THE I AM states: “There was a dream and a desire for you to experience in many, many, many forms what each of us, this unified One, feels like, but particularly for you to know the purpose, the energy, the sacred essence of the divine feminine”…

Mother Mary follows with a beautiful Mother’s Day message.

Channeling: I AM

I AM. Greetings, I AM… Unified, Unified Force, Unified Source, Unified Heart, Unified Mind, Unified All of One.

Welcome. Yes, for seldom do I speak. And in this balance of One, I come to speak to you of a sacred purpose of the Divine Feminine, of the sacred purpose. This has never been about delineation or separation… that masculine does some, feminine does the other, and we trade off. No, it has always been the Unity of One, as you have always been the unity of your I AM, of our I AM.

I also come to activate, to expand, to expand and to awaken within every particle of your soul being, your cells, your fibers, your muscles, your fields, your bodies. This is not, I am not… it is even curious to use the word “I”, perhaps I should say “We I AM” because we are one. In Her powerful nurturing wisdom, the ancient original, eternal wisdom, powers, there was a dream and a desire for you to experience in many, many, many forms what each of us, this unified One, feels like. But particularly for you to know the purpose, the energy, the sacred essence of the feminine… for a variety of reasons, but mostly, simply, for the sheer joy. But that you, my beloveds, would also join with us in the multiplicity, the infinity of the birthing of nurturing, the birthing of comfort, the birthing of that feminine wisdom that will guide you, and feed you in form, whether it is on Cee Cee Cee or Electra, it matters not because it is one in the same.

Too often you think… and I say think… that when we birth something, and the fact that it is done in millions and billion – beyond number – that this energy and the experience is somehow stepped down. Do you really think, do you really believe in your heart of hearts, in your very essence of soul, in your universal knowing, your divine knowing, that we only give you a piece of the pie? Each atom, each sub-atomic particle is whole and complete. I did not divvy it up; I transmitted the entirety.

Now, in your concern, in your history of humanity that has been so disoriented and misled, you’ve come to believe that you can only be a partial reflection. And those of you who have seen the downfall of the Creator Race are very cautious, discerning… which is a good thing… that you will not overstep. When you are in your/our I AM, there can be no misstep.

Now, why do I say this? Why am I awakening this even further within you? Yes, it does please us, and yes, it is for greater joy everywhere. You cannot align and be in your limitation. I AM is not of ego. It is the experience and the expression of love individualized so that the entire omniverse shines brightly; that you may be free in the truest sense, yes, of choice and free will, to explore the edges of All… and there is always more in All.

The sanctity of the Mother, the sanctity of the I AM, is often underestimated. Too often on your planet, and elsewhere, the role, the essence of mother… which most of you are, if not in this life, in many, many others… the essence of mother, the precious nature of mother is stepped down. It is not elevated because she is the one that feeds you and bathes you, and toilet trains you, and teaches you to stand, and walk, and run, and play. That is never to be underestimated. Any energy that steps forth in such humility and compassion to serve, to allow for the experience of love is deeply, profoundly, eternally sacred, in the balance, and in the unity, the conjoining of I AM.

So, I do this with you. You have need to agree. We love you. When all is said, when all is experienced, when all is known, there will only be one thing, and that is that you are loved, and you are the love, and we receive. This is not simply one way… we receive the blessing of your love, it is the fuel of everything, it is the essence of everything. You are me; you are us; you are all and I am inside of you the same way you are inside, you are integral, inseparable part of the love. All you have need to do, again and again, with laughter and glee, is to say yes and to remember.

Go with our love. Yes, I have asked her to lead you through this…

Linda: This is a declaration channeled when we have done the Ascension at Luxor. So, I want you to repeat after me:
“I serve. I surrender.”
“I allow. I embrace all that is, and all that ever will be.”
“I vow and commit my being to eternal union with The I AM.”
“Amen, amen, and amen.”

Channeling: Mother Mary

Greetings, I am Mary. Yes, my beloveds, my beloved daughters and sons, mothers all. You, you are not celebrated nearly enough. So, I come this day, yes, for we are, of course, all one, but I come in this way to bless you, to acknowledge you.

Do you know, my beloveds, how deeply it touches our heart when you say, “Mother, what can I do? How can I serve? What more can I do?” That, in and of itself, is the precious gift to my love, to your love, to our love, to my heart, to your heart, to the heart of One. Celebrate your sacred self. Celebrate the beauty in truth, and the splendor, the beauty is not merely the esoteric beauty… it is the beauty of you, it is the beauty of what you bring to this magnificent plant, it is the beauty of One and it cannot be denied… it is undeniable.

So, look in the mirror beloved, and see your sacred self, but then, also, see me with you… not overriding, but always with, as your Mother igniting the mother within thee, now and forever.

Go with my love and go, sweet angels, sweet angels of peace, in love. Farewell.