Be true to yourself; dig deeper into what you truly desire. What I am asking of you this day and every day is to have extraordinary courage; have the courage to truly, not only to explore your dreams, your desires of what you choose to bring forth, have the courage to claim your dreams.

Greetings, I am Jesus, I am Jesus Sananda, I am Yeshua. Welcome, welcome my sweet brothers and sisters, bringers and holders of compassion and vision and yes, you do the work and the creation of Nova Earth and you do so because you are Nova Beings. And you have come from the past, from the future, from the NOW and you carry within you all codes, all knowing, all Love, all sweetness. Do not doubt yourself, do not doubt your ability, capacity and gifts; they are not only what you think of as divinely given, they are also, my beloved ones, self-proclaimed, self-claimed. You brought your dreams and your gifts with you and they are stored, like seeds, in the blessed infinity and essence of your heart.

I come this day to ask you and to remind you to be true to yourself. What do I mean by this? I call you by many names…by your soul name, by your inter-galactic name, by the names that I have known you in other existences, other planets, other solar systems, other lifetimes upon the beautiful Gaia; I know you and I know the very beauty of your being.

But my friends, my family, do you know yourself? Your instant response is, “Oh yes, Yeshi, I have done the work, I know my ray, my soul color, my mission and purpose, my stranger, my guides, my guardian angels…” And to this I say, “Excellent! Bravo! Congratulations! And let us go deeper!”

What I speak of this day is the knowing, not only of the sweetness of your heart but the dreams, the desires of what you wish to create for your sweet self, for your family, for your soul family and for this journey back to One, in this life, in this time, in this body, and by this name. Do you know, are you being absolutely honest, forthright, diligent, vigilant? Are you digging deeper to what you truly desire? No/know, this invitation is not a fools errand. Too often as I walk and sit and yes, even dine with you, I feel and I hear and I see your dreams, I see what you wish to create in both the miniature, or the personal, what you think of as smaller ways and in the global ways.

Too often I hear you sensor and edit yourself…that you think ‘well, that isn’t possible’ or ‘that will never happen’ or ‘I don’t believe that will happen’…because those statements, as subtle as they are, are also still statements of lack of self worth, limitation, not only of self Love but of your creative power.

So, let me be practical…you say to me, “Yeshua, I yearn for a sacred union relationship were I am free, and I am free to express my heart, my thoughts, my moods, my most secret dreams without fear. That I will conjoin with another to bring forth not only what I desire but what they desire.” And then you say, “Oh, I can’t even meet somebody, how is that ever going to happen? I’d better let that go.”

Or you dream of a home, a sacred space, not a mansion in the sky, although for some of you it is, but a place that is in nature, where the birds and the bees and the bunnies and the foxes all are with you, even the coyotes, the mountain lions, the bears, the deer. And that your home is anchored upon the heart-space of Gaia, were there is a place for your altar and a table to share food and laughter and nourishment of every description with friends. And then I hear you say, “Oh, I barely have money for rent. I can’t do that.” And you let it go.

What I am asking of you this day and every day is to have extraordinary courage; have the courage to truly, not only to explore your dreams, your desires of what you choose to bring forth, have the courage to claim your dreams. You are very good, extraordinary, in working for world peace, for an end to drought, for an end to war, for persecution, for mayhem and chaos. All these things you work to destroy, to bring forth the new, and dear hearts, you are stellar. Yes, I could bring you kudos from Archangel Michael and Raphael, Uriel and Gabrielle, and far beyond, but what I ask of you, because I Love you, because I cherish you, is to have the courage to explore the dreams of your heart. Don’t let them go.

When I was incarnated I knew, my Magdalena knew, we had a mission and purpose. But the dream of my heart was also to know Love, to be in partnership, to have a family, to have my circle of friends, that we could break bread…people think of the ‘Last Supper’ but what they forget is ‘every supper’ and how often we gathered in fellowship and mutuality, laughter and support. It was not heavy; laughter, dreaming, sharing is sacred, it is what builds unity and community, it is what builds Nova Earth.

So I ask you, “Are you true to yourself or do you negate yourself?” Honor who you are. These desires and dreams, they are not merely placed within your heart to torture you; they are guideposts, they are signage along the way to show you which way to turn. If you do not start with a dream you are denying yourself. What you do is you make it difficult for us to co-create with you. But when you are in the clarity of who you are and your purpose and what you intend to bring forth, all is possible. I will help you. Let go of the fear, let go of the limitation, and let us explore the depths of your dreams.

Go with my Love. Farewell.