It is not only about trust; it is not only about trust in us and trust in the Mother, the Father, Jesus; it is also about trust, beautiful angel, in your sacred self.

Belli’Anna ~ This Disease Called Fear

This wonderful Channelled Gem is lovingly shared by Laurie from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Belli’Anna: Now let us talk about this disease called “fear” because that is what it is; it is dis-ease or un-ease.

You know, beloved, that you have lived many, many, many lives and you have returned to this planet, beautiful Earth, time and time and time again – yes, in service to our sacred Mother, but also because you love this planet and you love what it has to offer in terms of the variation, the wide possibilities of experience on this beautiful planet. But because of that, you have also witnessed devastation many times, various plagues, dis-eases, war, slaughter…

So you have that backdrop of knowing, shall we call it, the variability – and you know that – and you have died of dis-ease before. So there is some backdrop and bleed-through (that is all we are saying) from other lives, but this is also firmly built into this life and particularly this fear of cancer.

Now, understand, cancer is like a virus and although you have never categorised it as such, there has been this subtle knowing within you of the vulnerability, shall we say, of yourself and of the general population, and you have certainly seen others who have succumbed. The seeds of cancer… think of it in this way… the seeds of cancer that are then watered or propagated by the virus are bitterness – deep, profound, unspoken bitterness.

The people who so often get cancer, it is not that they are miserable individuals, quite the contrary. Generally, they are those – and yes, we do speak in generalities because we need to talk about this – who appear to be content or happy, have a smile on their face. But what they have often done – and what you did in the past, so now we are clearing this – is you took the seeds of disappointment, of things that were quite literally bitter to the tongue or to the soul, and you buried them because it was a strategy. Was it a good strategy? Not from my perspective, but it was a coping mechanism.

Now, you have made a soul decision years ago to change that strategy, not in a way of spewing bitter seeds at others, quite the contrary, but of not swallowing, and therefore not fertilising, the seeds of disappointment within not just your heart or soul but your very body. So what you have been doing – and this is not about us clearing, although we are clearing this out even today as we speak – but think of it. If you have a plant and never water it, it will wither and die, and the leaves or the roots will simply over time disintegrate. That is exactly what has been happening to your feelings of bitterness so you are increasingly not in a position literally, or physically, to grow the cancer.

That talks about the dis-ease.

But fear, this false worry about the future, is also just as destructive as any other malady. It is not only about trust; it is not only about trust in us and trust in the Mother, the Father, Jesus; it is also about trust, beautiful angel, in your sacred self. So what we wish to do, and the primary reason why we are speaking this day, is to deal with this fear. And although the fear has been ‘attached’ shall we say – linked – with cancer, we are also dissolving it so that it doesn’t link to other things as well. And there is a variety, heaven knows, of diseases on your planet.

So take a moment with us and feel this fear that has thrived in your upper solar plexus, with roots all the way down to your belly button, and let us dissolve this. Let us use your crimson and my crimson as a gentle, powerful, burning flame – no, not to torch it, but with the flame, the warmth, the dryness, to simply let it dissolve right now – and we flush this out as sparkling red/ruby drops of light.

It is one thing, sweet angel, to be concerned or aware for yourself and others, for that is simply being responsible, but no more fear. Let it be done!