You are the ones that are anchoring the new paradigm, the new grid, the new way of community of Nova Earth. And that way is through union and reunion…

Greetings, I AM the Magdalena, and welcome! Welcome to all of you, my beloved sisters and brothers, family of my heart, soul family of my journey. I throw open my arms, my heart, and I welcome you in, as I have welcomed you in so many times; yes, 2,000 years ago, 10,000 years ago, 50,000 years ago. My beloved friends, we have been at this for a long time!

We do not know the meaning of ‘quit’, and we absolutely know and embrace the meaning of ‘surrender’. And we will talk a little bit this day about ‘surrender’, as I hopefully edge you along from acceptance of your magnificent self to the place of surrender of your magnificent self, to the totality, the divinity, the magnificence, in form, of who you are!

And yes, the topic that I have asked to speak of this day is Union: Sacred Union, Divine Union, Sacred Partnership, Family. What is more dear to us? I would suggest very little!

When I have walked sweet Gaia as the Magdalena, I was what some felt or thought of or considered – certainly my family – as gifted. Now, I would like to say that I loved and honoured my family, and I am glad they viewed me in this way because it led to a path of preparation. But, my beloved friends, there is not a single one of you who listens or who walks the planet that is not enormously gifted. It is just that the awakening to that acceptance of the fullness of your soul design, the bringing forth of all your talents, abilities and capacities is more acceptable and prevalent in this time, thank goodness!

But as a young child, and then as a young woman, I was prepared in the sacred ways through ritual, through teaching, particularly through the teaching of the Essenes  – yes, what you would call E-ssen-es [using a more continental pronunciation] –  but also through many, for I did not simply walk a singular path, the same way none of you walk a singular path. None of you, my beloved ones, are uni-dimensional. Yes, of course, that is a whole other conversation, for you are multidimensional beings, but I simply mean that you do not have all but one interest.

My forte, my speciality, was that I was a very conscious channel and that served me well in terms of understanding in later years, as my journey progressed, my connection with Yeshua – and yes, even the ability to telepathically, and physically of course, communicate. But I was also trained in the ways of sacred ceremony, of sacred ritual, for these were essential to many of our practices.

I laboured, worked, embraced, loved – and at moments hated! – the rigorous nature of my training. But let us also say that part of that training, part of that journey, in my early years, was the acceptance of physicality, the acceptance of beauty, in all its forms  – the beauty of my body, of my hair, of my eyes, of my being – not as separate or distinct from the beauty of my soul, or my love, my connection to the Mother, to the Father, to the One.

And what we were taught very early on was the embrace of the gifts, including beauty and physicality, that you had brought forth for this lifetime, this incarnation, because these were direct gifts from the Mother – and they were part and parcel of your mission, your purpose and your unfoldment.

Now that became key – no, not with my Yeshua; I think he would have loved me no matter what – but it became key, and what I could call ‘the fiction’ that became the story, the myth of Mary Magdalene. What so angered the male figures in power – yes, the Rabbis, the Pharisees, later the Catholics, but even many of the Jews – was that I would not deny my beauty or my power. And many saw this as a challenge and as arrogance, as conceit.

They felt that I was – and judged me harshly – lacking in humility which, particularly in that situation, was considered a very feminine virtue. But false humility is not humility! To stand and accept the might, the power, the truth, the beauty, the grace of who you are – to live in that grace and beauty as an expression of the Divine Mother – and to be humbled by that gift in the truest sense of the word… now that is the way to live! False modesty has no place. It is the core issue of denial and judgement of self.

So part and why I speak of this is because it pertains to thee, my beloved ones. Part of my very early training and part of my instinctual, intuitive knowing, and my conversations with what you think of as the Company of Heaven, was the knowing of my role in this grand unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan – and my plan within that Plan – and my plan in union with Yeshua. But before any of that could happen, before what you would think of as my public life truly began, there was the learning, the acceptance, and the surrender to who I was –  and might I even say, “Who I AM” in, out, or in between form to this very day. And sweet angels, I am no different than you.

When I first began to work and encounter the energies of Yeshua, many things occurred. But like each of you, particularly when you are not in denial, I yearned for one who would meet me, join with me, conjoin with me on equal ground, who would be madly in love with me, who would see me for the totality of who I was, both in spirit but also in form, as woman… yes, with shortcomings – I had a fiery temper!

I yearned for someone to share the path with, but I also knew that I would never… your term ‘settle’… for less than what I yearned for, for someone who would truly be my partner. And I knew this being to be Yeshua, that our contract had been formed long before we even met in physical reality. But let me be very clear – as soon as I saw him, he took my very breath away! The yearning in my heart disappeared and I could say to myself, “There he is.” And I could see it in his eyes, in his smile, in his laughter, in his glance, that he knew the same.

