It is time for the old to simply pass away – not in screaming terror or agony – but in the peaceful, gentle transition that allows the humans, the children, the elders to gently step into a new Earth.

Divine Mother ~ Treading Upon the Face of an Archangel

This delightful Channelled Gem is lovingly shared by Andrew from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Maré, Mother of the Infinite Eternal, Mother of One, Mother of All – and yes, of course, beloved son, I welcome you this day.

I welcome you not only to Terra Gaia, I welcome you to my Omniverse. And no, it is not time to welcome you home in that manner [chuckling] for as you know, sweet angel of love, there still remains much to do to assist the humans – the collective – as they move, they grow, they expand beyond divisiveness, beyond brutality, beyond violence, beyond taking sides into the Unity of One – for there is but one love, one existence, and it encompasses All.

But I did not come today simply to talk about the Universe, or even where the humans are. Yes, it is progressing nicely according to my Plan, which is quite different sometimes from the human plan; it matters not – adjustments are made. I come as Mother to speak to your heart, to speak to your soul, to speak to the physician and the star being and the human, and the gentle one and the strong one, the valiant stellar consistent one that you are.

Yes, you have been and are re-emerging. Now you may feel at moments, “Oh, I was downtrodden, I was depressed, I had a touch of despair.” But there are times, sweet one, when being put or placed or agreeing – obviously – to be put in abeyance, to be reconstituted while on planet, in form, while waiting for the grander expansion is absolutely necessary.

There are reasons why Gaia and I have created seasons and tides and day and night. There are times to withdraw – reconstitute, regenerate, reflect, reintegrate – and you have done this and now you step forth. You do not know the full magnitude of the adjustments and attunements that have been made, and you don’t need to, for it is a mathematics or physics or biology that is far beyond human understanding.

What you need to know is actually quite simple. You have and you are and you will be fortified. You have and you are and you will be protected. Whether it is in your humble abode or in a palace, we are protecting you. You have and you are and you will be part of the Unified Forces [of the Outer Galaxies] upon and above this beautiful Terra Gaia. What you are doing, sweet one, is truly stepping into, yes, of course, your Earthly self but also your galactic and intergalactic self. …

Think of your name as a mosaic. Think of your name as a mosaic that is a picture, nigh a creation of the totality of who you are. It is given and has been given years and years and years ago so that it would truly begin to anchor in all levels of your consciousness, in all levels of your being, so that as you step forth – gently, quietly, humbly, gleefully, in massive, extraordinary excitement and gratitude – that you know, not in an intellectual sense, not just in a mental-emotional body sense, but in an integrated wholeness of sacred purpose of the design that you and we have woven for this extraordinary time of the fulfilment of my Plan.

There are moments, sweet one, when you say. “How can this possibly work?” Yes, I have heard. No – doubt or questioning, that is not a misstep; it is only a misdirection when it becomes denial or detour and brings you out of balance. It is curious, is it not, that at a time when we are speaking to you – all of us of this Council and far beyond – that there will be the physical reality of partnership, of family, with the galactics and intergalactics, when in fact the family of humans is still so divided, so uncertain.

Now, you know your Star Family does not come – they’re not intended to come – as saviours because that creates inequality. Each race, each group, each being has unique gifts to offer to the collective, and it is in the harmony of family that this takes place. Humans – because of the abuse and the false grids – became far too used to asking to be martyred and saved. That time is over.

So as humanity – yes, this collective of Terra Gaians, and yes, of Nova Gaians – as they come together, it creates the environment to be able on equal footing – not identical footing; that will never happen – but equal footing to welcome, to interact, to conjoin, to join in joy with their Star Family.

If you look just simply at the bounty – and when I say “bounty”, I don’t mean oil and gold; I mean the beauty, the diversity, of what Gaia alone has to offer – it is magnificent! And that is one of the things – and there are many aspects to this – this is one of the things that has attracted your Star Family from far far beyond, not even in this Universe. This is glorious! This is the gift!

Can you imagine – and I know you have – when you are in your new home, which you have walked the halls of with me very often, but can you imagine living in your new home and someone coming and saying, “Why do you live in this shack? Why do you live in this pigsty?” It would be hurtful because you would be eager and excited… no, not in an egoic way, but to welcome people – beings – into your home. And that is what is going on. There are still many humans that think they are living in a pigsty or a shack, when in fact they are treading upon the face of an Archangel! It is incomprehensible.

And the shift does not just happen with humans coming to acknowledge, recognise, treasure, respect Gaia. It means that there can’t be any squabbles, fighting, of any kind upon this planet. It is the most profound disrespect. And it is disrespectful of individual freedom and sovereignty – and it is disrespectful certainly of me and of the Father and of All – and it is disrespectful of self.

So where the humans are right now is in this awakening, in this understanding, in this expansion that they don’t want to live in this squabbling squalor. And you, beloved one, you are the hybrid. You are the one that says, “Let us live in peace and harmony. Let us leave the old behind. Let us not create wars that can escalate and eliminate planets, which has happened previously. Let us live in the joy – the joy of unity, of mutuality.”

You have done well, beloved son, on your foray for you have re-gridded in a higher dimensional and human reality, and what you are doing is anchoring the New. It is time for the old to simply pass away – not in screaming terror or agony – but in the peaceful, gentle transition that allows the humans, the children, the elders to gently step into a new Earth.

So yes, this requires the patience of the elders, of the Wise Ones, the holding of hope, the holding and living of humility. You are doing all of this. So what I say unto thee, my blessed son, is embrace yourself as I embrace you; cherish yourself as I cherish you; respect yourself as I respect you; and let us step forth in partnership, in the unity of love that was and is and always will be, for we are One.

Go with my love and go, sweet angel, my beloved son… I give you not only my peace, I give you not only my strength, I give you my vision and I give you my joy. Farewell.