Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother. Yes, my beloveds, my beloved daughters and sons, mothers all. You, you are not celebrated nearly enough. So, I come this day, yes, for we are, of course, all one, but I come in this way to bless you, to acknowledge you.

Do you know, my beloveds, how deeply it touches our heart when you say, “Mother, what can I do? How can I serve? What more can I do?” That, in and of itself, is the precious gift to my love, to your love, to our love, to my heart, to your heart, to the heart of One. Celebrate your sacred self. Celebrate the beauty in truth, and the splendor, the beauty is not merely the esoteric beauty… it is the beauty of you, it is the beauty of what you bring to this magnificent planet, it is the beauty of One and it cannot be denied… it is undeniable.

So, look in the mirror beloved, and see your sacred self, but then, also, see me with you… not overriding, but always with, as your Mother igniting the mother within thee, now and forever.

Go with my love and go, sweet angels, sweet angels of peace, in love. Farewell.