For Valentine’s Day the Mother, Yeshi, and the Magdalena came as an entire family to celebrate the gift of love with us… romantic love, passionate love, esoteric love, familial love, sacred friendships, soul friends, twins, soul family love… all of this is the gift.

Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda. I am your beloved Yeshi. And yes, we come this day as an entire family to celebrate love with you… romantic love, passionate love, esoteric love, familial love, sacred friendships, soul friends, twins, soul family… for all of this, all of this is the gift. It is not one or the other. It is not you turning to me, or to my Magdalena and saying, “Well, I do not have sacred partner, but I have wonderful friends, I have support of kind, caring family.” That is wonderful! Why would you limit what feeds and nurtures, sustains, expands, feeds your soul? It is all of these things.

Do you think that my love for my Magdalena, my Sarah, my Samuel, negated my love, my need for my apostles, my disciples, my friends? Of course not. If anything, all of this made me grow. You know, I came to this planet, originally in that lifetime, to restore the rule of love. And now this is your job, this is your mission, this is your sacred undertaking.

But how did I go about that? I did not live in isolation… oh, I had my moments when I needed to go to the desert and simply be, and to commune with Gaia and my (heavenly) family. But the way in which the rule, the laws of love grow, take root, is by interaction, is by sharing, by truly heart-sharing without artifice.

There are so many masks… human, environmental, situational… that are now being removed. As the masks are removed, as you come to know more and more fully with your collective what the Nova Earth truly is… it is the love, the mutuality that not only sustains you but that grows.

So many times I have heard you, your pleas to us and to the Mother… “How do we create Nova Earth? What is the mystery?” What we have taught you… creation. The mystery, the magic ingredient is love in all forms. Love is selfless, and it is open, and it does not limit. You cannot say, “I can’t be with you because I love my friend, or husband, or wife, my god.” You cannot do that if you are truly the love.

So, this is what we bring you, my beloved and I, this family, your family, for we are your family, we always have been. We come to celebrate love. And in the celebration, what is given and received? What is the feast that is laid out before you? It is love in all the infinite array of expression. Yes, our Mother’s litmus test. It sounds so simple, and it is so profound.

We would like, we would ask, that part and parcel integrated into Nova Earth, Terra Gaia, Nova Gaian, integrated into that, into those things you think of as days, and weeks, and months, and years… let every day be Love Day. If you find yourself at the end of the day thinking… I’ve not expressed, or felt, or experienced love today… then stop, and come and sit between the Magdalena and I. And, we will be quiet, or we will be laughing; we will embrace, or we will stay still; but we will remind you the infinite power, the infinite joy, the infinite wisdom, the infinite grace of love.

We give you our hearts. We fuel your Pink Diamond. We tend to your heart because we love you now and forever. We are yours, and you are ours… this Council, this circle, this heart. So, not only go with our love, join with us and celebrate love. Farewell.

Channeling: Magdalena

I am Magdalena. And yes, I simply want the afterword. And the afterword when all the celebration is done, and all the dishes and food is cleared, and you know that you’ve had a full day, a full week, a full life, you are blessed. You are blessed, not in the colloquial way that has become so ordinary. We are blessed, and we are honored to give and to receive, to listen and to speak, and to be the love.

I will help you maneuver this earth so that the commonplace… the attitude, the behaviors, the environment, the creations are truly of the love. Love is not an effort. Love is simply allowing yourself to be who you are. And you, my beloved family, are extraordinary.

I give you my heart and my love today and always. Farewell. Farewell.