Love is what is being fought about at this time. Those who most desperately seek love and it’s masqueraded as authority, or importance, or puffery, they are the ones whose yearning is the greatest. So, you send the love… the calming of energy, the entrainment of love, the cohesion to change is the key…


Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda. I am Jesus, I am Yeshua, I am Yeshi, I am brother, I am sister, I am ally and friend. And yes, I am teacher and healer. Welcome my beloved family, yes family… I have known so many of you in other lifetimes, both previous and future because with me, you are traveling in our Mother’s infinite ocean of time. And that is not a case of hanging on for dear life… it is a case of swimming where you want to go. It is playing in the shallows. It is surfing on the waves. It is splashing each other and allowing the sun to caress your face.

When I have lived as Yeshua, remember beloveds that I lived in an occupied country, in a country that, in many ways, was enslaved by the greed of others, and by the greed of privileged classes that chose to cooperate with oppressors. My mother would caution me continually… ‘Yeshi, please do not speak that way and do not speak that way in public; you are going to get yourself in trouble’… and sure enough, she was right.

I did what I came to do… not to compromise, not to offend, not to be aggressive, yes, at times assertive. But just like you, my beloveds, to say to those around me, in the towns, and villages, and the countryside, “There is another way. There is another pathway… and it is the pathway of love.” And while at times it might seem a little rocky and strewn with debris, it evens out into a pathway that is strewn with flowers, and birds, and friendships, and the abundance, the bounty of Gaia.

Then, as now, and certainly more now than then, there was hatred, there was aggression and greed. And so often in our conversations this subject of aggrievement, hatred, of feeling oppressed would come up. And there would be an opinion that we must create revolution and overcome the invaders. But then you become the aggressor, you become the invader.

And so, how do you do this? How do you restore the balance? I have said many times to you to love your neighbor. I did not tell you to let them move in. I have said to you, “Turn the other cheek.” And I have also said, “Do not allow them to beat you up. Do not allow yourself to be on the floor, injured and bleeding, defeated.” But how do you do this? You do this by using the strongest energy in our Mother and Father’s multiverse, omniverse, planetary systems… and that is love. And that, in truth, is what is being fought about.

For those who most desperately seek love and it’s masqueraded as authority, or importance, or puffery, they are the ones whose yearning is the greatest, to be acknowledged as important. So, you send the love. You write it in the air as Germaine has taught you. And you do it with blue, or gold, or violet, it matters not, and you send it, and you beam it from your heart, and head, and third eye, and all of you… and you are communicating it. You are in the water. You are in our Mother’s infinite ocean of time, and so are they. All the molecules speak to one another. So, as you join in entrainment, you are asking them to come and enjoy it. The wish is not to destroy anybody.

Think of it, those of you who have come to this planet are the strongest, most determined of all… and most compassionate of all. There is no desire to destroy the human form. What needs to be eliminated are the false beliefs, the patterns of behavior. So that is what you send the energy of change and compassion and hope to.

Now, I am not suggesting that you ignore those who are the victims of such brutality. Of course not. You do not leave your brother and sister bleeding on the side of the street… and so you attend to them as well, either actually or etherically, for you have the power to either send or bilocate.

The calming of energy, the entrainment of love, the cohesion to change is the key. And compassion for your sweet self. The stand-alone truth, my brothers, and sisters is that you are love. You each express it in different ways; some of you are compassion; some of you are truth; some of you are joy… it is all love. And we, this circle, all circles, we are all one love.

So, return to your hearts, stay in your hearts, listen to your brilliant mind, reassure your ego, and then let us walk yet again together, and change this world, the human collective. Everything else is in place.

So, I invite you to come and walk with me in peace. Go with my love forever and always. Farewell.