Beloveds, you are magnificent; you are holy; you are radiant, and you are mine. Be the true angels in form. Be the agents of change by breathing… we have taught you how. I am counting on you. I am entrusting this to you in the full knowing that you have already said yes…


Greetings, I am Mary. I am Mary, I am Mare’, I am Universal Mother, I am Mother of hope, infinite Mother of change, infinite Mother of constancy, and Mother, sweet angel, of each and every one of you. That does not change, and it does not matter whether you or anyone has ever forgotten how much I love you, because I don’t go away. Always and yes, forever, which is a long time, I am with you.

You have been given so many gifts, but I wish to remind you of the mirror of My Heart because as you step forth as the transmuters, as the creators, as the bringers of the new. There are times when you forget, not only just how powerful you are, how creative you are, but how beautiful, graceful, how deeply loved and cherished you are.

Now, let us talk about this year… 2022. Let us play with numbers for a moment… those of you who engage in this know that 22 is the number of masters, the number of your sacred self. So, let me give you a hint about what you are doing in this upcoming year, two thousand twenty-two. (2022) Two times twenty-two is forty-four (2 X 22 = 44), the number of Source, God, One. No, you are not being sacrilegious or egoic, that is where you are going, and that is where I am bringing you, and that is where I am inviting you, and you have already said yes. You said yes today, yesterday, and ten thousand years ago. You say to me, “But Mother, how do I do this? How do I proceed?” And I tell you the themes that I have chosen and share with you for this upcoming time.

The first theme is joy. You remember joy, don’t you? The second theme is creativity. It is assuming your mantle of your creator self, without denial or limitation. And in that joy, you bring to the forefront your creativity. What do you want to create? Not what has to be created, not what you think you should create… what do you want to create? What would make your heart sing and your blood boil? Choose your creativity. Allow it to come up and blossom

And yes, the third theme that my friend here has talked about, and laughed, and wondered… Go Big! Go big, go home, no, not to die but to truly live. Go home to the truth of who you are, to the seat of your soul, to your magnificent self. Your heart is your home and Gaia is your home! It is not selfish, it is not egoic, it is not anything to do with what you are already transmuting. Sometimes you say, “Well if I go big, I can shift my family, my beloved, my partner, my dog.” And sometimes you say, “Well, I can shift my neighbors, and assist them to see the beauty of who they are.” Or maybe it’s your entire community, your town, your city, your state, your country. That is what I mean by ‘go big.’

We have, and are, not only transmuting but eliminating lack, limitation, all the restrictions, all the chains on your heart, your body, your personality… gone. In that, what do you choose when I say unto thee creativity? I do not merely mean for you to take up a hobby of painting… although that is an expression of your divinity. I do not simply mean to create beautiful gardens… although that is a symbol of your creativity.

Think of Gaia as your garden. Think of the sky and the oceans as your palette. And apply your unique gifts to your life, and to yourself… that comes first. This is not an age of martyrdom; this is an age to bring back the creator and to move far past that, into what I had always, originally, and eternally intended. And that does not happen without your creativity, without the creativity that gives you joy, and the joy that feeds your creativity and allows you to go big.

You say unto me, and I have heard you, “Oh, but Mother, things are such a mess.” Yes, I know. Do not think that I do not create pauses… no, I do not create devastation, that is a human creation. But follow my example and create pauses for your sacred self, for your beloved, for your family, where you can simply breathe and come together and say, “Let’s make today the best day we have ever experienced. Let’s make today the day where love reigns, where there are no harsh words or hurt feelings. Let’s make today the day that we honor each other, and allow ourselves, not only to see but to be seen.”

The time of hiding, of reluctance, is over. So, you are exposed, whether you know it or not, whether you accept it or not. Vulnerability is the greatest heart gift you can possibly imagine because it truly allows for that heart connectedness. It allows for you and those around you to come into balance, to come into unity consciousness, and that, my friends, is ascension; that, my friends, is beyond the horizon; that, my friends, is new normal. And it is not just My New Normal, it is yours; it is your creation, it is your gift, and it is you saying to me, “I’m aligning with Her, and I’m aligning with All.”

We have spent time and much effort bringing forth the balance, the reintroduction, the remembering of divine feminine. Now, what do we do? We bring into balance divine feminine, divine masculine, in equal parts… sometimes more, sometimes less. But it is the balance that you hold. You are the key, and as you hold that beautiful balance, you literally transmit it. You are transmitters, generators, frequency attuners… this is who you are. And it doesn’t matter whether you work in an office, or a garden, a home, or on a different planet most of the time, you are the attuners for humanity… of course, with us.

Why do you think I began the Tsunami of Love? Why do you think the Masters brought forth the Tsunami of One? And your star family the Porlana C? All that continues. But now I am imploring you… come and join us. Be the true angels in form. Be the agents of change by breathing… we have taught you how. I am counting on you. I am entrusting this to you in the full knowing that you have already said yes. And in the full knowing of what you are truly capable of.

Stop. Simply stop underestimating yourself, and the power of the collective to say yes. They have already decided… you know, back in the ancient times of 2021… they have already decided they wish to change. They know it hasn’t been working in ways that fill the heart, the mind, the spirit, the body… they’re just quite confused about how.

So, breathe in the confusion. Transmute it. And breathe out. And in this, allow your creativity to be amplified, amplified, amplified, your love to be amplified, amplified, amplified. And simply know that I am with you, and my retinue is with you. And your retinue is with you every step of the way, every breath.

Beloveds, you are magnificent; you are holy; you are radiant, and you are mine. And I, sweet angels, are you. Let us announce the clarion call to the new. Let us move from mastery to true divinity of One. Go with my love, and go, sweet angels, in peace. Farewell.