Sweet angel, never underestimate who you are and what you are really doing!

Ari’Anna ~ Embrace Your Magnificence

This wonderful ode to our individual and collective Magnificence is lovingly shared from a personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Greetings, I AM Ari’Anna, sweet guardian and friend. Welcome, my beloved, precious rose, keeper of the hearth and keeper of the heart. Sweet angel of light, whenever you ponder, wonder, guess, surmise who you are, I ask of thee to come back [to this]. This is not a catchphrase. It is the snapshot in words of who you are: keeper of the hearth and keeper of the heart!

And yes, it is the hearth of Gaia, but it is also the hearth of the heart. It is the place, the state of being – the wondrous state of being – for humans of all ilk to realise their magnificence. So often, there is discussion or talk about human potential. Let’s move on from there and simply accept – not even ponder, not even investigate, but simply accept the magnificence.

If humans are wondering who they are or what they are capable of, all they need to do is to think of a single snowflake, the Grand Canyon, the tiniest pond, the deer and her fawn to see the magnificence. It is not simply a matter of exploring, investigating, developing potential. It is already there and it most certainly is already activated!

So what is required, if that is even a word, is the recognition of the magnificence – never in an egoic fashion but to deeply, internally, externally comprehend and embrace the magnificence – and, I repeat, your magnificence. In that, it removes what is often thought of by humans as the diligence. When you gaze at the Grand Canyon, you do not ask the canyon: “Oh, how do you do that?” You simply stand in awe and allow what has been formed over eons to amaze you. It is the same.

Those who are loveholders have been exceedingly – in a good way – cautious of not fully embracing their magnificence because the root of ego has been so destructive. But I invite you: when we go back and go forward in current time to the creation of you – you individually and you collectively – oh, my goodness! Then you can see the magic, the gift, the everything that you have been given, that you have literally brought into form – yes, with the help of your Mother and Father and so many [chuckling] behind the scenes!

But it would not have occurred if you had not agreed and taken the action of saying, “Yes, this is where I’m going to go, and this is what I’m going to do, and this is what I’m going to experience.” It only happens because you said yes.

So when I say unto thee that you are a keeper of the hearth, of the reality, the true reality of this human collective gently alighting on this planet, that is what you are re-awakening, sweet one! That is what you are doing. And it is not an army bugle call. It is the gentle awakening so that the sweetness of the dream is not lost – that that in-between time of the cosy awakening is maintained and continued into a magical, fulfilling day of a New Time.

Sweet angel, never underestimate who you are and what you are really doing! And let me help, always and forever. Let me help!