forget that going to sleep at night and waking up in the morning is spectacular! That the heart beats without any help – that is spectacular! That a plant regenerates and blooms and flowers – that is spectacular! But that has become commonplace, so they are always looking for more… and that is a good thing!

T: Every day is so remarkable… so many miracles every single day!

AAM: That is correct, and you see that, and that is what you can plant in others. And at the moment when you are sharing this sense of wonder or glee or awe, someone might say, “Well, that’s just normal,” but, in fact, after the conversation, after you have beamed into them, after you have left them with their own musings, then they think: “Well yes, that is spectacular!”

T: Yes, sometimes I think their filters are filtering me out, but as you say, it comes back to them later.

AAM: It does, and they think about: “Well, I had this casual passing-the-time with someone today, and yet what he said stuck with me,” and the energy is tilling away. So you often do not get to see the fruit and the flowering of the seeds you are planting. But make no mistake, my beloved brother, they are blooming!

T: Oh, that’s wonderful, thank you, I appreciate all of this. I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed.

AAM: And when you feel this, simply give it to me, please. Give it to me! I am with you, my sacred, beloved brother. We all are, for we are a legion, and you are part of this legion.

T: I feel that very much, thank you.

AAM: Go with our love and go, sweet angel, in peace. Farewell.