It is like walking in, in many ways, to a party you know has been planned, that you felt you were going to attend, but that you had no idea how much fun it was going to be!

Belli’Anna ~ Death and Dying

Another beautiful Channelled Gem shared lovingly by Laurie from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Let us talk about this fear of death because there is a collective fear of death. Even when it is finally welcomed, it is with trepidation and it is because of the unknown.

When you die, it is a sense… think of this… of simply your being, your soul – but think of it in the terms of a lighter body – slipping away, of simply letting go of the physical vessel you have inhabited. This is uniform for everybody. So the first sense, and it is usually mixed, is a huge sense of relief.

Very often – and we do not speak of this often – but when people die, there is often a huge full breath – what people think of as a final breath, but what is really a sigh of relief that you are breaking free. Simultaneous with that breath of relief is such a joy at all of us who are waiting for you. And this is certainly true for your beloved mother because she has been loved, and is loved, by so many.

Now, at that moment, there is also a sense very often – yes, we are speaking in generalities – but a moment, literally, if that, of the ‘bittersweet’ as you look down at who you are leaving behind. It isn’t that you want to re-access your body. It is this sense for them, and for you, that you won’t be there in physicality and that they may, or may not, know so clearly that you are in fact with them… but that you will not be with them to share a meal, or a cup of coffee, or news of the day. So there is also that moment of bittersweet.

Then you are lifted up by those who come for you – always your Guardian Angels, usually your loved ones, particularly a spouse (yes, even your father) – who then bring you to… think of it as a state of Nirvana, but also stasis, where you are literally infused with such sublime love and knowing and joy that humans don’t very often know. There is great celebration!

Yes, before the time of reflection comes the time of celebration because… think of it… it is a homecoming, for even though we are with you always, you are also missed from the Gates of Heaven.

After the celebration and the acclimatisation, then there is a period… no, not of isolation, not ever… but of reflection upon what has been accomplished, what needs to be looked at, and what you wish to examine. There is a misunderstanding often in the human realm that you have to look at sins, but that is absurd! You look at areas so that you understand – and in the understanding, you also communicate that to those with whom you may have been out of balance.

So there is a period of what we would call reflection and reconciliation with yourself. It’s not about apologies, although you do send energy to those you may have hurt, harmed, or misunderstood. And then sometimes you stay for a while. That is the pattern that is going on right now on our side, for many are waiting until there is a… hmmm… more peaceful time on planet in order to return – although many souls that have not been on planet for eons are also reincarnating for this time of massive change.

So there is nothing to be feared. It is like walking in, in many ways, to a party you know has been planned, that you felt you were going to attend, but that you had no idea how much fun it was going to be!

So talk about what you know to be true. Very often (and I’m not suggesting your mother is ready to leave, for she isn’t) but very often, those for whom it is time to depart often delay their departure to take care of loved ones. Reassure her you will be okay, and you know she will be with you regardless. She is so loved.

It is surrender. It is surrender and welcome. And if you are with her, give her permission to go.