We knew the unfoldment that lay in front of us. We did not rush it – although perhaps by those standards we did. But it was that not only recognition and acknowledgement, but acceptance and surrender to each other and to ourselves, to the yearnings of our own hearts, not merely spiritually – let me be very clear – for our love was physical and passionate and normal. So yes, it did entail picking up stray pieces of clothing, washing dishes, gathering water – and it did include late nights sitting talking, sharing wine and bread – and lonely nights when he was fulfilling what he needed to do.

But our union –  and the reason I speak of this, our union, the union between Yeshua and I – is an example. Not the perfect example but the imperfect example, the human example, of what love can be. And it would not have been possible if each of us had not done the groundwork in terms of knowing, accepting, and embracing our sacred selves – and then the Sacred Union with the Mother/Father/One/Source/All – so that we both came… yes, different interpretations, different opinions at times, different ways to express it, which made for lively conversation!… but it was to come together, not for one to override but to be equal partners, and to form family and be part of the extended family and the extended community.

There is much emphasis that is often given on difficult transitions, or sorrow, moments… but truly our life, our time together, was filled with joy and laughter – yes, some tears – but a deep knowing not only of the rightness of our union but the support. When I retreated, shall I say, from the world – which, if I was to [re-] incarnate, I would not do again – but when I retreated, in many ways, it was because I felt I was no longer supported in such a way and I became in some ways disillusioned with the human collective, which was very sad, and might I say, in some ways incorrect.

Now, why do I bring this up? I bring it up because each of you, my dear hearts, have these moments, particularly during this time of transition, of chaos. We thought we lived in a time of great chaos! It was nothing compared to what you are experiencing.

And in that chaos, there are moments when each of you thinks: “Am I disillusioned? Am I in despair? Am I in disappointment? Shall I simply withdraw?” And I suggest to you – actually, I urge you, I beg you, I plead with you – do not withdraw because your beauty, your acceptance of your sacred self in community, in union, in family, is what creates Nova Earth. It is what brings forth the new paradigm. It is not merely your Ascension. Does that change? Yes, it does change you, and it already has and is changing you.

But what about after, what about during, what about right now? You are the ones – through your work, through your energies, through your consistency, your constancy – that the Mother speaks of all the time. You are the ones that are anchoring the new paradigm, the new grid, the new way of community of Nova Earth. And that way is through union and reunion, not merely with us but with yourselves and with each other, with the kingdoms. Cherish yourselves! You are so worth cherishing! And do not deny yourself.

Now, there is a difference – and you are brilliant beings mentally, emotionally and spiritually – when you look at someone and there are holes… can I put it that way?… when there are holes in that person’s aura or journey, when they have not reached the place of acceptance of their sweet divinity, of their union with One. Then that is an indicator to you that perhaps they are not quite ready for truly what sacred union, partnership, demands. Now, does that mean that they never will be? No. But does it mean pause, wait, support, or observe? I would suggest ‘yes’.

But what is occurring right now on your plane in the New – the new third-dimensional and interdimensional reality – are that the changes, which previously… so when I say ‘pause’ I mean ‘pause’… took sometimes lifetimes, sometimes eons, sometimes decades to heal, are healing at the speed of love. This is the biggest gift of St. Germaine’s healing: it heals at the speed of love.

We say this many times, and I steal Einstein’s explanation because it is healing at the speed of light squared. So, literally in one moment, your beloved can say, “This is really a hole, this really bugs me, this work has not been done,” and in the next moment it is now ‘why?’ because there is the desire on both your parts. That yearning – it is almost instinctual – is so powerful that the intention behind it to heal the wounds is almost like what you would think of as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Now, what is required is the ‘yes’ factor, the willingness, the agreement. But there are very, very few – and it is fewer every day – of what we would call ‘the reluctant’ or ‘the recalcitrant’ upon the planet. That is why I have said to you, “Do not give up! Do not go to that place of disillusionment and disenchantment,” because, my beloved friends, you are right there! You can have it all!

Let me clarify: I am teasing you! And that was the other thing you do not know about me. Not only did I have somewhat of a fiery temper, I am an incredible tease, and I love to tease and laugh and joke. And so does Yeshi! So will it require what you have thought of as less maintenance? The answer is yes! Because your overall wellbeing, your health, and your physicality are shifting so dramatically with your increase in frequency vibration, crystalline content, etc.

Your DNA is already rewired, and that is true of all of you who are listening – all of you! It is already done! So now you are activating it, marker by marker. Now, does it take less time? Yes. But let us also suggest that the connection to the body, as your temple – you will choose to give it more time, more nurturing, more love, more attention.

Now, when I have said to thee that one of the things I learned very early on was the acceptance of beauty and form as gifts from the Mother, this is also what Nova Being, the New You, the interdimensional you is also remembering. So will they require more attention – what you think of as maintenance? They will require less! But will you choose to nurture, to luxuriate, in appreciation of your body in a whole new meaning of wellness, of fullness, of light? The answer is yes! Always yes!