Greetings, I AM Albert, I AM Albert Einstein. You can call me Dr. Einstein, or you can say, “Hey you!” I will answer to whatever you do. Hello and welcome. I hope you didn’t think, simply because I had written, channeled, talked to her about the work that I wish to continue, that I had defined the various dimensions, that I was all finished. My friends, I have only just begun. And I am anxious to take this journey into the realm of interdimensionality with you. It is an exciting journey, and it is a journey into what you have thought of as unseen, and as you well know, I am an expert in the unseen. And since I have departed your plane, I have become even somewhat more of an expert.

It is my pleasure, and frankly, my honor to be able to talk to you in this way because there are certainly more sacred, auspicious beings who would like to extend their welcome as well.

I talk to you about what you think of, what you have conceived of, as the unseen, untouchable, unknowable realms of dimension which, in many ways my friends, is quite absurd… and yes, you might say even ridiculous. Can you imagine paying a very high admission fee to go to your favorite museum, or perhaps your favorite zoo, and you would go, and you would go only to one room, one place. Now, perhaps if you were a regular attendant you would say, “Well, on Thursday I will only go and look at the zebras, I will talk to the zebras, I will watch their behavior and see what their existence is all about.” But if you were a rare attendant, you would not wish to miss anything, whether it was the birds, or the turtles, or the giraffes, or the Monet, or the Degas, you would wish to experience what you had agreed to, what had been gifted to you with that ticket stub, or the stamp, perhaps, on your hand.

My friends, yes, there is much talk about volunteering, that you have volunteered in your supreme loyalty and your dedication to the Mother and Father to come at this time of awakening, and opening, of blossoming, of rebirth… regardless of what you call it. But do not forget, I, quite recently, walked the planet as human, as man, and I know there are many times for each of you, in different ways, where you have felt, and it is quite true, that you have paid quite a high admission fee.

My question to you, and an invitation, is why would you not enjoy it? Why would you not embrace and enjoy this journey to Gaia, to Earth, to this exceptional planet known throughout the galaxies and the universes? And why would you, conceivably, restrict yourself to one, or two, or even three dimensions when, in fact, there is twelve, that there are twelve within twelve? There is such beauty, no, not merely in the dimension of beauty, there is such beauty, such splendor, such experience to be had in each and every dimension, in each and every plane of a dimension, and it is equally open to you.

This is not merely a gift, or an occurrence of an opening, or something that will be open for ten minutes before closing, this is the reality within which you exist, sit, operate, and live.

Now, I have talked at great length, as has my dear friend Jesus Sananda, about the seventh dimension, about this dimension of love, about this dimension of Christ Consciousness. But let me be clear… love exists, is seen, and felt, and tasted, exquisitely, in every dimension. It is the substance, the essence, not only of creation but of this reality within which you are operating. So, you have, as a human collective… and that is really why I am wishing to speak about this… because you are changing the construct, the mechanisms, the understandings, of how humans think and believe. And this is the work that I bring myself to, still. The old limitations most certainly do not work.

What I come to talk to you about is not what you think of as the higher, glorious dimensions… to which you have full access. I come to talk to you about what you have conceived of as lower dimensions, just like you have lower chakras as if there is a hierarchy, and of course, you fully well know intelligently and within your heart intelligence that that is not so. You do not have the eleventh dimension of mastery if you did not have the concept of expansion and perfection and growth… the sheer energy which feeds the progression, the filling of the balloon, as it expands. If you do not have the air or the gas, the balloon does not expand. And who among you would avoid inhaling air, or the very, actually, complex composition of gases?

Now, much of your reticence, and yes, certainly I have known this when I have walked the world, much of your reticence has been borne of being anchored in that old third dimension, in those constructs of slavery, of disempowerment, of pain and suffering. But it is not real, it is not real in any sense. And so, there has been, yes, wide agreement amongst this human collective that you will adhere to this myth that to be on planet includes this adherence to this lie of pain and suffering. No, I am not denying that you have an ache in your back, or your shoulder, your tooth, or your heart. But what I am coming to discuss with you this day and to share, is that you do not need… you most certainly do not need to live there.

The idea of you… we will put Gaia and all the kingdoms aside… the idea of you was this brilliant energy form – sheer energy inhabiting a vessel for a while to explore a planet of love. And you say, “Oh yes, Albert, but you do not understand… there is a serious mission at hand, and it must be addressed.” I fully understand about addressing and fulfilling our promises and missions. What do you think I am doing still talking to you? What I am saying is that it does not need to be engaged in by adhering, by gluing yourself, by tying yourself up in knots to an illusion that doesn’t exist. It merely perpetuates the lie. And you say to me, “Well, that’s all well and good, Albert. How do I escape?” What I am telling you, and the good news I bring is that you are already escaped, you are already in escape mode. That is why you are in this classroom, and not just this classroom called Gaia, but this classroom called The New You. You have had the glimpses and glimmers; you have seen the sparkles of potential. It doesn’t matter if you see or hear anything, you see and you hear your heart and that is where the sparkles and the glimmers come from, that is where they emanate from. Yes, we can dance around you and you may see us, but if you are not seeing and acknowledging the glimmers and the sparkles in your own heart, it means nothing.

What is the idea that you have brought to this planet, to this existence on behalf of the Mother? What is the joy that you promised to have? What was the victory that you promised to have? And you didn’t just promise Her, or Yeshua, you promised yourself, so that when you return to this side with me and we sit and chat about ‘how was it?’ you can also be ready for the next installment… if you wish to think of it that way… of your journey. And perhaps we will go together, and we will say, “Let us go and assume form and live in the twelfth.” Now would that not be delightful, to be in the full wholeness of your being germinating, creating, living new ideas, new realms of existence?

Each of you are already experiencing… some unconsciously, but not quite… you are experiencing what this channel and the Council has called interdimensional slippage. You go into a room and you find yourself somewhere else. You think it is faulty memory, but perhaps my friend you are not in the same spectrum of existence… time, space, width, depth. Perhaps you have jumped in the time. Examine and allow, enjoy the slippage, but also become aware because so much of the joy of this journey is the unseen.

So, we will continue, and I am privileged to be able to continue this dimensional journey with you, my friends. Thank you for your time and thank you for your heart. There is only love. Farewell.