Sitting Bull, in bringing us the gift of the snow and the pipe, implores us to live in peace and balance and bring unconditional love into our new world.


Greetings, I am Sitting Bull, and welcome my friends, my family, my circle, my tribe. And I come to you this day from the north, from the place of wisdom, and in some ways, the place of completion…yes, for all of us, you, and I, and all. And I bring you the gift of snow, and I bring you the gift of the sacred pipe.

But let us first talk of the snow because it reminds you of your ability that you have always had, regardless of the seasons, but the ability to transmute, to transform water and air to ice and snow, and back again. Water is the life force, it is the essence, and it is one of the miraculous gifts of Gaia. It is essential to your well-being, and it carries the messages of so many… of course, the water itself, but the wind that passes by and creates gentle waves; of the fish, and the minerals, and the animals who come to drink; and the birds that float upon this.

I want to speak to you of peace. And yes, I have known the path of war, the path of resistance, the path of withdrawal. None of them work. The absence of war, the absence of conflict starts, of course, my friends, with the absence of conflict within you, within every sacred pore of your body. You cannot be in harmony with the people, with any of the kingdoms, if you are holding this level of conflict for it simply communicates out the way the water carries messages. So does your field.

And so, even when you think that you are in genuine union and communication, you cannot be if you are not in peace and harmony with yourself. And in that way, you can begin to truly create the peace that all the peoples, of every race, of every color, have yearned for since the beginning.

This is not a new theme. It is ancient and original, and it is part of your return and our return to the center, to the heart, to where you have truly begun and will end. And when I say you will end there, I do not mean that you have need or that it is necessarily your next step to depart the planet. Quite the contrary… for when you are in the center of your heart, in the center of the wheel, in the center of your beingness, then you are free to travel, to experience, to grasp, to embrace everything, everything you want.

You say, “Well, Sitting Bull, what about what I need?” And I suggest to you, your needs are what you want but you are so much more. It is important to be completely mobile and to be completely anchored at the same time. And in this way, you may travel etherically, spiritually, in dreamtime, and you may go forth and do the work. And as you do this, as you join with your tribe, with your circle, then what occurs is there is a white radiance that comes up like a beacon and is seen and known subtly and actually all over the planet. And this is what you are here for, each of you in your own unique way.

Seldom outside of our circle do we share the pipe. It is not merely about smoking, for that is a limited understanding by some. It is the sacred unity of the vessel, of the vessel that is joined masculine/feminine together in a sacred way. Yes, within your sacred self, but also upon your earth, which is a very busy place. And the more busy it becomes, the more important it is, my friends, to find the places of solitude, to find the places of quiet.

It does not matter, actually, if you have a pipe, I give you the pipe, and when you smoke it with sacred tobacco, the smoke is white, it is pure and fragrant, and the messages travel on that smoke, and are received throughout the multiverse. These are ancient ways. The reason they are ancient and the reason they are sacred is very simply because they work. So, this is not meant to be exclusive, it is a bringing together of all the peoples into the sacred path of life.

So, at this time when the world grows dark, I bring you the light, I bring you the gifts so that in these dark hours you may share the light, you may plant the light, and you will walk in the light out of the cave to welcome and embrace a brand-new day.

We are your ancestors. We are your tribe, and we travel with you. Ho.