It is ‘the knowing’ that contributes to the clearing of the collective.

Another inspiring Channelled Gem lovingly shared by Thadiel from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.


Thadiel: I just wondered if there’s anything more I can do, anything else you suggest I could do to help, as people seem so stuck?

Archangel Michael: Yes! First of all, we do not wish to overload you when you are feeling… that you are clearing, by the way… and when we say this, when we speak of the plaster falling off, understand you are doing this for your sacred self and you are doing it for many.

Now, what is the difference between someone who simply runs to the physician and says, “I think I have an infection, a sinus infection,” and the person like yourself who has an infection and simply knows there is something greater transpiring?

And why do we say for you that you are doing this for many? It is ‘the knowing’ that contributes to the clearing of the collective.

And yes, think of inflammations and viruses… the Mother has talked a great deal about viral communication in the last few years… when you are doing this with cognizance, with divine cognizance, with divine knowing, with divine neutrality, then what you are doing is marrying/conjoining/creating the Sacred Union between what is occurring and ‘the knowing’ of what is occurring. And the knowing, beloved, is supremely critical and important!

And you say, “Well, why? It is happening, it is part of the evolutionary jump, the shift.”

Why it is important is because what has been missing, what has been absent, what was stolen/surrendered/disregarded by the human race was the knowing. So things would occur, the downward spiral occurred, and people were blinded… it was kept from them… they were oblivious.

So the knowing that you hold in what you think of as ‘doing nothing’ is monumental!

So you are adding that component – and you are adding it not only for yourselves but for many!