It is in the diversity that the spaciousness of expression, of creation, is truly brought forth. It is in the understanding of the beauty that is in each and every creation.

Divine Mother ~ The Diversity of Gaia & the Luxurious Nature of Nova Earth

This beautiful Channelled Gem is lovingly shared by Roz from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Maré, I am Mother, welcome! Welcome, sweet daughter of my heart, daughter of my soul, angel of halion, woman of grace. I welcome you – and I welcome you home to this glorious planet that we have created and that continues to be created.

There is not a singularity of vision of what the organisation of humans should look like – nor should there be – for that is the gift and the blessing of free will and choices: the ability to manifest day to day, week to week, year to year, hour to hour, minute to minute, as you choose.

Yes, it is so that you have been caught; in many ways, you have felt trapped in a planetary grid that is neither familiar nor welcome. But you have stayed, and your presence upon this planet and your work, beloved one, with your Star Family has created a situation of liberation, of freedom.

I do not create nor do I seek uniformity of creation. When you observe the natural world around you, the planetary differences, the diversity of what Gaia herself has brought forth, you have seen and you have witnessed – and you know – that there is room always, eternally, infinitely for more – for the brand new and for the ancient, for the forgotten and the remembered, and for the unimagined and yet to dream. This is what brings forth the luxurious nature of Nova Earth.

It is the variation, it is the variety, it is the plethora of creations that exhibit the mind, the heart, the expression of so many diverse perspectives. Diverse perspective, diversity in and of itself, as you well know, does not mean conflict. Quite the contrary. It is in the diversity that the spaciousness of expression, of creation, is truly brought forth. It is in the understanding of the beauty that is in each and every creation.

When I say “creation”, let me be clear: I am not talking or referring to mis-creation. ‘Mis-creation’ are those productions, whether it is intangible goods, attitudes, or belief systems of greed, of hatred, of abuse. Those are not genuine creations because they are not born of love, and they are not sustainable.

When I speak of the diversity of creation, I mean from the pebble to the boulder to the mountain range, from the drop of water to the deepest ocean. These are expressions of love and… let me be clear about this… they are expressions of potential.

Very often, human beings tend to forget that an element of creation, of what takes place in the implosion and the explosion of creation, is in fact the element of potential. There is always the creation of what has been envisioned, but in genuine creation – sacred, holy creation – there is always the room, the spaciousness, the latitude for morphing, for growing, for the next step to allow the creation energy to go where it needs to go.

And very often, the creator, at least in the human realm, has no idea of the magnitude of what they are bringing forth – and that is part of the beauty. It is not predetermined, it is not written in, so that the drop of water can irrigate a field and produce grain and flowers, or it can join a mighty river and eventually an ocean, an ocean that sustains life.

So when you are creating, beloved – and you are creating, make no mistake about it! – leave it open, not just as an escape hatch but for the marriage, the sacred union of your intent, divine intent, delightful surprise. Expansion is the key! When one tries to restrict how energy can morph and grow and create, then it is already defeated because the element of limitation has been placed upon it. That is not the true creator’s way.

It also engages in trust. Much of the downfall of the Creator Race has been that there was no trust. There was not trust in self or each other, and certainly not trust in us. And the aberration of that was the need to control, rather than understanding and embracing the wisdom that each atom, each particle, has its own mission, vision, purpose. When you take off the restrictions, when you take off the brackets and the parameters, then what you are truly doing is co-creating with me.

And I say this because you need to know. You have been doing this, but you have often turned and said, “I wonder if I’m doing it right?” The fact that you have left the door open is exactly how to do it! You are expressing your intent in a very minuscule way, personal way, which is perfect – and in a grand way that impacts the entire planet.

When I say that it is necessary to leave the back door open for expansion, it does not mean – and I say this repeatedly for you and for this channel – it does not mean that I somehow anticipate or expect that you are doing it all! Part of creation is bringing forth, birthing and then allowing, inviting, engaging with others so that they may create.

You do the demonstration, you do the example of how-to, and then you allow others to continue on the way – always in love, never in judgement – keeping very strongly at bay anything that is self or selfishly, in the negative sense, motivated. There is no room for that. And there is no room for that on my Nova Earth.

It is not a question of ‘when’ because the answer I will bring to you is always going to be: Right Now!